Best 5 picnic spots in Dhenkanal.

Christmas and New Year is coming soon. From Now people try to go for picnic for the upcoming year to welcome with a great way. There are so beautiful place in Dhenkanal where you can go and enjoy a lot for Picnic.

Here are the list for Picnic spot.

  1. Tikarpada
  2. Kapilash
  3. Saranga
  4. Saptasajya
  5. Mahima Joranda Gadi.


Maa Sukia Bauti Temple, Rasol- Hindol – Dhenkanal

Maa Sukia Bauti temple is on the way to Hindol from Dhenkanal through Bhapur. This temple is on the main road and attract many tourists each day.

Maa Sukia Bauti Temple, Dhenkanal,
Maa Sukia Bauti Temple, Dhenkanal,

Balaram Temple, Dhenkanal, Odisha

Dhenkanal known as a religious plac beacuse of lord Shiva at Kapilash, Joranda for mahima Gadi, saptasajya and many small matha and temples. We have another place to visit which is located in Dhenkanal town. Balaram Temple(Mandira) our lord of city. People of odisha believe this as the home of Balaram and during rathayatra even ratha first pulled here then at Puri.

In Your next visit sure visit here.

Nearest places to visit: Rajmahal, IIMC and Science Centre

Balaram Temple
Balaram Temple

Saptasajya – Dhenkanal – A Place to visit in Odisha

Saptasajya is a place which named after 7 munni rusi. The area surrouned with greenery and temples, which is a place you can spend a whole day with your family and friends. While going to top of hill, you will come across few beautiful gaderns and ashrams.

Finding way to Saptasajya is not a hard task, from the high way take the road towards sankarpur or famous village for Dhokras crafts Sadeibereni, you will find it exactly after 8 kms. Enjoy.

Saptasajya, Dhenkanal, Odisha
Saptasajya, Dhenkanal, Odisha

Handicrafts of Odisha | Online Shop | Shopping Online | Dhenkanal Store

List of handicraft Products available in Odisha:

  • Chandua
  • Dhokra
  • Tarakasi
  • Patachitra
  • Bamboo Work
Dhokra Metal Art, Odisha
Dhokra Metal Art, Odisha

Top Ten Hindu Gods worshipped in India

Hindu’s do worship to more than thousands of god in many forms, each place have some history behind it. Even if you ask villagers they have different gods for each village, some do ganesh, some to durga, few Kali maa and many in the list.

Most Famous Gods are:

  1. Ganesh
  2. Shiva
  3. Vishnu
  4. Maa Kali
  5. Maa Durga
  6. Rama
  7. Hanuman
  8. Krishna
  9. Laxmi Maa
  10. Saraswati
Indian Gods
Indian Gods

For different God there are  different date in the year when their puja done with a lot of celebration. Devotees wear new dhoti, sarees, kurta, pyjamas and celebrate with family. Mumbai for Ganesh puja, Kolkata for durga puja, dhenkanal famous for laxmi puja.

Dhenkanal is a rising city for odisha tourism

Dhenkanal is known for laxmi puja around the world. Anyone from our town living outside it, must come here during maa laxmi puja.

Dhenkanal comes under state of odisha in india which is like a tourist center in orissa due to having places like kapilash, saptasajya, joranda, paschimeswar and many more archaeological places.

Dhenkanal attract thousands of tourist each year. This is favorite among people because this is a centally located district of orissa.

Come here and explore beauty of dhenkanal.

kapilash, joranda, saptasajya, pachimeswar
Tour of Dhenkanal

Lucknow – The City of Nawabs is now a best shopping destination

Lucknow is a the capital of the State Uttar Pradesh in India, this city has well structured buildings which still show us the picture of history of india.

Lucknowi tehzeeb known all around the world, this place also known for crafts, culture and cuisine. Lucknow is the place of many handicrafts and handloom products. Chikan work is a well known art from this city.

Here we can find best kurtas, suits, hankeys, napkin, dupatta, table covers, which are made by master if embroidery art. Do not miss shopping of these art while travelling to this part of country.

Shopping in Lucknow
Shopping in Lucknow

The fashion business and Online Shopping Trend

Fashion as a business is therefore, as tricky as it is ripe with opportunities. The retail market, especially the apparel sector, has tremendous developments to look forward to, with the governments taking steps to protect the sector ( for example, the Indian government has taken a bulk of the debt load off the textile industry with a loan restructuring plan that was approved recently) and talks of FDI in retail becoming conclusive in most emerging markets.

Players in the emerging markets will now have access to designers and design concepts from across the globe. Domestic designers too will now become ideal baits to bring in more foreign investment that will flow into the apparel sector. Eventually markets will merge, and new concepts and ideas in the fashion and retail industry are likely to come to the forefront.

Online Fashion Shopping Trends
Online Fashion Shopping Trends

Conversion strategies for Small Business

For your eyes only

Visual appeal in the apparel industry makes a big impact on the footfall as well as the conversion ratio. For example, an apparel store with mannequins donning their latest collection has a greater chance of people walking into them than their counterparts with a mere sign and adaptability of these players. The jungle law of survival of the fittest however, still applies in these markets and, going by the resistance that some of these emerging economies offered to FDI in retail, it is evident that a lot is left to diplomacy and chance.

Simply Put

In spite of the challenges, the emerging economies provide the ultimate opportunity for brands to tap the rapidly growing and dynamic markets. Adopting strategies that ensure a longlasting and fruitful run is therefore mandatory to cope with the regional diversity in such economies. Looking at players that have made a mark over the last decade, it is evident that their adaptability, customisation and region-specific marketing strategies have been their greatest strengths.

For local players, the markets are still ripe with opportunities globalisation brought about. Footfalls will increase over time and so will consumption; however it is only the players equipped with footfall conversion strategies, superior customer relationship management techniques and quality brand management policies that will hold the reins to the market in the long run.

Online Saree Shopping in India
Online Saree Shopping in India


While the techniques mentioned may improve footfall at a store or a shopping mall, converting them into buyers involves a more comprehensive strategy that delves deep into customer psyche. Well-groomed sales executives, ample retail space for movement and accessible store displays often induce a desire to shop from a store. As more and more companies opt for CRM (customer relationship marketing) solutions and as the options in the market are increasing, with the introduction of cloud computing and SaaS options in the CRM space, retailers today have a variety of solutions to choose from, for management of their customer data. With these advanced systems, retailers can have access to actionable, stat-based and concrete data that facilitates faster business decisions. Access to customer data that is effectively segregated, real-time data sharing and multi-channel usage options make today’s CRMs an absolute necessity for retailers. These solutions can help identify issues in the marketing strategy as well as constantly keep a tab on costs for companies, thereby helping retailers identify, target and eventually manage customers better. A customer, who enjoys a pleasant retail and after- sales service experience, has a higher chance of recommending the store to a friend/relative, even if the product is at par with the rest of the market. This can have a direct impact on footfall conversion as word-of-mouth remains.

Western influence on Indian Apparel Market

As the emerging markets become globalised, the retail landscape undergoes a gradual transformation. Global giants enter these markets with a bang, set new trends, innovate, consolidate and eventually dominate. The success stories of brands such as Adidas, Nike, Fila and Reebok in the sportswear segment, bear testimony to this fact. Fortunately however, the impact on the domestic industry is rather positive as these players learn from the giants, enhance their models and continue selling. It is the size and dynamism of these markets that accommodate both these categories of retailers and therefore, competition increases at a rate that is slower than the rate of innovation

Western Brands
Western Brands

Dhenkanal Odisha – Place of Business

Dhenkanal is a beautiful place and also it is going to be business hub in Odisha. Shops are all over the town and even new shopping malls started here.

Business in Dhenkanal
Business in Dhenkanal

New Companies started business here. Old star of dhenkanal grown uu their stores. Online store started doing business here. So now their are Job options also available for new comers passed out from Synergy Engineering college, IIMC, and Govt colleges. Hope we can see a better city ahead.