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5 Reasons why your wardrobe needs an ikkat silk saree collection

India is well known for its extensive range of handloom sarees that can make women look gorgeous. For hundreds and thousands of years, the various parts of India have been witness to the growth of different types of saree making trends which are still evolving. One of the types of sarees that women in all parts of India truly love to wear is the ikkat silk saree. The style of making ikkat sarees and garments developed in different parts of the world over the years, including in Central Asia, South East Asia, West Africa and South America. However, in India the artisans worked to create a distinct style of their own when it comes to the ikkat garments. It is due to this reason that these sarees are so much popular among the fashion conscious women in India.

The Odisha ikkat silk sarees and Pochampally ikkat silk sarees are known to be extremely beautiful and they stand apart from various other silk sarees due to their bright and geometric designs. These sarees include motifs from the local culture and include diverse imageries such as parrots, elephants, flowers and dancing girls. The unique feature of these sarees has to do with the elaborate dyeing process that helps to create such beautiful artwork. Although the traditional artisans have always made use of simple techniques to create these sarees, modern production centers make use of mechanical tools to create them. The specialized machines that are used for creating these sarees have not only helped artisans to produce larger quantities of finished goods but also products that are known for their perfection and precision.

Ikkat silk sarees collection at online
Ikkat silk sarees collection at online

Here are five reasons why you should definitely focus on developing a nice ikkat silk saree collection for your personal wardrobe.

  1. The ikkat silk sarees are known for their dynamic colors and geometric patterns that often look strikingly gorgeous. So if you are looking for buying sarees that aptly help you to express your true beauty, then you should definitely have these sarees for all occasions.
  2. Since the ikkat silk sarees derive their coloring from natural sources, the colors are rich, bright and steadfast at all times. Ikkat sarees mostly come in a variety of bright shades such as orange, yellow, red, rust, crimson, pink and dull gold. Although the classic pattern of these sarees is typically dull gold, the introduction of various new motifs has made it possible for artisans to make sarees with designs that consist of many other bright colors.
  3. The ikkat silk sarees are not only perfect for different types of special occasions but for day to day regular wearing as well. So if you are in search for sarees that you can wear on a day to day basis, then you should certainly go for ikkat silk sarees as they can make you look perfect without being too loud.
  4. Another reason why you should consider getting ikkat silk sarees for your wardrobe is that they require low maintenance and you can wash and clean them easily without much effort or hassle. In today’s world where women are required to take care of a lot of tasks at office and at home, they are often pressed for time. Due to this reason, they may not have the requisite opportunity needed to take good care of their sarees properly. However, as the ikkat silk sarees are easy to clean, they do not pose much of a problem.
  5. There are currently a wide range of ikkat silk sarees available in India, which means that you can have plenty of options when you are looking to experiment with your looks.

Best time in the year when customer should search for sarees online sale

Ever since the earliest days of Indian civilization, the sarees have been revered in this country as an important garment. The sarees have always been regarded as culturally significant in India, and therefore it is no wonder that women in India love to dress up in beautiful sarees for all kinds of occasions. Over the years, different types of sarees have evolved in various parts of the country, each having their own distinct sense of style and identity. Sarees are now not only worn in India but also in other parts of the world as well. Such cultural intermingling has also left its impact on the designs of the sarees, which have taken new shape with every passing decade.

The look and style of sarees have gone through enormous changes over the years. While there was a time when the artisans who make the sarees stuck to only very rigid definitions of style and art, now they are more open to experimentation than ever before. This has certainly expanded the fashion scope of the sarees. A wide range of new materials have been introduced into saree making as well, and the latest saree designers also try out different types of embroidery works and embellishments that make the sarees of today even more beautiful.


Traditionally, sarees were available only in large shops that were dedicated to selling this special garment. These shops dealt in a wide range of saree, starting from jamdani silk sarees to patola sarees. Women who wanted to buy sarees for themselves had to visit these shops and spend hours looking through the various products to get the ones that suit them the most. However, nowadays all of this has changed with the advent of online shopping. Over the last few years or so, online shops have really transformed the saree market in India, thereby making it possible for buyers to have the best sarees from the comfort of their own homes. Whether a woman is looking for a saree for her wedding or for some other special occasion, she can get the best options while shopping from an online store. Such advantages is really encouraging more and more women to buy their sarees from online stores.

Ecommerce stores that offer sarees for online sale offer great discounts that make it possible for buyers to get top quality sarees at the most affordable rates. These online shops have also improved the prospects of the saree business in India by making it possible for artisans to sell their sarees directly to their customers. The online stores have helped to do away with the concept of middlemen and allowed artisans and people involved in saree business to gain more profits. Hence in that way they have greatly augmented the prospects of saree business in various parts of India.

Women are always looking to take advantage of the discount rates offered by online shops. For this reason, they are always curious as to when the stores offering sarees online sale can present them with the best rates. The best time to look for discount rates would be a few months before any festive season. For instance, most online stores offer great prices just one or two months before the start of the puja season. This is done to attract more number of buyers a little bit before the actual puja season. Many online stores also offer good prices before the onset of the wedding season as well. While wedding sarees are available at almost all times of the year, they surely come at better prices a little bit before the start of the wedding season.