Top ten Bollywood designers who are famous for premium collection of sarees

Sarees have always been the hallmark of fashion for any Indian woman. Whether it is a religious festival or a wedding, women in this country love to make a striking appearance in a beautiful saree. Hence it is not surprising that the fashion designers in this country would love to create their own masterful pieces with this timeless garment. Here is a list of some of the best fashion designers in India who regularly create premium collection of sarees and whose creations are also featured extensively in Bollywood movies.

Neeta Lulla

Neeta Lulla is among the most well known and acclaimed designers of India whose collection of sarees are known for their mixture of contemporary and traditional elements. While being extremely versatile, her specialty lies in ability to create bridal trousseaus as well as elegant kanjeevaram sarees.

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar has been a part of the Indian fashion scene for a long time and her sarees has always exuded a feel of sophistication and elegant euphoria. In her creations, she masterfully blends the traditional elements of fine Indian artwork and creates unique pieces that stand strongly on their own.

Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani’s creations are known for their elaborate textiles, detailed artwork and a refined sense of luxury. Designing some of the best saree collections in the country, his work is appreciated widely in India as well as in other parts of the world.

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra has been for a long time one of the most celebrated fashion designers for the Bollywood film industry. His work has been featured in countless movies and over the years, his style of designing sarees has evolved to newer heights. His collection is frequently worn by some of the leading ladies of Bollywood.

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla is a designer duo who has been operating for more than two decades. Their saree collections are known for their delicate fabrics and intricate zardosi works. The bridal sarees that are created by them are some of the best in the country.

JJ Valaya

JJ Valaya is one of the most original fashion designers in this country whose works reflect the traditions of his home town Jodhpur. Over the years, he has created a distinct style of his own by fusing old school and modern design elements. His label, House of Valaya, has been instrumental in preserving the heritage of ethnic Indian fashion even in today’s environment of globalization.


Rina Dhaka

Rina Dhaka is one of the most prestigious names in Indian fashion scene. She is most known for her thematic collections that play with sheer trousers, stretch jerseys, crochets, spider web motifs and woolens. Although she excels in designing western wear, she also produces some of the finest sarees for the Indian woman.

Ritu Beri

Ritu Beri’s collection has always been known for its elegance and style. Her works have always been revered for their pristine beauty and versatility. She was also one of the earliest Indian fashion designers who made it big in the international level. Ritu Beri sarees are distinct in their use of color and motifs and create a dynamic presence.

Manish Arora

Manish Arora is a versatile designer known for his play with colors in his works. His creations always exude a strong sense of bohemianism. While he is mainly known for his western collection, his sarees have also gained much notice among fashion conscious women in India and abroad.

Rohit Bal

Rohit Bal has always created a touch of fantasy with his clothing lines. His sarees are not only known for their intricate artwork but also for their rich finish and elegance.

Importance of Designer Saris for Indian Women

Saris are the most popular garment for women in all over the India and in some other south Asian countries. As saris are basically a piece of unstitched cloth, so it is very important that it should be designed in a very attractive way with good designs and colours so that it gives a very attractive look to the women those are wearing it.

Indian people are very much like to be look good and impressive. Because of this there are many varieties of good designed cloths are produced in all over the India. Women in India also like to wear attractive designer saris and other Indian women cloths according to the region.

Indian women always like to wear sarees
Indian women always like to wear sarees

People in India gives more priority to cloths as these is a proverb in India that “cloths are shows the personality of the person” so all people in India like to wear good and designer clothes. Especially women wants always to wear beautiful designer cloths and these are lots of competition between women for saris. Every woman in India wants to wear better saris than other women.

So the importance of designer saris in India is very much. Now days these are many shops are present in all over the India, those are providing attractive colour and best designed saris made with different fabric like silk and cotton etc. But some also provides saris on online market.

Online shopping in Indian growing in very fast, one of the important reasons behind it is the designer saris. As many online shopping stores providing many different types of saris at their online shopping store, women are attracted towards it and purchasing saris and some other things from that online shop. So in this way the business increases of the online shopping stores.

So these are some things about the importance of designer saris for Indian women.