Why is Kerala Known as God’s Own Country?

Why is Kerala known as “God’s Own Country”? The origin of this particular tagline isn’t hard to trace. A man named Mr. Walter Mendez had a role to play in this. It was Mendez who had come up with this particular tag line for brand Kerala Tourism initiative way back in the year 1989. He was the creative director of Mudra Group. Now, though the tagline had been introduced for strictly promotional purposes, it will not really be an exaggeration to claim that it(i.e. this particular tagline)perfectly complies with the state’s scenic beauty. A land of geographical diversities, Kerala is a virtual paradise on earth. Needless to say, the most beautiful southernmost state of the country has made its way to the National Geographic’s Traveller magazine as one of the 10 paradises on the world” and50 must-see destinations of a lifetime”.Here we are offering you a basic tour of the state.

Beautiful Landscapes of Munnar, Kerala
Beautiful Landscapes of Munnar, Kerala

Unraveling the Reason behind the Name “God’s Own Country”

The phrase “God’s Own Country” is originally associated with New Zealand. New Zealanders use this term to describe their country. Some parts of America and Australia have also gone on to adopt this particular title.

The land of beaches, coconut trees, serene backwaters, and tea garden, the state experiences a soothing climate unlike most of the other regions of India. In the wake of the ever multiplying global warming concerns, this climatic stability itself can be reason enough to call Kerala “God’s Own Country”. The coconut trees add to the exuberance of the state.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a cozy sojourn with your partner beside the Vembanad, the state’s largest lake ruling its backwaters or for quality time with your entire family in a beach- Kerala remains a virtual treasure trove of options for you.

Coming back to the particular coinage (i.e. God’s Own Country), it must as well be mentioned that the tagline itself had done wonders in propelling the state’s image in the global front. Quite like any other successful tagline it managed to evoke right kind of responsiveness from travelers. As the tag started appearing in the magazines, travelers became curious to explore the place – so much so, that they were not even apprehensive of changing their traveling plans in favor of Kerala. Besides everything else, it’s the state’s magnificent beauty which has earned it this title.

Not only the scenic beauty here you will find lots of good things like dresses of Kerala, Kasavu sarees for women and traditional Mundu for men are very nice. Also you can find some delicious recipes here.

The hospitality offered by Keralites to tourists is worthy of mention as well. If communication remains the only barrier between the visitors and the Keralites themselves then it can well be claimed that the latter’s hospitality more than makes up for it. Cleanliness is another reason why it can be said that the tagline is perfectly attributable to the state. The state can even earn a place among the tidiest states in the world- a tag which once again unfortunately cannot really be associated with most of the other states in the country.

Take a trip!

It will not really be an exaggeration to claim that the Kerala tourism board has left no stone unturned to ensure that the state lives up to the title earned by it in every  department. It’s true that Kerala has been able to etch its niche as one of the leading travel destinations in India primarily owing to its natural beauty. However, the fact that travelers cannot stop gushing about its hospitality and well-maintained roads is also true. So, if you still haven’t stepped foot here make sure you’re including it in your bucket list without delay! And, the people of God’s Own Country will make sure that your trip remains an ever-cherished one.

Kerala House Boat
Kerala House Boat