Handloom and handicraft Products Exporters of India and Their Importance

There are many types of Handloom and Handicrafts products are present in different parts of India. In all over the world people like Indian handicraft and handloom products very much and the demand of the Indian handloom and handicraft products are in huge amount, so many peoples of India now days doing the exporting work of the handloom and handicraft products of India.

So in a country like India where many people are depending on handloom and handicraft industry for caring out their life or for earning, the exporters of the handloom and handicraft products are very important and they plays very important role in increasing the economy of the country.

Handicrafted Sindoor Container made with bamboo online
Handicrafted Sindoor Container made with bamboo online

In India maximum handloom and handicraft manufactures or weavers are leaving in the villages those are very far distance from big cities. So the weavers and workers are not getting actual price of their products. They sell their valuable products in local markets in very less price. After working very hard the weavers and workers produces very small amount of products and selling them in fewer prices. Because of this reason, now days many handloom weavers and handicraft workers are concentrating on different work for earning more money and leaving a better life.

Handloom and Handicrafts products exporters help the handloom weavers and handicraft workers in getting actual value of their products by purchasing the products in a reasonable cost.

Also through online shopping the Handloom and Handicrafts products exporters sending the Handloom and Handicrafts products to different countries and earning a better amount of the Handloom and Handicrafts products for them and for the Handloom and Handicrafts products manufactures. So the importance of the Handloom and Handicrafts products exporters are very much for India.

So these are some things about the Handloom and Handicrafts products exporters of India and their importance.

9 Type of Job Fields People Like the Most to Work

Each person has his own choice of work and they select it as per their capability. Some enjoy their Job and few not. We have found some of the common jobs people mostly love to work in:

  1. Military
  2. Retail
  3. Transport and Moving
  4. Computer and IT
  5. Management
  6. Food Business
  7. Repair
  8. Financial
  9. School and Education

Types of Indian Rangoli made in home

Rangoli is a very popular form art in India. It usually drawn by the Indian women by wearing new cotton sarees. Rangoli  always made in front of the door gates. The reason is that to welcome guest, god and any homemade festivals. Basically the color of rangoli is white, it is dyed in different colors creating an attractive and multicolored design’s.

Attractive Indian Rangoli
Attractive Indian Rangoli

Rangoli specially made in different festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Onam, Pongal, and so many Indian festivals. In kerela the onam festival celebrated in a great way by decorating their homes by flower rangoli which gives a natural beauty. In odisha at the time of laxmi puja the women’s art the rice made rangoli in the house and looks all white flowers present in the earth. It always symbolize to bring the good luck in the house.

Rangoli always reflects the tradition and culture of art. There are different types of Rangoli made in India.

– Chowk

– Dotted Rangoli

– Free hand Rangoli

– Flowers Petal Rangoli

– Alpana

– Wooden Rangoli

– Floating Rangoli

– Glasss Rangoli

-Sanskar Rangoli

If you want to buy new cotton sarees online then try to buy from Indian Online shopping stores. You can get variety cotton sarees in affordable place.


Buy Salwar Kameez online in affordable price

India women are the most beautiful in the entire world. The beauty of Indian ladies is complimented by wearing the traditional costumes like silk sarees, handloom cotton sarees, handloom cotton salwars kameez, lehenga, half sarees. But todays life most women loves to wear saree in everyday life or any ocassions, to look elegance and graceful. On other hand handloom cotton salwar kameez gives you the unique look with comfortable  in every seasonal wear. Salwar kemeez is the stylish and fashionable wear in every festival and in award function. Mostly Bollywood actress wears the designer salwar kameez in several function.

Salwar Suits Online
Salwar Suits Online

The Bollywood actress wears the  cotton salwar  kameez and looks beautiful and simple. Salwar Kameez will be the comfortable wear for every women’s who goes to office and for any homemade work. Young girls wear the salwar kameez in several festivals. You can buy the cotton salwar from several online shopping stores with wide range which will make you the shopping too enjoyable.

Birth of Krishna: Janmastami will be celebrated on August 17th sunday 2014.

Janmastami is the most popular festival in India. It symbolize Lord Krishna birth and people celebrate this festival with a great way. The festival janmastami celebrated by the hindus across the world with great devotion. In dwarika, mathura, vrindhaban and iskon temple celebrate this festival with great excitement. Women’s take the whole day fasting and wear the new silk sarees, cotton sarees to visit the temples and pray to lord krishna. This festival celebrate for two days one is janmastami and on other day people celebrate Nandautsav. On that day the the dahi handi function celebrate.

Krishna Janmashtami
Krishna Janmashtami


Women’s , gent’s and children wears the new clothes to celebrate lord krishna birth. If you have no time to shopping outside , then try to buy sarees online shopping from several stores. Happy Janmastami.

Handloom Kurta available in Online Shopping.

In India so many festivals are coming like Ganesh chaturthi, Rakshabandhan, Dusshera e.t.c. When women wears the traditional wear in function like this men’s have to wear traditional wear in several function. Try to wear handloom kurta in several festivals and looks extremely beautiful from other days. Handloom kurta gives you the comfort feel and unique look in crowdy. Several Bollywood Actor wearing Handloom kurta in several function’s. Akshya Kumar wears the kurta and looks gorgeous.

Hand woven Menswear Cotton Kurta
Hand woven Menswear Cotton Kurta


Buy the handloom Kurta from several online shopping stores.

Odisha Saree famous in Indian Television

In Indian Television the famous soap opera ” saraswatichandra” is currently shown in Star Plus and in DD National. This is the story based on Gujurati Novel. In this Gujurati family the kumud mother’s wear the handloom cotton sarees of odisha and looks so beauty with a perfect Indian women. Now in the modern days the Actress loves to wear handloom sarees.

Odisha Saree and Indian Television
Odisha Saree and Indian Television


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Ratan Tata may invest in online shopping site Snapdeal

Ratan tata after retirement from other jobs, now looking for a road and as per timesofindia.com he is moving towards ecommerce and may invest on big eshopping site Snapdeal.com.

Ratan Tata may invest in online shopping site Snapdeal
Ratan Tata may invest in online shopping site Snapdeal

Online supermarket for Handloom clothing and handicrafts in india | Online Shopping

In 90’s if we want to buy something, we need to visit some famous shopp in nearby town, even if that is not possible people usually travel district head quarter or capital of state to get it if very very necessary. Even we remember some of our neighbors travel to raipur, raygarh, nagpur even to buy specific items which at that moment not available in small towns.

Now with the help of technology we can buy whatever we want sitting at home or anywhere we have a internet connection. Most younger generation buy their need through mobile devices.

Online Shopping best site for handloom and handicrafts
Online Shopping best site for handloom and handicrafts

We with the help of IT helping all handloom and handicrafts products of india to sell and deliver to desired customers any where in india or abroad.

Our customer are very specific and they like us very much. Once any customer drape and handloom sarees, she can not able to stop wearing it because of its design and comfort.

Most of the handicrafts products are showcase in home and offices around the globe buy purchasing online, We have some specific clients who love to decorate their house and garden with these rare handicraft products.

Our online supermarket trying to help customer find their love and with lowest ever price.


Online Shopping for Men’s Clothes and accessories in India

Here in India you can find number of online shopping sites for men’s clothes and accessories. From these portals you can buy handloom shirts, kurta, lungi, handkerchiefs, towels, jackets, gandhi jhula or bags etc. Using online shopping you can choose your desired items with some mouse clicks and get the same at your doorstep.

Today Indian guys also buy some western t-shirts, but t shirts for men online shopping India helps western sellers and they hijack our capital after selling these type of western dresses. So, it’s an opinion luxury clothes online shopping men need to avoid first. We need to wear deshi dresses and need to maintain our country’s culture and also economy.

Handloom Shirts for Men
Handloom Shirts for Men

Dupatta is going out of fashion in India | Online Shopping

Indian fashion mostly influenced by film industry. Common men and women follow path of famous characters of movies and wear dresses accordingly. Dupatta for girls slowly disappearing from India as more girls started wearing Jeans and T-Shirt. Tops with Jeans etc, even most college girls and women not put dupatta over salwars anymore.

This you can tell as a modern move of our society. In 90’s girls were not comfortable to go out without a dupatta, because it feel insecurity, and exposed their body parts to boys. Most of the Old Mothers guided them what to wear, whom to talk, when to come back to home etc.

Stylish Dupatta Online Shopping
Stylish Dupatta Online Shopping

Which is not same now. Now Girls can go out wearing a Mini, t-Shirt and can return late in night. But do you thing we are going on the correct track?

Previously there were songs on dupatta “Lal dupatta Mal Mal ka” which now converted to “Blue Eyes”

Let see where our next generation going, but yes still there are girls who love to buy dupatta online and drape them in office and outing.

Cotton Sarees Online Shopping in India | Best Sites In India | Odisha Shopping

India is a vast country and each place comes with some special thing to see. Same for cotton sarees each of indian state have different famous sarees which love and appreciate by beautiful women in india.

Saree is not only a home dress any more, ladies from all part now started wearing it and make it a official attire. Even some of the corporate house and hotels made saree as uniform. Because of the demand cotton sarees demand rising day by day, all of them prefer handloom saris woven by hand.

Most famous cotton sarees and silk sarees for Online Shopping in india are:

  1. Sambalpuri saree – Odisha
  2. Tant Saree – Santipur
  3. Phulkari
  4. Chanderi
  5. Putpaka sarees
  6. Pochapali
  7. Kumbokunam
  8. Kanchipuram
  9. Kota
  10. Champa
Cotton Sarees in India
Cotton Sarees in India