Richness of Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees Makes it a Must-have in a Woman’s Closet

They say, to each his own. Choices and preferences for anything are made with experiences and the gradual liking that grows with it. And when it is about sarees, of different varieties, women rarely make mistakes in choosing the most elegant, luxurious and unique ones. One such royal and beautiful variety of pure silk sarees are the Bhagalpur silk sarees that can be found in typical North Indian woman’s trousseau for sure.

Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees, also referred to as Tussar silk sarees, originates from Bhagalpur, Bihar. The town boasts of historical significance where the emergence and existence of silk fabrics with beautiful embroideries on them dates back to the Vedic age. The traditional Bhagalpuri silk sarees have a touch of Mauryan culture as well.

Experts believe that the growing preference for Bhagalpuri silk sarees is its cultural history. Bhagalpur, also known as the Silk City, about 200 years ago had a history of having skilled craftsmen who were known for their skills of weaving Bhagalpuri silk sarees, a special and different kind from the other pure silk saree varieties.

The yarn for making a Bhagalpuri silk saree is done by the process of segregation of silk threads from the tussar coccons. Interestingly, close to one lakh people work towards separating the silk from the cocoons. At present, Bhagalpur has a pool of at least 35,000 weavers who work with 25,000 looms. Retail experts are of the opinion that Bhagalpuri silk sarees make a business of more 100 crores per annum.

Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online
Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online

The uniqueness of a Bhagalpuri silk saree is the dying technique which makes the patterns and the art different from the other types of silk sarees. The technique has contributed towards making this variety of pure silk saree popular not only in India but in the European countries and USA.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees is mostly popular across the country for its many specialties and the varieties that are prominent in its artwork and designs. Mulberry, Giccha, Katia and Eri amongst the many varieties of Tussar silk yarn help in bringing about delicateness and a subtle fabric look to the texture of the saree. The varieties help in bringing about an essence of richness and royalty with different kinds of motifs and designs printed on them. Although the traditional look still rules the game, the present day designers and fabric experts are innovating with the patterns and motifs to reinvent the designs and give them a modernised look. In fact, many designers have taken a step ahead and created household adornments such as table mats, cushion covers and bed covers with Bhagalpuri silk. These furnishing materials are gaining popularity fast owing to the innovative style of interior decoration that many are following today.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees are mostly preferred for wearing on traditional occasions such as religious ceremonies, family meetings or celebrations within the family. However, with the innovative designs and the changes in the materials, many women are now choosing Bhagalpuri silk sarees for official gatherings or cultural events at workplace. The delicateness and the modernised motifs have made way for making Bhagalpuri silk sarees a choice of formal wear. Not only India, but in countries across the globe, Bhagalpuri silk sarees have been successful in becoming a preferred choice of pure silk saree with elegant embroideries.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees are also preferred more owing to the comparatively easy method of maintenance. These are usually dry washed to keep the brightness as well as the richness of material intact, followed by handwashing to make it last longer.

Brides’ Dresses as per Traditional Bengali Wedding Rituals

Traditional Bengali wedding is a four-day long affair. Though different rituals start weeks ahead, but the actual wedding starts with “aiburo-bhaat” which means the last meal as a spinster. Many relatives and friends offer this treat but the final one is offered by the mother of bride. This ritual takes place a day before the wedding and it is said that after this meal, to be brides are not supposed to eat anything till they get married. There is no particular dress for this occasion, however, they surely wear new clothes.

Then comes the most important day in the life of any girl. The day starts at dawn before the first ray of light appears. It is called ‘dadhimangal’. Married women feed the bride a mixture of sweetened yoghurt with flattened rice- the only thing she is allowed to eat on this day as the brides are supposed to fast on the day of their wedding. Bride wears a simple but comfortable saree for this ritual. Then starts a series of rituals which continue till late morning or sometimes till noon. Gaye holud is the one of the most important ritual of any traditional Bengali wedding. A pack of turmeric paste is applied on the bride. Traditionally, a bride wears white saree with red border. But these days, they mainly wear yellow saree with contrasting and even self coloured embroidered border.

Traditional Bengali Bride
Traditional Bengali Bride

In a traditional Bengali wedding, bride wears red Benarasi silk saree with heavy golden zari embroidery. This is the perfect look for any Bengali bride. But today, to be brides are ready to experiment with their looks. So different types of trousseau can be seen these days, and that too in various colours. Tissue, georgette, chiffon and silk designer sarees are making appearance as bridal wear in Bengali wedding. Some are getting bold with lehenga choli too. While some brides are experimenting with some off beat shades for their Benarasi sarees like white and gold, green, yellow, purple and so on. But still they are yet to invade any traditional Bengali wedding which is still dominated by red or maroon Benarasi saree with gold or silver work.

Make up of the Bengali bride sets her apart from the brides of any other region in India. A signature round red or maroon bindi is encircled with patterns made with sandalwood paste. Face of the bride is adorned with the dots made with this paste and occasional red ones. These dots are made above the brows on forehead and sometimes, come down till cheeks. Beautiful patterns are made at the concluding part. This is called patralekha. Bride also sports a headdress called ‘mukut’ made of styrofoam or thermocol. In a traditional Bengali wedding, this is the look of the bride you are expected to see- a blushing girl in red Benarasi saree with white mukut and beautiful make up.

Coming to jewellery, usually brides wear traditional heirloom ones which she inherits from her mother or grandmother. A tiara, necklaces, and traditional bangles are the must for any Bengali bride. Apart from different gold bangles, there are three more bangles which are intrinsic part of a Bengali bride. They are shankha or white conch shell bangles, pawla or red coral bangles and nowa/loha or iron bangle. While former twos are worn in pair, nowa is worn in left hand only. These three pieces of jewellery remain in the life of a married Bengali woman forever. Many women choose not to wear shankha-pola after few months or year, nowa is supposed to be worn all the time as it is believed that it brings good luck and health to husband, much like mangalsutra worn by women in west and north India.

What points need to keep in mind when a saree made for a particular celebrity?

Bollywood movies are a great part of the culture of India. They play a major role when it comes to the shaping up of the psyche of Indian men and women. Ever since the movie business first came into existence in India, the directors and producers of this country have endeavored to create short and long films that focus on the various social trends and issues of this country. Consequently, Bollywood movies have become the most important source of entertainment for the people of this country. The thoughts and ideas explored in Bollywood films have time and again influenced the way people think about their day to day lives in India.

Like any other aspect of Indian life, fashion in this country is greatly influenced by the popular clothing trends explored in Indian movies. Men in India simply love to dress up in the clothes that are sported by their favorite heroes on screen. Similarly the women in this country enjoy dressing themselves up in the stylish and gorgeous clothing items worn by the leading ladies of Bollywood cinema. Women in India particularly love to wear clothes worn by their favorite heroines when they need to go to weddings, religious ceremonies and other special occasions. The leading ladies of Bollywood can be seen wearing a wide range of dresses on screen, which range from western outfits to traditional Indian dresses such as the saree, ghagra choli and salwar kameez.

Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees Online
Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees Online

Among the women’s clothes depicted in Bollywood movies that deserve special mention is the saree. The saree is a garment that has the most intimate association with the culture and daily life of India. Women since the earlier days had a string fascination for this clothing item, and it is hardly surprising to see why considering the fact that the saree is one of the most ethereal and elegant attires that a woman can wear. Hence when a particular saree is sported by a leading lady in the silver screen, it is quite obvious that women will love to get that included in their collection. In hindi movies, a woman can be seen wearing a saree particularly in wedding sequences and song sequences. There are also a number of other situations that might include an actress with a saree, but that may vary from one movie to another.

Currently there is a huge market in India for top quality celebrity sarees. Many of these sarees are not only worn by actresses in movies but also in special screenings, movie launches, music launches and product launch parties. The celebrity sarees that are available in today’s market not only vary in their style but also in their content and cuts. One of the best ways to shop for celebrity sarees is to look for them in online stores. In fact, there are many online stores that carry a special section for celebrity sarees. Shopping for celebrity sarees online has captured the mainstream imagination quite well in the recent years and this trend continues to grow strong as more women are choosing to buy their favorite sarees from online stores.

When a woman is looking to buy a celebrity saree from an online store, she should always look for the best brands as in that way she can be completely sure of the quality. The other thing that needs to kept in mind is that while certain online stores do offer lucrative discounts, these sarees do come at a standard price that can extend to a couple of thousand rupees. A woman should be prepared to spend generously as only in this way she can have the best celebrity saree for herself.

Top ten Bollywood designers who are famous for premium collection of sarees

Sarees have always been the hallmark of fashion for any Indian woman. Whether it is a religious festival or a wedding, women in this country love to make a striking appearance in a beautiful saree. Hence it is not surprising that the fashion designers in this country would love to create their own masterful pieces with this timeless garment. Here is a list of some of the best fashion designers in India who regularly create premium collection of sarees and whose creations are also featured extensively in Bollywood movies.

Neeta Lulla

Neeta Lulla is among the most well known and acclaimed designers of India whose collection of sarees are known for their mixture of contemporary and traditional elements. While being extremely versatile, her specialty lies in ability to create bridal trousseaus as well as elegant kanjeevaram sarees.

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar has been a part of the Indian fashion scene for a long time and her sarees has always exuded a feel of sophistication and elegant euphoria. In her creations, she masterfully blends the traditional elements of fine Indian artwork and creates unique pieces that stand strongly on their own.

Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani’s creations are known for their elaborate textiles, detailed artwork and a refined sense of luxury. Designing some of the best saree collections in the country, his work is appreciated widely in India as well as in other parts of the world.

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra has been for a long time one of the most celebrated fashion designers for the Bollywood film industry. His work has been featured in countless movies and over the years, his style of designing sarees has evolved to newer heights. His collection is frequently worn by some of the leading ladies of Bollywood.

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla is a designer duo who has been operating for more than two decades. Their saree collections are known for their delicate fabrics and intricate zardosi works. The bridal sarees that are created by them are some of the best in the country.

JJ Valaya

JJ Valaya is one of the most original fashion designers in this country whose works reflect the traditions of his home town Jodhpur. Over the years, he has created a distinct style of his own by fusing old school and modern design elements. His label, House of Valaya, has been instrumental in preserving the heritage of ethnic Indian fashion even in today’s environment of globalization.


Rina Dhaka

Rina Dhaka is one of the most prestigious names in Indian fashion scene. She is most known for her thematic collections that play with sheer trousers, stretch jerseys, crochets, spider web motifs and woolens. Although she excels in designing western wear, she also produces some of the finest sarees for the Indian woman.

Ritu Beri

Ritu Beri’s collection has always been known for its elegance and style. Her works have always been revered for their pristine beauty and versatility. She was also one of the earliest Indian fashion designers who made it big in the international level. Ritu Beri sarees are distinct in their use of color and motifs and create a dynamic presence.

Manish Arora

Manish Arora is a versatile designer known for his play with colors in his works. His creations always exude a strong sense of bohemianism. While he is mainly known for his western collection, his sarees have also gained much notice among fashion conscious women in India and abroad.

Rohit Bal

Rohit Bal has always created a touch of fantasy with his clothing lines. His sarees are not only known for their intricate artwork but also for their rich finish and elegance.

Best style of draping a lehenga saree on Indian wedding

Indians are known for their beautiful, larger than life wedding parties and their elaborate costumes for this special occasion. Whether a woman is getting married or is invited to a wedding, she needs to wear the best sarees in order to look beautiful. Indian women feel a strong connection to sarees and they can invest generously for getting the best sarees for themselves. If you are a woman who is looking to make it to a wedding party that is about to be held soon, then you need to know that not only the kind of saree you wear but how you drape it can greatly affect the way you look on it. Here are some of the ways in which you can drape a lehenga saree for an Indian wedding.

Half saree

This style of draping the lehenga saree is actually inspired from traditional south Indian half sarees. When it comes to draping your saree in this way, you need to hang your dupatta in your waist in a way that makes it look slimmer and well defined. Take one part of your legenga dupatta and then tuck it on the right side. Now allow the dupatta to wrap in your wrist and make pleats with it. Secure the pleats with a pin over your left shoulder. Your dupatta should make a V on the back and be tightly wrapped around. Wearing the drape like this will help you to hide bulgier waist and stomach.

Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees for Indian Wedding
Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees for Indian Wedding

Tie on wrist

This is a simple draping style that is not only elegant but practical as well. In order to drape your saree in this way, pleat your dupatta and then keep it on the right shoulder. Gently adjust length of the pallu and use a pin to secure it. Allow the pallu to fall a little below the knee length. Take the other part of the dupatta and then place it in a way so that the board remains visible only. Fold this part of the dupatta around wrist in a nice loop and then secure it with a safety pin. You might need the help of another person to put the pin here.

V pallu

The V pallu is actually a modified version of the Rajasthani or Gujarati pallu. If your dupatta is having plenty of artistic work on it, then you can go for this type of draping. In order to get this look, simply tuck one of the corners of your dupatta into the left side of your lehenga and then make pleats. Secure the pleats with a pin on right shoulder; allow the pallu to fall till the knee length. You should also make sure that a clean and clear V is made in the front. Use a pin to gently secure the V on the top side. The V pallu is great for women who are endowed with a heavier upper body.

Sidha Ulta pallu  

The Sidha Ulta pallu is known to be very modern and unique in its appearance. This draping style is named in this way as it looks quite different from different angles. From the left and front, it looks like a sidha pallu much like those of the traditional Rajasthani and Gujarati pallu and from back and the right side it resembles ulta pallu like that of a normal saree. To create this look, tuck one side of the dupatta in the left, make the pleats, then allow it to go over the left shoulder. Allow the pleats to fall on the feet. Take other corner of dupatta and wrap it on the waist and then tuck it in the same spot where you did the first part of the dupatta.

10 Beautiful Gorgeous Silk Sarees Available Online in India Made in Handloom

Silk handloom sarees are treats for eyes. And when you are not on budget, you can find great sarees for yourself. After all, you need few to attend formal occasions that are important for your social or professional stature. So, here are some out of the world gorgeous silk sarees samples that are available in India and made in handloom. They will definitely carve a new persona in new, better than ever before- a persona synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

  1. With handloom silk sarees, first picture that appears is of Odisha motifs. Try a green color pure silk saree with purple pasapalli motifs on aanchal and red traditional Cuttacki design on border. This is an apt choice for day long events as the fabric is comfortable. This saree would be available at Odisha Saree Store.
  2. Baluchari is another elegant handloom saree of Bengal. A multicolored striped gorgeous silk saree with resham and zari Baluchari work all over the body and anchal highlights this sophisticated saree.
  3. Assam silk handloom is elegance personified. Pick up an Assam silk with beige base and multi colored hand embroidered booti of popular Assam motifs in zari and resham. This will be an absolute choice for day time event and you can steal the show.
  4. With Benarasi silk, we get an image of a bride blushing in red trousseau. But break off this popular notion with an amazingly gorgeous silk saree in magenta jacquard saree in Benarasi handloom silk with all the threadwork in resham.
  5. Discussing silk sarees without mentioning south India will be all ignorant person’s blabber. Visit South India for an exquisite collection of Kanchipuram silk sarees. A pink gorgeous silk saree with stone work on aanchal and border. It is a fashionable take on traditional design.
  6. A maroon Patola silk with Ikkat design can be a show stopper at any event. Ikat is a handloom variety of Karnataka. Together with Patola silk, the designers of Nalli have taken it to a different level where glamor blends with sophistication. Buy this exclusive gorgeous silk saree to witness it.

    Handloom Silk Sarees of Khandua available online
    Handloom Silk Sarees of Khandua available online
  7. You need to visit a Kerala silk emporium to know that there can be so many variations and styles in plain looking white silk sarees with golden border. The only option to show creativity is in borders and pallu and the artisans excel themselves in doing so. A white silk saree with golden border and multicolored motifs, much like Meena work of north India, is a treat to eyes.
  8. Gorgeous silk sarees of Mysore can be your prized possession. Multicolored broad stripes and checks are in. Pick up one with mustard, maroon, turquoise , golden and purple squares with zari work all over it and wear it with golden blouse with three quarter sleeves to nail the perfect look for a wedding.
  9. Bandhni or tie and dye sarees in any silk variety adds a colorful casual touch to any traditional ambience. A vibrant green crepe silk with white and maroon dyed knots embellished all over the saree and maroon zari, and patchwork with mirrors all over the border is one saree that you can wear for office when you have to attend a formal event right from there.
  10. Dharmavaram handloom sarees are gorgeous silk sarees known for their bright broad borders in contrasting solid colors. A beige color saree with pink, magenta and golden checks at bottom and a gorgeous aanchal of golden and different shades of pink woven together can be a great choice for any age group and occasion.

Gorgeous silk sarees made in handloom are truly treasures because they are masterpieces as they cannot be recreated. And by choosing handloom, you also patronize a dying art. So celebrate any occasion with these masterpieces and enjoy all the envying eyes on all events.

Sari is the Ethnic Cloth of Women in India

India is a big country where more than 100 core people of different cultures leaving together. Hinduism is the root culture in this country and maximum population belongs to this category. Indian people very much like their culture and traditions.

Traditionally sari is the ethnic cloth f women in India. Most of the women in India like to wear saris in their day to day life. Different varieties of very beautiful sari of silk, cotton etc are produced in India.

Best design and attractive colour of Indian handloom saris are very much liked by Indian women, so they want to wear saris every day. In special occasions or festivals good quality silk saris are popularly weared by women in India.

From thousands of years in India saris are manufactured and weared by women. Even Hindu goddesses are also wear saris, so according to spiritual point of view saris are very important for Indian people.

Handloom Silk Sarees Online
Handloom Silk Sarees Online

At the time of Kings, different types of handloom arts and cultures are promoted by kings in India and these saris are exported to different other countries.

Today’s also different varieties of good quality cloths are produced by Indian handloom weavers in traditional way and also exported to different countries. In India also at different states markets and big shops the Indian saris are available in huge quantity.

All women love this beautiful ethnic cloth in India. Today due to globalization and modernization women and girls in India preferring western cloths to wear in their day to day life, still in special occasion like marriage functions or puja festivals they prefer to wear good quality and latest designed handloom saris.

Churidar, dupatta, Khara Dupatta, gamchha, kurta, mundum neriyathum are some other types of cloths these are very popularly used by Indian women and girls but saris is the ethnic type of cloth for Indian women.

Beautiful Chanderi Sari Online Shopping In International Market

Chanderi sari is a very beautiful and traditional type of sari made of Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, India. In India many varieties of saris are available but some saris are very special Chanderi sari is one of them.

According to Hindu mythology or the vedic period Chanderi sari was founded by lord krishana’s (Lord Krishna is the most famous Hindu god and one avatar of Lord Vishnu) cousin Shisupal. So Hindu community people like these saris very much and from religious point of view this saris is very important for people of Hindu community.

Famous Chanderi Sari
Famous Chanderi Sari

Chanderi saris are available in many varieties, like pure silk, chanderi cotton and silk cotton are the fabrics by using which Chanderi saris are produced, as cotton and silk both are used to produced Chanderi sari, so these saris are very beautiful as well as very comfortable to wear. So most of the Indian women those wear saris every day they prefer to wear these saris.

Also Traditional coin, Flora art, Peacocks and geometrics are woven into different chanderi patterns those gives to Chanderi saris a very attractive look and women of India those always like to be very special, like Chanderi saris very much.

So the saris are very much liked by Indian women and the demand of these saris are very huge in Indian markets, different shops and malls those provide or sell garment they sell the Chanderi saris for getting more profit. Also on online market of all over the world the demand of Chanderi saris are very much.

Now in different countries Indian people are leaving with their families the women of these families not get the products easily in the local markets of those countries, so online shopping is the best option for them they easily get the Chanderi saris from online shopping, so many women in all over the world now using the online shopping.

Traditional Indian Weeding Saris and Their Popularity

Sari is an essential female garment in India. Most of the women like to wear saris in her day to day life. In this Morden age most of the Indian women in cities wearing western cloths but still they like to wear saris in different occasions. In villages women every day wearing sari, apart from thee in special occasions all Indian women wants to wear good designed and beautiful colour saris.

Marriage is an important occasion in all over the world and in India it is a very special occasion. Indian grooms and brides are very excited during their marriage, as in Hindu culture marriage is very important, so all people want to enjoy a lot during the marriage function. Especially brides and grooms wants to look special during their marriage function.

Patachitra Saree are the best Wedding Saree
Patachitra Saree are the best Wedding Saree

For better look Indian brides chose special types of handloom saris those are made with silk fabric and with red colour, these saris are well known as wedding sari in India.

A wedding sari is the traditional wedding dresses those Indian women like very much to wear during their wedding function. The wedding sari is traditionally red in colour, with golden embroidery work. But in some states like Kerala brides prefer to wear yellow, golden, white or cream saris with gold embroidery work.

Nowadays Indian brides preferring many modern designed cloths during their marriage like designer saris, designer lehenga, choli etc. But most if the brides prefer the colour red and the silk fabric.

The Indian women those are leaving in different countries outside of India are also preferred to wear sari during their marriage function. Many online shopping store is available those are providing good quality handloom saris for brides.

So these are some things about the Indian brides and traditional Indian wedding dress or traditional Indian wedding saris and their demand.

Popularity of Sari outside South Asia

Sari is a very beautiful, unstitched female garment that is very much popular in south Asian countries. Mostly south Asian countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc countries, women very much like to wear saris. Also in outside of the south Asia, the popularity of sari is not less. These are many women in all over the world those want to wear sari in different occasions.

Due to globalisation many Indian families now days migrated to different countries in all over the world. These Indian families carry Indian traditions and culture with them. The Indian women wearing sari in those countries and the other women those are see them are attracted towards the sari, they also want to wear these saris. As we humans always want to try different things like new foods and new cloths etc, so the women those see the new types of cloth they attracted toward it and want to wear it.

Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online
Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online

Another thing is these are many tourist places are present in India, so thousands of tourist from different countries are coming to India every year, they see the Indian culture and cloths and they like to wear different Indian cloths mostly women like to wear Indian saris.

In different countries like European countries, American countries, Australia women like the fine designs and attractive colour combination of Indian saris and like to wear the saris very much, So many Indian exporters doing the exporting job of Indian saris from India to different countries in all over the world.

This can prove that saris are very much popular in outside of south Asia. Also through online shopping women in different countries outside of south Asia purchasing the Indian saris, so this can be state that how much the Indian saris are famous in all over the world.

So these are some things about the saris and their popularity in outside of south Asia.

Beautiful Traditional Chanderi Sari of Madhya Pradesh

In India from ancient days women like to wear saris. So these are many varieties of beautiful and traditional saris are available. One of the most beautiful and traditional sari is Chanderi sari. These Chanderi saris are the traditional saris made in a place name as Chanderi. This place Chanderi is situated at Madhya Pradesh a big state of India. These Chanderi saris are very old kinds of saris in history of India. According to Hindu mythology or the vedic period, these Chanderi saris are present in India from the time of lord krishana. So we consider these Chanderi saris as very old traditional sari of India.

These saris are still present this shows the popularity of these saris. These saris are so popular because of the quality of these saris and beautiful designs and attractive colour scheme of these saris. Today also these saris are very much liked by Indian women; they like to wear these Chanderi saris in most of the special occasions. So demand of these Chanderi saris is very much in India and also in other countries in all over the world.

Traditional Chanderi Saree
Traditional Chanderi Saree

These Chanderi saris are in demand because of their themes and Motifs. The themes and motifs of these chanderi saris are very beautiful. These basically three kinds of fabric of chanderi saris are produce. Those are pure silk, chanderi cotton and silk cotton. These are very much comfortable for waering so Indian women like to wear these Chanderi saris. Designs like Traditional coin, Flora art, Peacocks and geometrics are woven into different chanderi patterns, which are provides very beautiful look to these saris. So because of the beauty of these saris Indian women can’t stop them from buying these saris and wearing these saris.

According to Indian history the weaving culture or tradition has been available from the 13th century. So from very old days Indian skilled artist are producing or weaving very beautiful types of saris. Those are appreciated in all over the world. Now days by online shopping technology women in various different countries purchasing these saris and enjoying the beauty of this art. So these are some dissociation about Beautiful Traditional Chanderi Sari of Madhya Pradesh.

Famous Pattu Sari of Kerala

As we know Indian is a big country, it is a combination of 29 states; Kerala is one of the important states of country India. Kerala is a state situated at the south-west region of India on the Malabar Coast. This state Kerala was formed on 1 November 1956. It was found as per the States Reorganisation Act by combining various Malayalam-speaking regions, so main language spoken in this state Kerala is ‘Malayalam’. This state spread over 38,863 km2 (15,005 sq mi). And this state Kerala is bordered by Karnataka to the north and north east, Tamil Nadu to the east and south, and the Lakshadweep Sea to the west. In India Kerala is the thirteenth largest state by population and is divided into 14 districts with the state capital being ‘Thiruvananthapuram’. Malayalam is the official language of the state. Like in all other Indian states, here in this state Kerala also women like to wear sari very much. Here many verities of saris are available. ‘Pattu Sari’ is a very popular sari in this state.

Vidya Balan with a Pattu Saree
Vidya Balan with a Pattu Saree

Pattu Sari is a special kind of sari produced in Kerala and the people of Kerala feel prouder for this. The people of Kerala say that nature has so many colours in the paradise, that you don’t need any bright colours on your clothes. Pattu saris are white and have gold borders. This kind of sari is very much classic in looks and also liked by women in all over the world.

Now on current days women in all over the world can easily buy this pattu sari through online shopping and enjoy the sari. After the globalization many skilled people of India are going outside of the country for job, and settled with their families on those countries, these people can’t get Indian products easily specially these types of saris, so online shopping technology very much helpful them in getting their liked products. The Indian women those are leaving outside of the country and not getting Indian special type of saris like Pattu saris, for them online shopping technology is very much important, these women like this technique very much.