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Types of Embroidered Blouse Designs for Traditional Wedding Silk Sarees

One of the various kinds of embroidered blouse designs that you can get for your traditional wedding silk saree is an embellished elbow length sleeve blouse. Such a blouse can impart a rich look to your traditional sarees and as such lots of women like to wear them as well. In fact, their popularity has only increased even more of late. Vanki design blouse is one of the most popular design styles in this particular category and celebrities such as Kajal Aggarwal are known to prefer them as well. A major designer in this regard would be Kavitha Gutta who owns a boutique named Golden Threads in Hyderabad.

Plain elbow length sleeve blouse

As you would have guessed by now thanks to the name in these blouses the sleeves cover till your elbow. In fact you can get these blouses with big borders that act as sleeves. They are highly in trend right now and your wedding saree would look elegant if paired with these blouses.

Classic puff sleeves blouse

The puff sleeves blouses have been worn for some time now and this is the reason the word classic is added as a prefix to their name. If you team such a blouse with a conventional silk kanjeevaram saree you would get the feminine look you had been after all this while. If you are a young lady then you can be sure that this combination would look great on you.

Embroidered Blouse for Wedding Silk Sarees
Embroidered Blouse for Wedding Silk Sarees

Kundan work blouse

A Kundan work blouse would make your dress look rich.

Cut work blouse

Cut work embroidered blouses are really stunning to look at and make your bridal sarees look even better than they already are.

Maggam and Stone work blouse

Maggam and stone work blouses are really great to look at. They are extremely festive and rich to look at. You can be sure that these are the perfect blouses to be worn at weddings.

Net blouse

Net blouse designs are among the most popular of their kind going around nowadays. They are fashionable and apart from that they happen to be quite sensuous as well. There are different ways in which you can incorporate net fabric in your blouse such as sleeves, backs, and necklines. When teamed with your traditional silk saree they can impart a modern touch.

High neck blouse

Your ethnic saree would look a royal one when you have a high neck blouse to go with it. When compared to the traditional patterns of blouses that you see out there these give you a look that is much nicer and fresher as well. These days, designers are making these high neck blouses in a wide variety of combinations related to fabric and the ornamentation that goes with such artistic work. It must also be said that these embellishments are really intricate. In case you are wearing one of these high neck blouses you should not wear any neckpiece. Instead you can go for heavy earrings such as chandeliers, chandbalis, and those big jhumkas.

Round cut out back neck blouses

These blouses normally have round cut out details in their back. They are available in various styles such as Maggam work, Kundan work, stone work, and Zardosi work. They outline the cut out back and this is how the blouse gets a stunning look. You can make the blouse look even more glamorous by adding a good looking tie back tassel at the back. Apart from this you can go for blouses with artistic sleeves as well as ones with a back neck pattern. These are really unconventional options to say the least and also a lot of dramatic effect to your entire appearance.

Tips to Buy Readymade Blouse Online

Your million dollar saree would be a waste if you don’t pair it with a good blouse. You surely need accessories to go with the saree in order to look good but a blouse makes a saree complete. So when you are buying a saree, you should be equally considerate in buying a proper matching blouse as well. Now, going to the tailor for getting a stylish blouse stitched according to your imagination is quite a time taking affair. More so, when there are so many websites available where you can order them online! But what if something goes wrong and you don’t get what you had ordered. Here are some foolproof tips to buy readymade blouse online.

  1. When you buy readymade blouse online, you take your own measurements. So, first step is to be precise with your measurements. If you are towards skinny side, then it is advisable to keep a little margin because body size may change and if you outgrow the blouse someday, you can still fit in with some alterations. Take the measurement as per the online form of your website. Measure your bust, cup size, sleeves length, arm hole, length of back, depth of neck etc. Note them down properly in the respective sections and check for any typing error. Mention anything extra that you want in it, like hooks at back, zipper instead of hooks and so on.
  2. Every website as well as product brand has different size charts. So, instead of having an assumption that all are same, go through each size chart. Even when you are buying more than one blouse, check the size charts separately. It can be possible that what is size 32 for one brand is 34 for another. This way you can eliminate another aspect of mistake. Also, go through the customer feedback. If there is any discrepancy regarding size, someone or the other would mention it there.

    Tips to buy Readymade Blouse through Online
    Tips to buy Readymade Blouse through Online
  3. Don’t go by the colour and cut of the blouse. It is very important to check the fabric as well. When you are matching a blouse with a saree, fabric becomes an important parameter. For example, if you have chosen a heavy Benarasi saree for a wedding party, you cannot team it with a cotton blouse. It will be a complete wardrobe debacle. Rather you can pair a simple saree with heavy ornamented blouse but never the other way.
  4. No matter how much you try, there can be some or the other errors made on your part as well as on theirs. So, before you place your order, check for the refund or/and return policy. Usually there is a 7 to 15 calendar days to return the merchandise. Always retain the original packaging and receipt as proof of purchase. Most of the sellers send a bar code via email and arrange a pick up. Upon receiving your package they will either arrange another delivery for the product you originally ordered, or you will be requested to place another order. If you are no longer interested, they will initiate the refund procedure.
  5. When you are not sure about your measurements or not confident about taking the measurements yourself, it is better not to buy readymade blouse online. Rather take some time out to visit a good tailoring shop, browse through catalogues and select a good design. This way you can avoid a messy situation because a refund is made only with a valid point.

These are the few tips that can help you buy readymade blouse online seamlessly. Yet, just to be on the safe side, go through the reviews of the website. You will get to know everything about them, right from the product quality to shipping time. It is better to be safe than sorry.