Different Festivals and Festival Shopping in India

A festival is a special occasion of celebration in which people are gathered together and celebrate with their friends and family members. These are many different types of festivals are celebrated in different communities. Such as in Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc are celebrating their own festivals. In different communities the name if the festivals are different, the way of celebrating the festivals are also different but these are some things are same in all, like wearing good cloths during festivals and preparing good, delicious food during festivals are same in all cultures.

Patachitra Saree: One of the famous Festival wear in India
Patachitra Saree: One of the famous Festival wear in India

Festivals are categories in different ways, some of the categories of festivals are:

  1. Religious festivals: these are many religions are present in all over the world, the festivals those are related to religions are known as Religious festivals.
  2. Arts festivals: these arts festivals are including ones that showcase intellectual or creative achievement. Example of the art festivals are science festivals, literary festivals and music festivals etc.
  3. Food and drink festivals: the festivals those are related to the food are known as food festivals. Galway International Oyster Festival in Ireland is best example of the food festival.
  4. Seasonal and harvest festivals: these Seasonal and harvest festivals are celebrated in some special times in the year. According to the season these festivals are celebrated, those festivals are celebrated in summer are called summer festivals and others as well.

In India also many festivals are celebrated in different ways. In India these are many cultures and traditions people are leaving so many types of festivals are celebrated here.

In festivals the many requirement of people are good food and good cloths, so most of the people preferring shopping during festivals times. In India now day’s people prefer online shopping technology for different types of festival shopping. As the online shopping sites providing many varieties of choices of products so the popularity of the online shopping sites are going on increasing day by day.

So these are some things about the different festivals and festival shopping in India.

Famous Venkatagiri Cotton Sari and Their Demand in India

Venkatagiri is a small town in Nellore district. The Nellore district is situated in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The old name of this town Venkatagiri was “Kali Mili”. This town Venkatagiri is famous for its beautiful designed Handloom Cotton Saris. This place Venkatagiri is a place for history and beautiful handlooms manufacturing.

The Transport like Road and Rail are very much good in this place. So this place is very much suitable for starting any kinds of business. As the transportation system of the place was very good and these are many beautiful natural and historical places are present, so this place is very much liked by the tourist. Many people are coming to this place for visiting.

Faous Venkatagiri cotton sarees
Faous Venkatagiri cotton sarees

But the main attraction of the place Venkatagiri Town is famous Jari Cotton handloom saris. Here the handloom weavers produces very beautiful cotton saris, those are very much liked by the women in Venkatagiri. This is also famous for “Jamdani” design which was imported from Bangladesh. The weavers of the Venkatagiri adopted the jamdani design and produces very beautiful products those are also becomes very much popular. These are four very skilful weavers of Venkatagiri won President Award for weaving this design. These are around 20,000 people in Venkatagiri, those are depending on weaving industry.

The handloom weavers of Venkatagiri are very skilful and are capable of producing very beautiful, attractive handloom saris and other handloom products. As this place Venkatagiri is a tourist place so many people are visiting this place every day. So the weavers have a good option to sell their handloom saris and other handloom products. The handloom products of Venkatagiri are also exported to different states of India.

The Venkatagiri cotton saris are so famous that these saris are available in different markets of different states of India. Also these Venkatagiri handloom saris and other handloom products are available in online shopping stores. This online shopping stores are makes the Venkatagiri handloom products shopping very easier.

So these are some things about the Famous Venkatagiri Cotton Sari and Their Demand in India.

Cotton Cloths Good for Summer Season in Indian

Cloths are basic needs for all of us in all over the world. Every people needs cloths to wear, different peoples like to wear different cloths according to their choice. There are different types of cloths are available in market and the cloths are categorised in many ways according to their properties. Some categories are:

Some cloths are categories as men cloths and women cloth, keeping gender in mind. Some cloths are categorised as summer cloths, winter cloths etc, by keeping season in mind these are different cloths are available for different seasons.

Handloom Cotton Sarees available online
Handloom Cotton Sarees available online

Mostly in summer season people like to wear light colour and cotton cloths very much. As cotton cloths are very soft and suitable for hot weather so in all over the world people like to wear the cotton cloths in summer season.

Especially in countries like India where the temperature increases to more than 45 degree, in these countries cotton cloths are very suitable for wearing during summer season. Instead of wearing silk and other cloths cotton cloths are very suitable during summer because of the soft nature and physical structure of cotton.

Air is very easily passes through cotton cloths so the people wearing the cotton cloths feels very relaxing and air is circulated throughout their body so they feels cools. This is very good feature of cotton cloths.

In India women mostly like to wear saris as per the culture and tradition of India. So women prefer cotton saris to wear during summer season that makes them very comfortable. So many varieties of cotton cloths are founded in Indian markets during the summer season.

Now day online shopping stores are also providing many varieties of cotton cloths in their online shopping store for summer season. People also in all over the world preferring to purchase cotton cloths from online shopping stores.

So these are some things about cotton cloths and their demand in Indian during Summer Season.

Jamdani Sari: the famous textile product of Bengal

Jamdani saris are very beautiful saris and also very popular in India. Mostly in Bengal women very much like to wear Jamdani sari. The Jamdani sari is one of the finest muslin textiles products of Bengal. This Jamdani sari was initially produced in Dhaka District, now this Dhaka District is in Bangladesh. Now days also the Jamdani saris are produced in different places of India and Bangladesh. Women in all over the world like to wear these Jamdani saris, because of the beautiful design of this Jamdani sari.

The weaving technique of Jamdani sari is a supplementary weft technique of weaving. Here the artistic motifs are produced by a non-structural weft, in addition to the standard weft that holds the warp threads together and gives a very beautiful and attractive look to the saris. The standard weft creates a fine, sheer fabric and the supplementary weft with thicker threads adds the intricate patterns to the Jamdani saris. Jamdani saris are looks very unique because of these patterns and women love these patterns very much. Women’s actually like the myriad of vibrant patterns that appear to float on a shimmering surface on the Jamdani saris, so that the women like the Jamdani saris very much and the Jamdani saris are exported to many different countries in all over the globe and every where women like to wear the beautiful Jamdani saris in some special occasions.

Dhakai Jamdani Saree
Dhakai Jamdani Saree

Now days through online shopping sites everywhere women purchasing these Jamdani saris. This online shopping makes it very easier for both consumers and sellers. Now from anywhere any one can purchase the saris through online shopping sites. Most of the shopping online shopping stores are providing many beautiful designs and many varieties of Jamdani saris in their online shopping site. This shows the popularity of these Jamdani saris in all over the world’s market. So these are some things about beautiful Jamdani saris of Bengal.

Traditional Handloom Saree Weavers of Odisha

There are many countries present in our planet and in each country people are leaving are having their own culture and tradition. In each country their own tradition and culture are present and people of that country love their own culture and traditions. Cultures in various things like in food, in clothing’s, in festivals and in so other things, in different countries and in different communities having their own rules and regulations in maintain their culture and traditions.

In India also there are many communities are present and they all having their own culture and traditions for different things, examples as in food and in cloths India having many varieties these are many states in India and each state having its own special food and cloths. As examples in Odisha a state of India there are famous designed traditional cloths are present, some of those are Sambalpuri Saree, Soneupuri Saree, paattachitra Saree, Khaandua Saree etc. generally in all over the India women love to wear Saree but in different regions the wearing style and Saree designs are differs.

Traditional Sambalpuri Sarees of Odisha Online
Traditional Sambalpuri Sarees of Odisha Online

Above mentioned Saris are the traditional Saree of Odisha. From old day’s skilled weavers of Odisha producing these beautiful and attractive saris. And also Odisha women like very much to wear these Saree, so demand of these Saree is still in present days are very high. In current days, there are many weavers of Odisha producing these traditional Saree in traditional process. Although the traditional process of weaving or manufacturing these traditional Saree is very difficult and long process, and as these are made by simple tools and by the weavers hands only this it’s very tiring process for weavers but still in some villages of Odisha some weavers manufacturing these Saree.

Famous Saris of Odisha are named after the place where these are woven like Sambapuri Saree are woven in Sambalpur district of Odisha, so these Saree are named as sambalpuri Saree, like that all other Saree like Sonepuri Saree and some other. But some Saree like Pattachitra Saree are named Pattachitra Saree, because the design of these Saree are inspired from famous pattachitra painting, so these Saree are called pattachitra Saree. As pattachitra art or Pattachitra paintings are very famous in all over the India and the theme of these paintings are upon the Hindu Gods specially based on Lord Jagannath, the Saree weavers think to use the theme of these paintings into Saree, and getting the advantages of the popularity of the pattachitra paintings, so the weavers started to producing a kind of Saree called patachitra Saree.

Now days also in some places of Odisha, weavers are manufacturing these Saree. So these are some things about