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Importance of handloom and handicraft exporters of India

India is a country, which has a rich history of Good Handloom and handicrafts manufacturing that has evolved over the centuries. The legacy of Indian culture promises everything- beauty, dignity, form and style. There are many varieties of handloom and handicrafts are present in India.  These crafts are also liked by the people outside of India. So from ancient days people starting the exporting of these products to different countries in all over the world. These people who export these handloom and handicraft products are called Indian handloom and handicraft exporters. These people are playing a very important role in handloom and handicraft industry of India.

The works of these exporters are very much important because maximum handloom and handicraft weavers or manufactures are mainly living in villages faraway from cities, so they can’t shell there in a authentic pries because in the local market, small towns monthly income of people are not so high, so they don’t want to spend more money on these handloom and handicraft products, they searching for low pries products. So the manufactures or weaver of these handloom and handicraft products are not get good prices for their products. So they try to sell their products in big cities and in other countries where these people get very good prices for their products.

Indian Handloom and Handicrafts Exporter
Indian Handloom and Handicrafts Exporter

So the work of these exporters is very important because if these people are not present, the handloom weavers and handicraft manufactures are not able to get good prices for their products, and also they can’t sell many products in small towns. So alternatively these handloom and handicraft exporters help in development of the handloom and handicraft industry of India.

And by the side these exporters also get benefits from exporting these products. They purchase the handloom and handicraft products from manufactures and sell it in big cities and in frozen countries in a very good pries. They get their profit after reducing the transporting and other casts. So for the exports also this is very beneficial.

Now days because of the online shopping technology the work of these exports are became very easy and more beneficial.

Garments Liked by Indian People in Summer Season

India is basically a tropical country; here summer season going from the month March to the month June, this four month the climate is very hot in most of the places of India. So people like to wear such types of dress or cloths those keep them cold in these days.

Summer Season Clothes in India

In hot weather of this country India, white or light colored clothes are suitable or better for people, because these cloths reflect the heat of sun away and keep the body cool, whereas black clothes retain heat and fell hot to body. During summer season, clothes made of cotton are preferred as they absorb the sweat and their air spaces allow the circulation of air which helps faster evaporation of the sweat and fell cold to our body. This keeps the body cool and comfortable in the hot summer season. So people like to wear these types of cloths in summer season. From another thing are loose clothes allow air circulate through our body and below the fabric and feel coldness to our body. So these loose cloths are very much helpful in summer season. Thus, loose clothes are more very much suited during summer season rather than tight fitting clothes. Hence summer wear should be breathable, light-colored and loose fitting rather than dark and tight fitting cloths. These types of clothes and dresses are more preferable in India during summer season.

Men's Fashion
Summer fashion Kurta

Cloths like Silk, wools and synthetic material like nylon are not suitable to wear during the summer in India. Because these materials may causes damage to your skin and your health, so need to avoid materials that have more glimmer and shine. So natural fabrics like cotton, muslin, voile or similar materials are suitable for summer season in India. Not only in India also i9n other countries during summer season people prefer to wear these types of cloths.

So these are some types of cloths liked by Indian people during the summer season in India.


Availability of Indian handloom and handicrafts in Europe

Globalization refers to the integration of economic, political, and cultural systems of a country across the globe; globalization has become one of the fashionable processes in both academic and political debate in these days. Globalization is a process which refers to the growing social and economical interdependence of countries worldwide and technology across border and moreover the interaction and interdependence of people and culture throughout all over the world.

Before globalization also in European people like Indian products very much. So Indian handicrafts and handicrafts are transported to Europe since 15th century. Now in these days globalization and online marketing playing a very important role, through this globalization and online shopping people of Europe can get Indian handicrafts and handlooms very easily. So the availability of these handloom and handicraft products may not be in European local market but for Europe these products are available every time through online marketing. There are many online shopping sites those are providing services to peoples of all over the world. These online shopping site are not only making availability of the product also they provide these products in less price because there are no middle man between the consumer and producer which adding their profit with the product cost which make it high cost. So this online shopping service provides good service to the consumer. So by these things we can say that Indian handicraft and handloom products are available in Europe.

Best Online Fashion Store in India
Best Online Fashion Store in India

European people like Indian dresses, sarees and other handloom products and also other handicraft arts since 15th century when first time European peoples coming to India they like these products so much that they started business with India. So availability of these Indian products in European market is present since 15th century but now through digital marketing and online shopping these products are available every time, not only for European peoples but also peoples of every corner of the world. Now in these days people can easily buy their liking products easily through online marketing.

From these things we come to a conclusion that the availability of Indian handicraft and handloom products are in European market is in good condition.

Indian handloom export to Italy

Italy is an european country and it’s a very beautiful country. Number of world class fashion houses are situated in Italy. In every season latest types of fashion trends starts from Italy. Thats why we can say Italy is a fashion hub.

Italian people always love to stay fashionable. They also love Indian traditional handloom garments like handloom silk sarees, handloom cotton sarees and latest styles of ladies and gents dress materials. Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees also very much famous in Italy. Now everyone from Italy can collect Indian handloom and handicrafts through online shopping store.

Indian handloom and handicrafts in Italy
Indian handloom and handicrafts in Italy

Famous Indian Dupatta Online Shopping

Indian girls always use dupatta with salwar kameez and some other dress. It’s an unique style of Indian women. Dupatta also uses to avoid dust and temperature at the summer time. Now you can find various types of dupatta at online and anyone can buy this for online shopping store.

Famous Patachitra Dupatta for Online Shopping
Famous Patachitra Dupatta for Online Shopping

Indian Handloom and handicrafts in Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful country and is an island country in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of the African continent. Mauritius is a beautiful travel spot among the travellers. It’s natural view and sea beach are mavellous.

Many Indians stay there from the decades. Peoples of Mauritius are always looking for Indian textile products. Indian handloom and handicrafts are very famous in Mauritius. Now peoples of Mauritius easily collect these products through online shopping store. Because, number of exporters are export Indian handloom and handicrafts to Mauritius.

Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius
Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius

Indian handloom and handicrafts export to USA

Indian handlooom and handicrafts are always famous in the USA. Peoples of USA are always try to collect Indian items. Specially at the time to visit India they always try to go interior places in India and from there they collect some rare pieces of handloom and handicrafts. But now they can collect every types of handloom and handicrafts from there country’s also, through online shopping store.

Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees of India Export to USA
Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees of India Export to USA

Indian Handloom and Handicrafts in Australia

Indian handloom and handicrafts are famous in all over the world. Now Indian handloom and handicrafts available in every where through online shopping store. Peoples of Australia always love Indian handloom and handicraft products. They specially like handloom silk sarees, Patachitra sarees, handloom cotton sarees, ladies dress materials, and various types of arts and crafts work like dhokra art, stone carving, wood carving, patachitra art paintings etc.

Now Odisha Sarees Store started to export handloom and handicrafts to all over the world including Australia.

Indian Handloom and Handicrafts Export to all over the world
Indian Handloom and Handicrafts Export to all over the world