Famous Wooden Crafts of Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal is a beautiful district situated in the Indian state of Odisha. People of Dhenkanal district are very much capable of making many beautiful handicrafts by using very simple raw materials. Simple things like clay, wood, cloths etc are efficiently used by handicraft workers of Dhenkanal and very beautiful and useful products are produces those are suitable to use in day to day life and as well as to decorate home and offices.

Dhokra art, siminoi pata sari, wood crafts, clay statues etc are famous handicrafts produced in Dhenkanal. Among all these crafts wooden crafts of Dhenkanal are very unique and people in all over the world like these crafts.

Different varieties of items like pen stand, statues of Gods, photo frame, flower bash, small toys for kinds and many more interesting items related to Odia culture and traditions are produced from woods by handicraft workers of Odisha.

Wooden Handicrafts Items Online
Wooden Handicrafts Items Online

Also Morden things like cartoon characters and toys etc are prepared by Dhenkanal’s handicraft weavers in a large quantity. People in all over the world like these handicrafts and purchasing and using, so demand of these products is increasing day by day.

In current scenario people in all over the globe preferring to buy the handicraft products through online shopping, it is very easy for the buyers and also for sellers to provide different varieties of products through online shopping.

Especially wooden crafts those are produced by handicraft workers of Odisha with very are available in different online shopping stores website for purchasing of peoples in all over the globe.

Due to online shopping people have access to buy a suitable product and chose a product among thousands of varieties available on online. Through this online shopping also people easily buy wooden crafts of Dhenkanal by sitting on a distance of thousands kilometres.

So these are some things about wooden crafts of Dhenkanal.

Famous Nepali Handicrafts and Their Demand in Online Market

Nepal is a very beautiful country located in south Asia, surrounded by the country India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China. This country Nepal is a beautiful county by natural places, here many hills and natural beautiful places are present those are very much liked by the people in all over the world.

People in different countries like to come here to visit its natural beauty and to spend a quality time. Also the arts and crafts of this country are very rich. Nepali handicraft workers are very skilful and they produce different varieties of useful and attractive products by using very simple things.

There are many Textile products and Non textile products are produced by the nepali handicraft workers some of those are:

Handicrafts of Nepal
Handicrafts of Nepal

Pashmina Products, Woollen Goods, Felt Products, Silk Products, Cotton Goods, Hemp Goods, Alloy Goods, Dhaka Products, Misc.Textile Products, Silver Jewellery, Metal Craft, Handmade Paper Products, Wood Craft, Glass Products, Bone & Horn Products, Crystal Products, Ceramics Products, Leather Goods, Incense, Plastic Items, Paubha (Thanka), Beads Items, Stone Craft, Bamboo Products, Miscellaneous Goods.

These are some very beautiful and popular handicraft products those are produced by Nepali handicraft workers. These handicrafts are very much popular among tourist those are coming to visit Nepal. These tourists buy these crafts and take the handicraft products with them and in their countries other people get attracted towards it and want to purchase it, in this way the demand of Nepali handicrafts increasing day by day.

Now days the Nepali handicrafts are available on online market through online shopping store. The online shopping technology makes it very easier that people easily buy their favourite handicraft product of Nepal from online shopping stores by comfortably sitting at their home.

This also helps in development of Nepal’s economic condition. So these are some things about Nepal’s handicraft products and their demand in online market.

Indian Handicrafts and the Handicraft workers

India is a country of arts and crafts; many different varieties of arts and crafts are present in different parts of the country India.  From thousands of years people of India are manufacturing very attractive and beautiful house hold and home decoration products by using very simple things. These decorative products are called handicrafts.

In India different cultures and traditions are present at different states and districts of the country. In each place the crafts are differs from each other. According to local area menace the climate, culture of the peoples, likes and dislikes of the people, availability of products these all things affects the crafts design and style.

In India these are many communities like Hindu, Muslim and others are present and also the different states are different in language and leaving style of people. All these things affect the crafts culture of India.

Indian handloom and handicrafts workers
Handicrafts workers in India

Making or producing handicrafts product is a very complex and hardworking process. The handicraft workers only use their hands or very simple handmade tolls to create handicraft products. So this process takes very long time and hard labour to produce small amount of products.

So the handicraft weaver’s gets very less profit because they produce very less amount of products and also in very less price they need to sell them, so day by day the famous handicraft culture of India reducing, so now days the handicraft workers focusing on other types of jobs to earn more money to fulfil the requirements of their families.

But still some people are present in different villages of India those are producing handicraft products to protect and keep alive their traditional culture of handicraft manufacturing.

Now because of online shopping and increasing in awareness of people about handicrafts, the condition of Indian handicraft industry increasing day by day. The India handicraft product now exported to different countries in all over the world and the handicraft workers getting better earning and better life style.

South Indian Handicraft products and online shopping

The region South India is consist of from the area encompassing India’s states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry. These states and territories are situated at the south part of the county India.

In this region these are many natural beautiful places are present and the peoples of these regions are very artistic and produces many beautiful handicraft products by using very simple things.

The handicraft art of south India is influenced by different cultures like Muslim, British and French etc. During time many cultures are coming to this place and bring their culture and art with them. People of south India adopts those art and culture in well manner and mixed their own art with other and created very unique and beautiful handicraft products.

South Indian handicraft
South Indian handicraft

People in all over the world like the handicraft products of south India very much, every where people want to buy the south Indian handicraft products very much. So the demand of the south Indian handicraft products is very much in international market. Due to the huge demand many Indian people doing the exporting work of the handicraft products from India to many different countries.

But online shopping is such a technique that allows peoples of different countries to purchase handicraft products of south India in a very easy and better way.

On online shopping people get many varieties of products in less cost, also online shopping allows people to buy their liked products by sitting at home, they don’t need to go shop to shop and facing heavy traffic and not facing other difficulties of shopping they easily buy from online shopping stores website just by sitting at their home. So this is very helpful for people to buy a handicraft product of south India or any other product.

Pancha Bhoota Stalam

Pancha Bhoota Stalam is a popular religious place for Hindu community peoples situated at South India state Tamil Nadu. Here in Pancha Bhoota Stalam, there are five temples of Lord Shive are present those represent the five important elements of nature. The name of this religious place itself describes its story. Pancha means five, Bhoota means elements and stalam means place, so this place represents the important five elements of nature, those are: land, water, air, sky, fire. These are prime elements of nature.

Pancha Bhoota Stalam Temples of Tamil Nadu
Pancha Bhoota Stalam Temples of Tamil Nadu

Hindu community people are very religious and believe in gods very much. According to Hindu culture land, water, air, sky, fire these five elements are very pure and our body consist from it, so Hindu community people worship these elements as god. These are many gods are present in Hindu community but Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva are the main gods of Hindu community. Here in Pancha Bhoota Stalam there are five temples of Lord Shiva represents the five elements of nature. It is very important according to Hindu culture, so thousands of people from all over the India, every year coming to visit this place and worship lord Shiva for good wealth in their life.

As thousands of people coming to this place every year to visit, so it becomes a popular tourist place in India. The local infrastructure was developed by tourist and the local people earn a good amount of money from doing various works for tourist, as like tourist guide, travel guide, transport work etc.

The local handloom and handicraft works are also promoted due to the increase of tourist. Every year many tourists are coming so handloom and handicraft workers get more consumers to sell their products that alternatively increase the handloom and handicraft industry.

So there are some things about Pancha Bhoota Stalam the famous religious place of south India.

Importance of Handicrafts sector in India

In India the Handicrafts Sector is very important and it plays a significant role in the country’s economic condition. As in India most many people are working on handicraft field, so their families are depending on it for surviving. These are many types of traditional handicraft art forms are present in different parts of India from ancient days and still people working very hard on this field.

Handicraft sector increases India’s name in all over the world. People everywhere like the Indian handicrafts and in the field of arts and culture the position of India increases due to the handicraft industry. So from this point of view handicraft sector is very important in India.

Indian handicrafts available online
Indian handicrafts available online

Another important thing is India is a big country with huge population, so providing employment to all peoples is a very difficult task. Handicraft sector is very helpful in these situations. It provides employment to a vast segment of craft persons in different rural and semi urban places of India and also very helpful in generating substantial foreign exchange of the country, also preserving the cultural heritage of the country, so it is very important sector for the country India.

Handicraft sector also very helpful in developing the local infrastructure of Indian rural and semi-urban places, due to the handicraft products people are visiting to that place and day by day the local infrastructure develops.

Now day’s Indian handicrafts are very much popular in all over the world and it brings frozen money to the country that increases the economic status of India. Due to this Indian government also paying very much attention on handicraft sector and promoting it.

Online shopping is also plays an important role in development of handicraft industry of India by increasing availability of Indian handloom and handicraft products in all over the world.

So these are some things about importance of handicrafts sector in India.

A brief History of Shopping

The process of purchasing available goods or services presented by one or more retailers according to the need or consumer is known as shopping. Or in other words we can say when some consumer need a product or service, then he go to some place call market to purchase that product and bringing the product from market by paying the cost of that product to the seller, this process is known as shopping.

Let’s discuss about the history on shopping in brief, in ancient age, when the need of humans increases they started to exchanging products with each other, we can consider that as the preliminary stage of today’s Morden shopping. The difference between those old earlier shopping style and today’s Morden style of shopping is, now days we are paying money for purchasing a product, but on those days they exchange products with each other.

Online Shopping Growing Rapidly
Online Shopping Growing Rapidly

If someone need cloth and someone need food, then they make a deal of exchanging some foods for some cloths.

According to history, in ancient Greece, the agora served as a marketplace where merchants kept stalls or shops to sell their products or goods to the people those need those products. Also Ancient Rome utilized a similar marketplace known as the forum that is also doing the same.

Fairs and markets were established to facilitate the exchange of goods and services among the peoples of those times. People would shop for goods at a weekly market in nearby towns from their homes. The weekly markets are very important place for those peoples on that time, because they can get all necessary products from those places. So they like those places very much.

Now days we peoples are doing shopping in a very easy and better way and online shopping technology makes it more easy, but in old days for shopping people need to do very hard work, they need to travel very long distance for doing their shopping.

So these are some things about the history of shopping.

Famous Arts and crafts of Andhra Pradesh, India

The state Andhra Pradesh is in the eighth position according to area in the country India and the tenth largest by population. The culture of this state is very reach and many types of traditions are followed by the peoples of the state Andhra Pradesh.

In this state there are different types of stone works, textile works and many other handicrafts are present. Some of the arts and crafts are:

One of the very beautiful art is produced in the village of Durgi is known as stone craft, on this craft artist of Andhra Pradesh producing carvings of idols in soft stone that must be exhibited in the shade because they are prone to weathering and also very beautiful and attractive, so that people not only in India also in all over the world like this craft very much.

Stone Crafts of Andhra Pradesh
Stone Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

Kalamkari is a very beautiful and ancient textile art of Andhra Pradesh this art is present in Andhra Pradesh form dating back to the Indus Valley Civilisation. So we can say that this is very old and traditional art of Andhra Pradesh.

Doll making is another craft that is very famous in Andhra Pradesh. Dolls are made from wood, mud, dry grass, and lightweight metal alloys etc, and produced in bulk amount to provide in Indian market and also to export to outside of India.

Kondapalli is another place of Andhra Pradesh that is very famous for wood toys with rich colours. Especially kids very much like these toys in all over India.

The village of Etikoppaka, located in Visakhapatnam district, produces very fine lacquered toys and the toys are very beautiful and very efficient to decorate home and offices etc places. So the demand of these toys is very much in Andhra Pradesh as well as in all over the India.

These are many more arts and crafts are present in Andhra Pradesh those are very famous in India and also in other countries.

So these are some things about famous arts and crafts of Andhra Pradesh.

Different Types of Handicraft products of Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal District is very beautiful and an administrative division of Odisha, India. Here in this district many people of different background are leaving. Here many types of handicrafts are produced by the skilled artist of this district Dhenkanal. Most popular handicraft of Dhenkanal is Dhokra casting apart from this Brass & Bell metal handicraft is also very popular handicraft of the Dhenkanal district. Some other types of handicraft products are Horn works, Straw works, Wood carving,   Stone carving, Bamboo works, Tribal jewellery,   Silver & filigree, Soft toys, Art textile, Woolen carpet etc.

These handicrafts are produced at different places of Dhenkanal district. Like    Dhokra casting handicrafts are produced at Sadeibereni village of Sadar Block, Badamuktapasi village of Bhuban Block and Khajuriakata of Hindol Block. The Dhokra casting handicrafts are very famous in all over the world and many people of this district doing the exporting work of this Dhokra casting handicrafts products. As example OdishaSareeStore.com is the first online shopping store of Dhenkanal district that provides Dhokra casting handicrafts products and many other handicraft and handloom products of Odisha in all over the world.

Dhokra Art  Work of Dhenkanal Online
Dhokra Art Work of Dhenkanal Online

Brass and Bell metal handicraft products are other types of famous handicraft product that produced in different places of Dhenkanal like Indipur village of Odapada Block and Aukhama of Sadar Block. The Brass and Bell metal handicraft products are also very much popular among peoples in different countries. Most of the people in all over the world collecting these Brass and Bell metal handicraft products for decorating their home so this handicraft products of Dhenkanal also exported to different countries in all over the world.

All other handicrafts of dhenkanal are very famous but not as much as Dhokra casting and Brass and Bell metal handicraft products. All other handicraft products like Horn works, Straw works, Wood carving,   Stone carving, Bamboo works, Tribal jewellery,   Silver & filigree, Soft toys, Art textile, Woolen carpet etc are supplied to different Indian markets for selling.

So these are some things about the different types of handicraft products of Dhenkanal.

Famous Bidri Crafts of South India

Bidri Crafts or Bidriware is very famous handicraft in south India from ancient days. Kings and reach people use these Bidri Crafts or Bidriware to decorate their homes and palaces. These Bidri Crafts or Bidriware are mainly found in south India, more specifically at “Bidar” (It is a beautiful and artistic city situated on the ‘deccan plateau’, in the north-eastern part of the state Karnataka in country India. The origin of these beautiful Bidri crafts or Bidriware is usually at the ruling period of ‘Bahamani sultans’. Bahamani sultans ruled Bidar in the 14th–15th centuries and within that period the beautiful Bidri Crafts are evaluated.

South Indian Bidri Crafts
South Indian Bidri Crafts

After the evaluation the Bidar products becomes favourite of people very much. Especially reach peoples and kings like these products very much, at that time for decorating house and palace they use different beautiful Bidri crafts. On those time people use these Bidri crafts to give as gifts to other peoples. This shows the popularity of the Bidri crafts on that time among peoples. Now days also the popularity of the Bidri products are very high among peoples in all over the world, every where people like these products. Not only in India also in outer countries people like the Bidri products very much. So many Indian exporters started exporting the Bidri crafts to different countries in all over the world.

Online shopping technique help a lot in developing the Bidri crafts, through this online shopping technology people everywhere get more chance to purchase the Bidri crafts and the selling of the Bidri products increase that makes beneficial to workers those are producing the bidri crafts and alternatively it develop the Bidri craft industry.

Online shopping also helps consumers in getting their liked products in a better and easier way. As the Bidri crafts are products in a small town in India, so it couldn’t reach at the markets in different countries properly. So those people wanted to purchase these products they don’t get it. Online shopping helps in getting by making available all products in a website, now any one from anywhere can purchase it from online easily.

Five famous and popular handicrafts items of Odisha

Odisha is a very beautiful state in India, here these are many arts and crafts are present, the artist and handicraft workers are very much skilful produce very fine items by using very simple things, some of the example are: Dhokra art, Golden Grass work, Horn Works, Papier Mache, Palm leaf Art. These five arts and crafts items are very much popular in Odisha as well as India and also in other countries in all over the world.

Dhokra art: Dhokra art is a mere alloy of brass and bell metal coupled with the skill of the artisans. This dhokra art is produces amazing pieces of art. Those are very much famous in different countries. This art is basically found in some districts of Odisha, like Dhenkanal, Cuttack and other districts.

Golden Grass work:  Golden Grass work is another piece of real beautiful art of Odisha. The golden yellow baskets, boxes or coasters are some beautiful products of this Golden Grass work art. Golden grass products are extremely loved amongst all the people irrespective of gender or generation, all like these products very much.

Arts and Crafts of India available online
Arts and Crafts of India available online

Horn Works: Another beautiful and eye catching art is Horn Works. Horn Works are exquisitely designed artefacts made up by animal horns after their deth. These are many utility and decorative things are made in this form and mostly the finished products look very beautiful as like the filmfare lady, so most of the people like these art and try to collect these arts every time.

Papier Mache: Papier Mache art is the example of efficient talent of Odia artist. Actually this art converts waste paper and waste materials into these unbelievably beautiful products. These arts are mostly done in areas around Puri, Papier mache art is slowly losing out on its popularity.

Palm leaf Art: Palm leaf Art is one of the rich forms of art of Odisha. This art is still practiced in some parts of Odisha, mostly in “Raghurajpur” village. This art is another form of famous pattachitra painting of Odisha.

So these are some things about five beautiful and famous craft items of Odisha.