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5 Reasons why your wardrobe needs an ikkat silk saree collection

India is well known for its extensive range of handloom sarees that can make women look gorgeous. For hundreds and thousands of years, the various parts of India have been witness to the growth of different types of saree making trends which are still evolving. One of the types of sarees that women in all parts of India truly love to wear is the ikkat silk saree. The style of making ikkat sarees and garments developed in different parts of the world over the years, including in Central Asia, South East Asia, West Africa and South America. However, in India the artisans worked to create a distinct style of their own when it comes to the ikkat garments. It is due to this reason that these sarees are so much popular among the fashion conscious women in India.

The Odisha ikkat silk sarees and Pochampally ikkat silk sarees are known to be extremely beautiful and they stand apart from various other silk sarees due to their bright and geometric designs. These sarees include motifs from the local culture and include diverse imageries such as parrots, elephants, flowers and dancing girls. The unique feature of these sarees has to do with the elaborate dyeing process that helps to create such beautiful artwork. Although the traditional artisans have always made use of simple techniques to create these sarees, modern production centers make use of mechanical tools to create them. The specialized machines that are used for creating these sarees have not only helped artisans to produce larger quantities of finished goods but also products that are known for their perfection and precision.

Ikkat silk sarees collection at online
Ikkat silk sarees collection at online

Here are five reasons why you should definitely focus on developing a nice ikkat silk saree collection for your personal wardrobe.

  1. The ikkat silk sarees are known for their dynamic colors and geometric patterns that often look strikingly gorgeous. So if you are looking for buying sarees that aptly help you to express your true beauty, then you should definitely have these sarees for all occasions.
  2. Since the ikkat silk sarees derive their coloring from natural sources, the colors are rich, bright and steadfast at all times. Ikkat sarees mostly come in a variety of bright shades such as orange, yellow, red, rust, crimson, pink and dull gold. Although the classic pattern of these sarees is typically dull gold, the introduction of various new motifs has made it possible for artisans to make sarees with designs that consist of many other bright colors.
  3. The ikkat silk sarees are not only perfect for different types of special occasions but for day to day regular wearing as well. So if you are in search for sarees that you can wear on a day to day basis, then you should certainly go for ikkat silk sarees as they can make you look perfect without being too loud.
  4. Another reason why you should consider getting ikkat silk sarees for your wardrobe is that they require low maintenance and you can wash and clean them easily without much effort or hassle. In today’s world where women are required to take care of a lot of tasks at office and at home, they are often pressed for time. Due to this reason, they may not have the requisite opportunity needed to take good care of their sarees properly. However, as the ikkat silk sarees are easy to clean, they do not pose much of a problem.
  5. There are currently a wide range of ikkat silk sarees available in India, which means that you can have plenty of options when you are looking to experiment with your looks.

Name of Best Handloom Sarees from Odisha and meaning

IKAT Saree:

The Special word “ikat” means in universal “to bind.” This is a very old age way of drafting designs in fabric by resist-dye threads and it should be before the fabric is woven by weavers. In India, villagers now take filling thread and tie small bits of plastic onto the threads to weave it. Tightly tied portion of thread, when put into the dye, it resist the color and create a design, which you can see once the plastic ties are removed.

Dongria Saree:

This Handwoven Saree from Odisha called as Dongria Saree. This usually used by tribal groups as shawls, this Saree has been woven by a weaver group based in Nuapatna, Tigiria which is 80 KM Cuttack. These weavers are living in a green natural surroundings, and take color combinations for these Saree from nature of India and output comes as a marvelous Saree which will definitely keep your eyes open.

Dongria Sarees made by tribals of Odisha
Dongria Sarees made by Tribals of Odisha


Vichitrapuri Saree

Vichitrapuri sarees come from Odisha, India but they are generally richly woven and used as wedding ceremony sarees. They utilize the same ikat technique as Sambalpuri sarees, but frequently are woven with a combine of gold and cotton threads to include to their appeal.