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Why young girls are too much inspired to wear handloom sarees presently?

Traditionally India always had a rich heritage of handloom sarees that are created in different parts of the country. Handloom experts in India mainly work on cotton and silk threads to create clothing items. When they use these threads to create sarees, they imprint different types of designs on them that make the sarees unique in appearance. The sarees that are made in India take on the unique person of the area in which they are developed. So if a particular saree is designed in Odisha, it includes designs and motifs that are a part of the regional culture of Odisha. The local motifs and embellishments that are added to the handloom sarees add to their beauty and make them highly desirable for women all across the country.

For hundreds of years, the saree has been the most commonly worn garment for women in India. Whether a woman is looking for a comfortable piece of clothing that she can wear everyday during the hot summer days or an attire that is just perfect for different types of festivities, women in India preferred to wear handloom sarees over anything else. The saree has played a very important role in the social cultural evolution of India over centuries. It is therefore no doubt that artisans in India make use of special methods and techniques to make each and every saree beautiful and gorgeous. Over the years new trends have grown in terms of designing and creating sarees that preserve the old beauty of the sarees and yet at the same time create designs that make the wearers stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Young Girl's Saree Love
Young Girl’s Saree Love

Over the last few decades or so, it seems like the popularity of classic handloom sarees have waned for the women in India. Many women prefer to wear western clothing nowadays and invest in them instead of a saree with a traditional style and design. In many cases, t-shirts and other western apparels are priced at cheaper rates which make them more readily affordable. Moreover, plenty of women have to work in offices for long hours these days. In such situations, they consider western wear to be more practical in workplaces where they have to move briskly. It is a true fact that sarees do not provide women with such flexibility to move around easily. On the other hand, western outfits make it easier for the women of today to look great without too much embellishments or accessories.

Such facts may make it seem that the popularity of handloom sarees is a thing of the past and that most women who prefer to wear them today are those who are above 40 or 50 years of age. However, this is far from the truth as we can see plenty of young girls nowadays who prefer to wear beautifully designed handloom sarees. In fact, most young girls consider it to be a matter of their pride to have at least a few beautifully designed handloom sarees in their wardrobe. In any wedding or religious event, one can see numerous young girls flaunting their sarees and looking great. The truth is that since today’s young girls do not find too much scope to wear classic handloom sarees in their day to day lives, they truly cherish each and every moment when they get the chance to do so. The widespread demand for handloom sarees for young girls has also been noticed by the leading saree designers of the country that particularly make beautiful sarees for this specific group of consumers. These saree brands design truly beautiful sarees for young girls that they can wear in numerous different ways.

Modern Indian Ladies Like Net Sarees as Party Wear

Saree is a magical outfi­t and how this nine yard long piece of cloth is draped around the slender figures is another magical thing. Fabrics like silk, cotton, crepe or chiffon had been a big favourite among Indian women but very recently net sarees have taken the fashion industry in a rage. These sarees were there even before but in past few years, they have become popular like never before. And modern Indian ladies who are so much into western dresses like sarees made of this fabric as a perfect party wear. And why not! There are so many reasons for it.

Net sarees make a perfect dress for parties due to their stylish looks. There are so many experiments that have been done with these sarees. And each of them had become a grand success. Net sarees are not completely transparent but translucent and it is this translucency which adds to the sensuality of the wearer. These ultimate fashionable sarees are a welcome change from the stereotyped avatar of Indian outfits which stand for traditions. Saree in net fabric is a stylist dress. And there are so many variations to choose from. These sarees are embellished with sequins, stones, shimmers, mukesh, zari, gota and what not. Embroideries, velvet borders and heavily worked silk or cotton patti as borders are other variations.

net sarees

Latest fashion introduced in net sarees are half and half where one half is net and other is velvet. You can find this variety overwhelming the shelves of stores, mannequins, and the fashion websites. Ladies who were little sceptic about net sarees due to the translucency are buying it without second thought. With a net saree it is so easy to steal the show. Choose the right colour, use proper accessories, a matching embellished clutch bag and team with a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes- you are ready for the show. Stiletto goes best with this saree but if you cannot carry it off well, avoid it. Flat shoes kill the diva look so stick to high or medium heels to look best in a beautiful saree.

If you switch on your television or browse through Page 3, you will notice celebrities in net sarees. From Aishwrya Rai Bachchan to Anushka Sharma- net sarees are favourite type of everyone for social occasions. Indian actresses attending international film festivals and award functions can be seen in net sarees. Modern Indian ladies who may or may not follow these celebrities do not mind following the fashion statement set by them. Often women with little flabby midriff feel awkward to drape this fabric but you can simply rule it out because the translucent net rather slims you down. But make sure the petticoat you wear is of satin or taffeta in the base colour of the saree. However, if your arms are heavy, you can go for full or three quarter sleeves blouse in net. It looks classy yet stylish and you can hide your arms as well.

There is another reason behind net sarees being so popular. They are available in all price ranges depending on the quality and amount of work. Some of the sarees are exorbitantly expensive because they are embellished with Swarovski stones, Kundan stones and other semi precious stones.  To stand out in a crowd, you can visit the Bollywood sarees section which is there in most of the websites. You can choose from the options where your favourite stars can be seen in different sarees. Sharing your wardrobe with stars is quite an exciting idea. What more, these sarees can be bought in less than Rs. 1000 as well due to the discounts offered. If you still don’t have a bet saree in your collection, get one right away.

What are the top decision points as a customer to select handloom designer sarees online?

Whether it is a family event or a larger social occasion, women in India simply loves to clad themselves in gorgeous sarees. The saree has been an important garment for the Indian women for a long time, and artisans of this country have always taken special care so as to imbibe the handloom sarees with the distinct cultural imprint of the region from where they originate. Long before the development of modern cloth manufacturing techniques, the artisans of India developed unique ways to design and create beautiful sarees that helped to develop the identity of women in this country. Over the years, many things have changed but the handloom centers of this country continue to create beautiful handloom sarees in very much the same fashion that their ancestors used to do at an earlier time.

The women of today have more options when it comes to buying fashionable clothes than what their predecessors used to have. For this reason, they can experiment more with their looks and choose the sarees that suit them the best. It is a very common practice among women in this country to choose the best sarees for the festive occasions, such as weddings and the pujas. With the religious festivities at the doorstep, most women are now looking for beautiful handloom designer sarees that they can wear during the days of the pujas. This has led the most well known saree brands come up with products that are in line with the current fashion trends.

Beautiful Handloom Designer Sarees Available Online
Beautiful Handloom Silk Sarees Available Online

Over the last few years, online shopping has really caught on in India with more number of women buying their sarees from reputed ecommerce portals. There are certain distinct advantages of buying sarees from an online store. First and foremost, the majority of women nowadays need to handle a lot of work on a day to day basis. They need to take care of busy work schedules and also perform various chores at home. For this reason, they often do not have the time to visit numerous shops and look for the products that match their likes and preferences. It is also the same reason why some women are forced to buy products that are less than what they actually hoped to get. On the other hand, buying sarees from an online store not only provides them with the opportunity to save time but also look through the products of multiple brands and make an informed decision.

Buying designer sarees online is highly convenient today as there are a number of reputable ecommerce stores that offer top quality products at the best prices. As a woman, if you are looking to buy designer sarees from an online store, then the best thing to do is to look for the customer reviews of these shops and the various products that they have to offer. If you are getting mostly positive reviews about any particular online store, then you can be sure about the quality of the sarees that they showcase. Most online saree stores have a large collection of designer sarees that come in a wide assortment of colors, designs and patterns, which means that you can have plenty of options while shopping. You can also look for the brands that they showcase and see whether they are genuine or not. The online saree stores have made it quite easy for the women of today to buy top notch products from the comfort of their own homes. Such advantages have really increased the popularity of online stores among Indian users and this trend is gradually spreading to all corners of the country.

Largest Number of Sari Manufacturing Country in the World

Sari is a beautiful single piece unstitched cloth that is wearer by women in south Asian countries. Mostly in India women prefer to wear sari in day to day use. Along with India in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Indonesia etc countries women prefer to wear sari. But in India the large number of saris are manufactured and used by women.

These are many different types of design and styles of weaving are present in different parts of India. Traditionally in India weavers produce saris by using their hand and some handmade tools these saris are popularly known as handloom saris of Odisha.

Handloom is very famous in different countries like china, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and many more people in these countries produces very beautiful cloths with different traditional designs. Many beautiful motifs and patterns are weaved on cloths to give it a very attractive look.

Especially in India in different states different types of traditional styles of sari weaving techniques are present and people still follow their traditional weaving techniques. By these techniques some very beautiful saris are produces some of the examples are: Mooga silk, Mekhla Cotton of Assam, Dhaniakhali Cotton, Shantipuri cotton, Phulia Cotton, Begumpur Cotton, Garad Saree, Tant Saree, Murshidabad Silk of Begumpur, West Bengal, Sambalpuri Silk & Cotton Saree,  Ikkat Silk & Cotton Saree, Bomkai Silk & Cotton Saree Nuapatna silk sari, Sonepuri Silk & Cotton Saree, Berhampuri silk, Mattha Silk, south Indian silk and cotton sari, Gujarati sari etc.

These are many more other varieties of good quality saris are available in India. Also these saris are manufactured in huge amount and used by Indian women in India and outside of India. Also women of different countries outside of south Asia like to wear Indian best quality sari.

So we can say that India is the largest number of sari manufacturing country in the world.

“Silk Saris” The Most Favourite Garment Of Indian Women

Sari is an unstitched cloth those are mostly used by Indian women. Also in some other south Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh etc women wear saris. Sari is a very simple type of cloth that very attractive and gives women very beautiful look.

Saris are mainly made with two types of materials one is cotton and one is silk. Cotton saris are very comfortable to wear and women use these saris mostly for day to day use but silk saris are shining and attractive and gives a very glorious look to the women those wear it. So woman in India prefer to wear silk saris during puja like special occasions and in party and marriage functions.

silk saris

Silk is a best quality natural protein fiber composed mainly of fibroin and is produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons. The silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori reared in captivity, the demand of this silk is very huge in all over the globe.

Silk fabric was first developed in ancient China; today also the China is the country that produces highest amount of silk all over the globe. After China the second country in silk production is India. In India silk is very important it is known as “Paat” in eastern India, Pattu in southern parts of India, and Resham in north India.  About 97% of the raw silk produced from five Indian states, named as, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

Different varieties of handloom silk saris are produced by the weavers of India in traditional process, these are thousands of different varieties of silk saris are available in different parts of India.

Indian women very much like the silk saris produced by the handloom weavers of India in traditional way.

“Chinnalapattu” The Famous Sari of Tamil Nadu

Chinnalappattu is very popular silk saree, these saris are mainly produced in Chinnalapatti. Chinnalapatti is a panchayat town in Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu in country India. Chinnalappattu saris are very much popular in south Indian states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu etc and also in Sri Lanka.

Chinnalappattu are mainly produced in Chinnalapatti by traditional process with pure silk material, the traditional motifs and design of this sari is very much liked by the women of south India and in other parts of India and Sri Lanka.

Many Indian handloom exporters are doing the exporting job of these handloom saris to different countries in all over the world. Women very much prefer to wear these saris during different occasions. As these saris are made with silk and silk is very shining by nature so the saris are very beautiful and gives a very attractive look to the women those wear these saris.

Making of Chinnalapattu Saree
Making of Chinnalapattu Saree

So women always want to buy these saris and wear in different special occasions. Due to which the demand of these saris are very high in Indian and international market. Different big stores and shops are selling these saris and many exporters also exporting these saris to different European, Australian and American countries.

Also these saris are available on online market through online shopping stores. Various online shopping stores of India and Sri Lanka are selling these saris at their online shopping store.

Chinnalapatti weavers are not only involved in sari production also they are making sungudi chudithars, which is getting popularity in all over the world. Different varieties of beautiful cloths and other ladies dress are produced by these best traditional handloom weavers.

So these are some things about the popular Chinnalapatti town and Chinnalappattu saris and other ladies cloths of Tamil Nadu.

Handloom Products of India and Online Shopping

Indian people very much like to wear different varieties of good cloths in their day to day life and very special new well designed cloths during special occasions. In India these are many varieties of good handloom weavers and handloom styles are available.

The different states and different areas of the country India have different types of style and techniques in the handloom products manufacturing. Different varieties of best designed cloths of men and women are available in huge amount.

The different states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka etc are having their own style and technique of producing handloom products. Mainly different types of saris, salwar kameez and other women cloths and shirts, dhoti and other men’s clothes are available in different states markets.

Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees Online
Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees Online

Also the products of one state and one location are available on different states markets in all over the country India but it is not possible to place all varieties of clothes in one store or one market.

In this case people faced problem in getting their favourite product. Online shopping technology is very much helpful in these types of situation. People easily get their favourite handloom products from online shopping stores by comfortably sitting at their home.

Now day’s online shopping technology increasing in India day by day. Gradually the numbers of users of online shopping are increasing in India. Now day’s people are more preferring online shopping because this technology helps people in saving their valuable time and money.

Also Indian people are now becoming more educated and adopting new technologies such as more number of people are now using internet and smart phones and etc in India, so these people are prefer to purchase product from online shopping stores rather than traditional shops.

So these are some things about Handloom Products of India and Online Shopping.

Beautiful Chanderi Sari Online Shopping In International Market

Chanderi sari is a very beautiful and traditional type of sari made of Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, India. In India many varieties of saris are available but some saris are very special Chanderi sari is one of them.

According to Hindu mythology or the vedic period Chanderi sari was founded by lord krishana’s (Lord Krishna is the most famous Hindu god and one avatar of Lord Vishnu) cousin Shisupal. So Hindu community people like these saris very much and from religious point of view this saris is very important for people of Hindu community.

Famous Chanderi Sari
Famous Chanderi Sari

Chanderi saris are available in many varieties, like pure silk, chanderi cotton and silk cotton are the fabrics by using which Chanderi saris are produced, as cotton and silk both are used to produced Chanderi sari, so these saris are very beautiful as well as very comfortable to wear. So most of the Indian women those wear saris every day they prefer to wear these saris.

Also Traditional coin, Flora art, Peacocks and geometrics are woven into different chanderi patterns those gives to Chanderi saris a very attractive look and women of India those always like to be very special, like Chanderi saris very much.

So the saris are very much liked by Indian women and the demand of these saris are very huge in Indian markets, different shops and malls those provide or sell garment they sell the Chanderi saris for getting more profit. Also on online market of all over the world the demand of Chanderi saris are very much.

Now in different countries Indian people are leaving with their families the women of these families not get the products easily in the local markets of those countries, so online shopping is the best option for them they easily get the Chanderi saris from online shopping, so many women in all over the world now using the online shopping.

“Weaving” The Traditional Method

Weaving is one of the most important process through which we get out third basic need ‘cloth’. In the weaving process two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. And later the cloths are used in different ways. As from these cloths different men and woman garments are produced.

The longitudinal threads used in weaving process are called the warp and the lateral threads are the weft or filling. By these two threads very beautiful cloths are produced. To add design or to make the cloth more attractive weavers use different colour threads and by using their skills they produces very attractive and unique designs on it.

Hand woven silk sarees of odisha available online
Hand woven silk sarees of odisha available online

Basically cloths are woven on a loom. Loom is a device that holds the warp threads in place while filling threads are woven through them. Some other methods of producing cloth are including tablet weaving, back-strap, or other techniques without looms.

Different techniques and styles are followed by people to weaving cloths in all over the world and by different styles and techniques very unique and beautiful cloths are produced. Different countries and different areas people having their own traditions and technique of weaving and all types are different from each other by the purpose is same that all ways need to produce good cloths those are necessary for us.

After industrialization now cloths are produced by automatic machines but still in many countries traditional way of weaving are present. Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries still producing very good hand weaved cloths those are produced by traditional ways of waving.

Indian hand-woven cloths are very much popular in all over the world and people love to buy it in different American, European and Australia countries. So many products are exported to these countries for India.

So these are some things about weaving and traditional way of weaving and how it is very important for us.

“Leheria” The traditional style of tie dye Art of Rajasthan, India

Leheria or leheriya is a very unique and traditional style of tie dye art that is widely practiced in Rajasthan, India. Leheria tie dye art produces very beautiful, brightly colour cloth with various distinctive patterns. The Leheria tie dye technique gets its name from the Rajasthani word for wave because the dyeing technique is often used to produce complex wave patterns those are very attractive and beautiful in looks.

“The leheriya are very famous because of its zigzag pattern of irregular colour stripes. This zigzag pattern gives a visual invocation of the flow of water at the same time painstakingly showing the depths of indigo after multiple mud-resistant and dyeing processes, that makes very beautiful designs and the people in all over the world like this very much.

Tie-Dyed LeheriaArt of Rajasthan
Tie-Dyed LeheriaArt of Rajasthan

Leheria turbans are very important products for male business attire in Rajasthan during the period of nineteenth and early twentieth century’s. Leheria products are still produced in Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Nathdwara in a bulk amount. Leheria products is offered for sale with most of its resist ties still in place as proof of authenticity, with a small portion of fabric unrolled to display its pattern, that is very smart way of providing the evidence of good quality.

Leheria products are because of their design and patterns and colours very much popular among the peoples of India. In different states of India people like various Leheria products. Also in outside of India people appreciate the Leheria products very much.

As in different countries people like these products, so many people in Rajasthan are engaged in the exporting work of the Leheria products to different European, American and Australian countries.

Also the Leheria products are available on online shopping stores. Many online shopping stores of India providing or selling Leheria products o their online shopping store. This helps Leheria products lovers in getting beautiful Leheria products in a better and easier way. So these are some things about Leheria products of Rajasthan.

karnataka brides wear yellow silk sari on her wedding day

Karnataka is a very beautiful state. This is situated in the southern part of India. The state Karnataka was created on 1 November 1956, with the passing of the States Reorganisation Act. The state Karnataka is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the west side, Goa and Maharashtra to the northwest side, Andhra Pradesh to the east side, Tamil Nadu to the southeast side, and Kerala to the southwest side.

Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala are some other south Indian countries like Karnataka. Marriage is a very important function in all over the world; in Karnataka also the wedding function was celebrated in a very good way.

Silk saree with patachitra art online
Silk saree with patachitra art online

The Kannada marriages are the weddings functions conducted in the state of Karnataka. In performance, the traditional Kannada marriage resembles the traditional Hindu marriage as in Karnataka the main culture is Hindu culture. The customs and traditions observed do differ according to the region they are practiced in all over the Karnataka. There is not much difference between the cultures and the rituals mostly they are simple, but a little bit different from each other.

The wedding function provides ample opportunity to the families to enjoy the occasion with a heart full of joy. All peoples of the wedding family prefer to wear new attractive and stylish clothes; jewellery and good foods are the main requirement of the Indian marriages.

Many different types of rituals are maintained during a traditional Karnataka marriage. Pre Wedding rituals, Wedding rituals and post Wedding rituals are different types those are very important in Karnataka marriages.

Another important thing is most of the Kannada brides like to wear yellow colour saris during their wedding ceremony. As in different places the choice of the people are different in Karnataka also the choice the brides are different. The choice of the people mostly affected by the location so as the location of Karnataka inspires the brides to wear yellow colour saris during marriage functions.

These are some things about the Karnataka and the choice of the brides of Karnataka in marriage cloths.

"Lugade" The Beautiful Nine Yard Maratha Sari of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is very beautiful state located in western region of India. This state Maharashtra is the nations and also the world’s second-most populous sub-national entity, Here in this state women very much like to wear saris and here many varieties of saris are available. One most popular sari is Lugade sari. This is such kind of sari that is very much popular in Maharashtra and also in other places of India.

The Lugade sari is basically a nine yard length Maratha sari with very beautiful design. This Lugade nine yard sari is generally worn by elderly Hindu women and the sari is sometimes referred to as Nauvaree in Marathi culture. The Lugade sari is usually between forty-two and forty-five inches in width, and the lengthwise borders called kanth or kinar of these saris is two, i.e. these saris has two kanth or kinar. The Lugade sari also has two breadth wise borders those are called padar, of which one is more decorated than the other one.

Famous Lugade Saree of Maharashtra
Famous Lugade Saree of Maharashtra

The Lugade saris are very much popular and also in high demand in India as well as in other countries. These Lugade saris are available in different shops and markets in Maharashtra and other states and cities of India. Also the Lugade saris are available in different countries markets. Now days these Lugade saris are available in all over the world through online shopping.

Online shopping is very much helpful for the women those are very much like these Lugade saris, because they easily and in an affordable price get their favourite Lugade sari. There are many online shopping stores are present in all over the India those are selling Lugade sari at their online shopping store.

These are many Indian families are migrated to other different countries the women in these families are not getting good saris at all times but in special occasions they all want to wear good quality saris. So for those online shopping sites are providing good quality saris in a very easier way and also in very less cost than market price.

This is the reason that, now days every where people liking the online shopping technology, so these are some things about the beautiful Lugade saris of Maharashtra.