Some of the Part-Time Jobs Women should do to support finance to family

Family Expenses on rise in india and even Narendra Modi can not save us from all these quickly. All Need time and support from all of us to family and nation. Before 10 years there are not much job options for girls in india. But now picture is different we have number of option to join.

Job for women

Part time Job for Women and Girls in India:

  • Coffee Shop
  • Pizza Shop
  • Receptionist
  • Call Center
  • Internet Parlor
  • Software Trainer
  • Intern in small companies
  • Library assistant



Oriya matrimony sites helping digital marriages in Orissa

Marriages made in heaven or made in internet, we are not sure. But in Odisha. India marriage is a ritual which is important for indian to be social with in family, relatives and friends. We heard that marriage made in heaven but is it true.

Marriage age in India getting delayed by boys and girls. This age almost pushed by 10 years for each male and female. Everyone wants to be settle first in life before jumping into this jail.

But as per you how much amount you can tell as a settled property, 1 crore, 5 crores, or infinite.

If you think in you case as a middle level family 1 crore in enough, you are absolutely wrong. One disease can be enough to spend the whole amount on one family member, you know how medical expenses increased a lot in india.

So better go for marriage in right age and right time.


Age now marriages are happening after 35 for boys and 30 for girls, they are not getting suitable partner through common matrimonial links from family and rely on best matrimonial sites available on internet to buy back partner buy registering them in those websites. Websites have two type of memberships one free and another paid.

Some of the reputed matrimonial sites are:



Start a Saree Draping Class – A New Job You can Take and Earn Money

Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online
Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online

Sari is the best wear garment for women living in India. This Single Piece Cloth can look awesome and sexy on all ladies out here, if draped properly and with perfect list of accessories. As the demand of sadhi draping increasing day by day among young girls in all over world. Saree Draping classes is a best option to earn some money and help your family.