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2016 Men’s summer clothes fashion

This summer, it is time to look different from the earlier ones for men. Different and dapper with new summer style statements. This will be a year of men’s summer clothes fashion where they all set to wear the trendy summer wear with the prim designs that will redefine the summer clothing style.

Fashion clothing is not always for women as the trend goes. Men, too, have come out of the closet and are looking forward to join the fashion movement where they can wear clothes that are designed using the rules of summer clothing.

Experimenting with fashion clothing is something that did not exist until a few years back. The seriousness in the colours and patterns has been gradually replaced with casual wear and redesigning the existing ones with new cool designs. The idea is to create a trend of casual clothing for men which do not look shabby. Casual cotton shirts with knee length bermudas are being considered to a short yet casual hot look that can change fashion for men. The shorts should be fitted perfectly at the waist to make men look tidy and not a loose untidy look.

Men's Fashion
Summer fashion Kurta

Men’s ­­­summer clothes fashion should be simple. Since the season demands wearing clothes that keep you comfortable, the options that most men prefer to go are a vest or a T shirt paired with jeans or trousers. These simple T shirts and the vests can look ordinary otherwise but if they are paired with a trendy pair of shorts with patterned shorts and completing the look with a pair of slipper instead of shoes, it can twist the simple look with a trendy look.

To complete the summer look, one can look forward to a sockless fashion trend and wear a pair of boat shoes or the red canvas without the ever essential socks. This can alter the style statement and bring about a trend of fashionable look that is comfortable as well.

For most Indian men, wearing a kurta is about being  loyal to the culture they belong to. However, instead of the usual cotton long length kurta, fashion designers suggest picking up short kurtas that fit the body type with interesting new designs. There are kurtas with some new pocket placements, zippers in place of buttons, and available in shades of green and blue instead of the usual white. There are new variants that the fashion designers are vouching for as part of men’s summer clothes fashion. For example, the wrinkle-free cotton kurtas help to avoid crushing and look tidy, and also to be worn during occasional office events.

Gone are the days, according to fashion experts, when a loose fit Shirt and trousers would look trendy in the summers. This time, it is about shopping for clothes that complement the masculine body type and fit them like a king. If it is about tailored fitting, it will be integral to understand the body type and choose the clothes that fit them properly. Many clothing brands put up descriptors about the different body types and help men look for clothes that would be fitting them ideally.

Summer is about brighter hues and clothes that make you comfortable despite the mercury levels rising up and down. This summer, the classic fashion combinations can be given a trendy twist and men can move a step ahead from the traditional look. For instance, the white cotton shirt can be replaced with a classic polo T shirt that fits well and can be teamed up with blue denims or trousers that fit well around the waist.

This will be a summer of bold style statements for men and not the ones about crisp ironed shirts and grey and black trousers.

10 Fashion Magazine every women in India should read

Women creates and maintain this world. She has unlimited power to take care of us from giving bath, teaching, give us quality food to maintain our family and finance.

Each of the act is powerful. You all beautiful women need to share your stories and encourage each other to create and maintain this place. Each women need to read and read to grasp knowledge which indirectly help the society empowerment.

Here are few magazines each women in india must read and learn high street fashion and draping indian sarees:

  1. Femina
  2. Elle
  3. Marie Clarie
  4. Saheli
  5. Women’s Era
  6. Verve
  7. Cosmopolitan
  8. Savvy
  9. Vogue
  10. New Women
10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines
10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines

Top List of Modern Designers in India | fashion | Clothes

Modern consumers want new designs and style each day of their life and latest designers in india helping customers to get a perfect look on each place.

Here are list of designers for modern men and women.(List taken is not final or perfect, there are many great designers in india)

  1. Poonam Bhagat
  2. Nida mahmood
  3. Mandira Bedi – Saree Designer
  4. Puja Arya
  5. Kavita Bhartia
  6. Abhishek Dutta
  7. Rahul Singh
  8. Payal Singhal
  9. Anshul
  10. Atithi Gupta
Mandira Bedi - Designer
Mandira Bedi – Designer

The fashion business and Online Shopping Trend

Fashion as a business is therefore, as tricky as it is ripe with opportunities. The retail market, especially the apparel sector, has tremendous developments to look forward to, with the governments taking steps to protect the sector ( for example, the Indian government has taken a bulk of the debt load off the textile industry with a loan restructuring plan that was approved recently) and talks of FDI in retail becoming conclusive in most emerging markets.

Players in the emerging markets will now have access to designers and design concepts from across the globe. Domestic designers too will now become ideal baits to bring in more foreign investment that will flow into the apparel sector. Eventually markets will merge, and new concepts and ideas in the fashion and retail industry are likely to come to the forefront.

Online Fashion Shopping Trends
Online Fashion Shopping Trends

Ramp to store – The journey of art and commerce

Designers are a whimsical lot. While some of their ramp hits turn out to be bestsellers and trendsetters, a number of them cannot make it to the stores due to their non-commercial designs.
In spite of this, retailers across the globe latch on to successful designers irrespective of the last time their designs were a retail success. While some call it the love of art, retail businesses know well that the benefits are not just confined within the limits of money.

Art versus commerce While high fashion may not care for the retail community, ramp hits that can make it big at the stores are what drive the fashion apparel industry forward. Fashion as an art form, can never be ignored and neither can its commercial importance be overlooked. For apparel retailers, a deep insight into the fashion industry can be a massive value addition to business, as it can often help predict change of preferences in the market.
For example, a new bridal wear collection launched by a famous fashion designer is likely to have a strong influence on the bridal fashions of the season ahead. Similarly, a fashion house releasing a brand new neckline design will have replicas flooding the flea markets and other small apparel stores. By no means does such replication hamper the designer’s reputation or bank balance and should in fact, be considered an advantage, as the design is likely to stay in the market longer due to the mass appeal.

Sona Mahapatra at ramp to promote handloom garments.
Sona Mahapatra at ramp to promote handloom garments.

Similarly, high fashion cannot be ignored due to its ability to influence great minds, set trends and take the industry forward. Unique and sometimes shocking as they are, high fashion has little commercial appeal, yet the hype around it makes its importance in fashion quite obvious.

Barbie Doll – Games for girls

Barbie is the best friend of most of the girls on our planet. This is a doll brand which was here since 1959 by an American company. Among dolls, barbies marked and reach the heart of us.

Children play dress up barbie games in the home with their friends and this is a high demand fashion game for girls. As our internet user on rising and this is same for all children. So they have started free Barbie games in net on their home PC or gather at a place to play it.

In Rural area, girls play with Barbie and drape her in sarees. Then they play with a doll and arrange the marriage for her with a male doll. If you have not gifted a Barbie to your daughter then your time starts now.

You can buy them through online shopping all over the world, just sitting at your home or office wherever you are reading our article.

Women in India and Fashion Accessories

Saree in the best wear for women living in india. So before you buy sarees whether from shop or buy sarees online though online shopping in india, you have know more about saree accessories needed to complete saree draping.


Saree worn as daily wear in our life style but on special occasions you have to look good with stylish.Saree is a great indian wear.Only the fashion accessories give you the perfect look with full of grace.

Tips for wearing fashion accessories with saree.

When you loves to wear some traditional handloom silk saree then the blouse piece comes with it .If this doesn’t happen then try to buy some expensive and similar to your saree.But in casual wear or cotton saree you love to wear cotton blouse or plain blouse with good fabric.

Blouse is not a fashion acessories but it is a most important to wear a saree with matching blouse.Saree is incomplete without a matching blouse.

Petticoat is most important part by wearing a saree.It is not a fashion acessories.But always try to wear the petticoat made of good and comfortable fabric which matches the texture and color of the saree.

Bindi are the traditional fashion accessories in india.You can find all types of bindi in the market of different shapes.Always choose the bindi according to your face.On casual wear saree try the plain bindi or oval size.Try to match the color of bindi with your saree but maroon,red and black color bindi look good with all saree.On party wear saree try the designer bindi .Brides try the bridal bindi which gives the perfect look.

Traditional Embroidered Bags of Pipili
Traditional Embroidered Ladies Bag of Pipili

Women Jewellery
Jwellery is the most important fashion acessories in our life style.Only saree doesnot give you perfect look but jwellery gives the perfect look.According to ocassions you have to choose the saree and jewellery.If you love to wear the handloom cotton saree then do not try to wear heavy jwellery by going to office.It will a great mistake of fashion trend.By putting some light jwellery like a simple chain and one or two bangles and a small ear rings give you the perfect and simple look.Wear the haevy jwellery in any party function or any festival.Matching bangles give the decent looks with the saree.Glass bangles give the eye cathing match with all sarees.Now a days womens love to wear the matching rings in their fingers to look beauty.

Hand Bags
Todays life hand bags are most necessity.Leather bags can take in any type of saree but you cannot change the hand bags everyday.Try to buy some neutral color like black,brown,white color go with any saree.Jute bags only give the good look with handloom saree.

Ladies Scandals
By wearing sarees scandals is the most important fashion accessories.On party wear sarees try to wear the high heels.