Ecommerce Stores over Traditional Stores in India

Traditional stores are giving way to the ecommerce version currently in India. Several traditional stores are opting for ecommerce to sell their products or services due to certain advantages. Even a couple of decades back people were not acquainted with the phrase ecommerce but now each every person whether he or she is a product developer, manufacturer or any kind of service provider is opting for an ecommerce store to reap the benefits. Ecommerce is the next step in converting marketing sites into selling points to expand customer base and generate the ROI. The biggest advantage of ecommerce store is the reach. You can venture out to wide and varied markets to sell your products or services.

Ecommerce has an amazing ability to effect sales and marketing efforts immediately. Once you are online you can launch your products or services at a national or an international level. For example, if you have a traditional saree store you have a considerable amount of customers on daily basis. However, not all the people visiting the store are converted into customers. Therefore, to increase your sales you have to expand the presence of your shop. Now, to expand it on a brick and mortar level entails huge investment; here comes ecommerce store. With ecommerce store one does not need to make huge investments but having an ecommerce website guarantees double visitors simultaneously to your store increasing the chances of sales and hence more return on investment.

Ecommerce System and Functions
Ecommerce System and Functions

In India the ecommerce market was worth $3.8 million in 2009 which shot up to $12.6 billion in 2013 according to market research. It is reported that India has around 10 million online shoppers and the estimate is steadily increasing by 30%. This makes India one of the major possibilities for online shopping and ecommerce stores. Apparel is one of the biggest sales drivers in the ecommerce stores in India. Keeping this growth trend in mind many traditional stores are either opting for an ecommerce establishment along with their existing store or are completely shifting their business online. With 3G and broadband connection penetrating a large section of the Indian society online shopping is becoming more accessible to shoppers to visiting brick and mortar ones.

Now, there are great benefits of having an online presence for doing business in India. The biggest advantage our store will remain open 365 days and that too 24 hours a day. You will get rid of opening and closing your store and also from salespersons seeking leaves. Your customers can visit any page from your online web store anytime. This 24 hours service does not increase your costs. The ecommerce stores run on low budgets in comparison to the brick and mortar one. By choosing an ecommerce establishment the owner can also forget about creating inventory reducing the chance of product damage. Also this allows owners to sell wide range of products enlisted under different categories. You do not have to talk endlessly and hackle with prospective customers on price also.

With an ecommerce store the possibility for creating new sales channels increases manifold. Since you will not be doing business only in your locality your chances for diversification also increases. Online entrepreneurs see more profit and that too quite fast. Profit margin per item increases as soon as you go online. Up sells increasing the sale value of a customer are easy to set up on ecommerce stores. Even the chance of cross-sells increase with online web store plus offering complimentary items with some purchase increases cross-sells. Using and managing social media and e-mail marketing can increase sales rapidly. Overall, ecommerce stores are offering the most lucrative alternative to traditional stores in all aspects of business garnering more profit in the end.