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Famous Wooden Crafts of Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal is a beautiful district situated in the Indian state of Odisha. People of Dhenkanal district are very much capable of making many beautiful handicrafts by using very simple raw materials. Simple things like clay, wood, cloths etc are efficiently used by handicraft workers of Dhenkanal and very beautiful and useful products are produces those are suitable to use in day to day life and as well as to decorate home and offices.

Dhokra art, siminoi pata sari, wood crafts, clay statues etc are famous handicrafts produced in Dhenkanal. Among all these crafts wooden crafts of Dhenkanal are very unique and people in all over the world like these crafts.

Different varieties of items like pen stand, statues of Gods, photo frame, flower bash, small toys for kinds and many more interesting items related to Odia culture and traditions are produced from woods by handicraft workers of Odisha.

Wooden Handicrafts Items Online
Wooden Handicrafts Items Online

Also Morden things like cartoon characters and toys etc are prepared by Dhenkanal’s handicraft weavers in a large quantity. People in all over the world like these handicrafts and purchasing and using, so demand of these products is increasing day by day.

In current scenario people in all over the globe preferring to buy the handicraft products through online shopping, it is very easy for the buyers and also for sellers to provide different varieties of products through online shopping.

Especially wooden crafts those are produced by handicraft workers of Odisha with very are available in different online shopping stores website for purchasing of peoples in all over the globe.

Due to online shopping people have access to buy a suitable product and chose a product among thousands of varieties available on online. Through this online shopping also people easily buy wooden crafts of Dhenkanal by sitting on a distance of thousands kilometres.

So these are some things about wooden crafts of Dhenkanal.

Handicraft and handloom Products are best for giving gifts with personal meaning

Gift is such a thing that gives very pleaser to the people those are giving it and to the people those are receiving it. Mostly we give gifts to our close relatives, friends or to family members. A gift makes them happy and their happiness makes us happy, so a personalised gift increases the happiness more than hundred times. I.e. if you are giving a gift to anyone with whom you are personally attached and a specific thing that related to you and the person whom you are gifting it, this makes the product very special for the person and him/her  remember it for all times.

For making a personalised gift handicraft and handloom products are best because as these products are very beautiful and attractive along with also a option that you can made a specific product according to your choice and requirement. As example you can add name, date of birth, special note or any other thing that you want to add according to the person to whom you want to gift. These are many online shopping stores are present those are proving option for you to customize your product.

Patachitra Sarees: A best item to gift your near one
Patachitra Sarees: A best item to gift your near one

You can choose your own colour, style and all things about the product and the handloom weavers and handicraft workers make those products for you and you can gift it to your loved once.

As online shopping stores very much helpful for peoples in getting handloom and handicraft products, so people very much like this technology but after that customizing products option makes the online shopping more popular. This concept is very much helpful for peoples to gift a personalised gift to their friend or family members. So people in all over the world like this concept very much.

So these are some things about handicraft and handloom products are best for giving gifts with personal meaning.

Various types of Problems of handloom weaver in India

Weaving is very common profession in India, and many people are connected directly and indirectly with textile industry in India. The Government of India is aware about the constraints problems being faced or facing by the peoples connected with textile industry or handloom weavers throughout the country primarily because of low productivity of handlooms, stiff competition from power loom and mill sector, inadequate inputs supply and marketing facilities channels as well as insufficient credit flow from institutional sources.

For the overall development of handloom sector and welfare of handloom weavers, the Government of India has taken various policy initiatives and schemes interventions like cluster approach, technological up-gradation, marketing promotion, revival of viable and potentially viable societies through loan waiver and recapitalization assistance, availability of subsidized yarn and credit, besides, providing health and life insurance cover to the handloom weavers. but  these schems are not working effectively. May be the vast population or unknowing ness is a major factor of this.

There are some central Government schemes are available for the development of the handloom sector: –
1. Integrated Handlooms Development Scheme.
2. Marketing & Export Promotion Scheme.
3. Handloom Weaver’s Comprehensive Welfare Scheme.
4. Diversified Handlooms Development Scheme.
5. Mill Gate Price Scheme.


The office of the DC (Handlooms) and DC (Handicrafts) are functioning as attached Offices of the Ministry of Textiles with sufficient delegation of powers and functional autonomy to address the issues or problems pertaining to weavers and artisans and also for promotion and development of handlooms and handicrafts in India. Hence, no need is currently felt to create a separate Ministry for weavers and artisans in the country that help these peoples.

These are some problems handled by Indian handloom manufacturers or Indian weavers. After all these problems these Indian peoples or weavers continuing

Their work and producing very good and best quality products to full fill the demand in all over world. We just hopping that in near future govt. will take some steps that help these peoples.

Handicrafts of India Online Shopping

Indian handicraft items are very famous in India and abroad. Foreigners are always like to collect Indian handicraft items when they visit in India. Basically, handicraft items produced in interior places of India. From their need to collect the items. Indian handicrafts items made from white wood, bamboo, golden grass, palm leaf, animal’s horns, and various types of materials. Patachitra paintings and glass paintings also are very famous handicraft items in India. Now, Indian handicraft items available online shopping store. Peoples can buy Indian Handiraft items through online shopping store from anywhere in the world.

Handcrafted Patachitra Painting Online Shopping
Handcrafted Patachitra Painting Online Shopping

Popularity of Indian Handloom and Handicraft Products

We all know that Indian handloom and handicraft items always in demand in the international market. India is very rich in handloom and handicraft items. When foreigners come to visit India they always remember to buy Indian handloom garments and handicraft items. Now peoples who stays outside India they can also buy Indian handloom and handicraft items through online shopping store.

Bengal kantha stitch cotton sarees online
Bengal kantha stitch cotton sarees online

When we visit in the abroad anywhere we will see Indians are present, specially when we visit countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Japan, Spain, South Africa etc. And NRI’s always try to wear Indian traditional dresses in any social gatherings, public functions, pujas etc. And all we know that Indian women love to wear handloom sarees and other handloom dress materials.

Indian Handicrafts Online Shopping

Indian handicraft items are popular all over the world. Indian art and culture are depicted in the handicraft items. Number of handicraft creators are always trying to create unique items for the buyers. Everyone in India and also outsiders of India are very much exited about Indian cultures and arts. That’s why when a traveller come to visit India they first try to go interior places for collecting rare handicraft items. In India you can find handicraft items created with wood, stones, various metals, textiles etc. Now peoples can buy Indian handicraft from online shopping store also.

Chandua Wall Hanging from Pipili, Odisha
Chandua Wall Hanging from Pipili, Odisha