Tips to buy online silk sarees with best prices.

Retail therapy still works best for most of the women. For past few years, the definition of retail therapy or shopping has changed. Now online shopping gives us more options to choose in very little time. Also, we can compare the prices from different sites. But at the same time there are so many fake sites that are always ready to make a scam out of our hard earned money. So here are some useful tips to buy online silk sarees for best prices evading the scams and other forgeries that are so common these days in the cyber world.

  1. Authenticity- Silk is a common fabric but there are more fake varieties available than the original ones. So, it is very important to know the one you are choosing is 100% silk or not. Usually handloom silk sarees are the only 100% pure versions. But you have to be wary of the ones that claim and price the sarees for pure silks but provide you with artificial or mix ones. So when you buy online silk sarees, see if the description offers Silk Mark, the sign of purity labelled by the Silk Board of India.
  2. Varieties- Before you buy online silk sarees, you must know the different varieties of the same. Kanchipuram, Dharmavaram, Mysore, Ikkat, Benarasi, Murshidabad, Bishnupur, Bhagalpur, Ghicha are different varieties of silk. Each of them has their own distinct characters which determine the prices. Kanchipuram silk is the most expensive of all, due to its silk and zari ratio and being hand woven. Remember powerloom silk sarees cannot be 100% pure. When shopping online, keep these points in mind so that you don’t get duped by false claims of some websites.

    Buy online silk sarees in this festive season
    Buy online silk sarees in this festive season
  3. Price and Quality- When a silk saree is high priced, it means it is of superior quality as well. But if you find the same saree at a different site for cheaper price, then you can be sure of some foul play. It is better to visit some more sites to know about the actual price range. For example, a good quality Kanchipuram silk saree can never come for less than Rs 8000. When you buy online silk sarees online and come across a site offering this variety for Rs 5000, don’t fall for the trap. For Rs 5000 you will surely get good silk sarees but not Kanchipuram silk. Similarly, there are silk sarees that can be bought for Rs 1500-2000 as well, but they are not in comparison with superior variation.
  4. As per your Appearance- If you are small, plump woman, big bordered sarees are not for you. Wear Mysore silk saree with no or small borders. Thin women should wear tissue and tussar silk for fuller look. Tall women can carry off heavy sarees with big borders really well. Also, choose the color of the saree according to your complexion. When you buy saree in store, you can try it know. But when you buy online silk sarees, you have to know well before making the purchase.
  5. Reliable Websites- Don’t go for any random website to choose a saree for you. There are many reliable and reputed stores who have their websites as well. Then there are some government run stores and cooperatives with their online versions. When you buy online silk sarees with them, you can be rest assured of the quality, color and delivery. Also, the return and exchange policies can be relied for these sites. These stores do not claim to give you superior quality for an inferior price tag yet you can be sure that you are getting an authentic product for best price.

States famous for handloom sarees and how Indian silk sarees affect export sector

Indian handlooms are some of the finest in the world, as they are popular for their exquisite richness, fine quality and variety. They form an integral part of the culture of India and no festive occasion is complete without the beautiful garments made out of them. Over the years, there have been a lot of changes in the patterns, weaves and designs, which have brought new elements of glamour and magnificence but the original superiority of the handlooms, have remained the same.

The handlooms still comprise the largest form of cottage industry in India. Millions of looms throughout the country are dedicated to weave different natural fibers such as cotton and silk and bring out the inherent beauty in them. They also serve as a source of livelihood to numerous families across the country. The art and craft of weaving looms is passed on from one generation to another, with every successive generation adding new elements to it. The results are expressed in the superior quality and magical colors that characterize the handlooms.

Indian artisans blend different forms of beliefs, myths, symbols, faiths and imagination that help to bring a striking dynamism to the loom’s fabric. The various regions of India all add their own distinctive style to the handlooms that give them their unique identity. Some of the states that are famous for their handloom sarees are Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

The handloom sarees made in Andhra Pradesh are known for their distinct, delicate designs. The refined borders, intricate pallu and fine gold thread work characterize the handloom sarees produced here. The sarees made in Venkatagiri, Pochampalli, Narayanpet, Gadwal, Uppadas and Dharmavaram deserve special mention. On the other hand, the state of Bihar is known for the superior Tussar silk sarees it produces. Chhattisgarh is famous for the Kosa silk sarees that are adorned by the embroidered, printed or painted patterns. Kosa silk sarees are revered for their superior purity and texture.

Gujarat produces the well known Patola sarees that are known for their intricate weaving. Geometric designs and flaming vibrant shades characterize these sarees that are also adorned with ethnic motifs. Jammu and Kashmir produces some of the best printed pure silk sarees in the country, which has many takers both in India and abroad. Karnataka is known for the popular Mysore silk sarees it has to offer. These sarees are beautifully decorated with zari borders and kasuti embroidery. The delicate Chanderi silk sarees from Madhya Pradesh are known for their subtle, soft shades and exquisite patterns. Sarees from Rajasthan are known for their vibrant shades and refined prints. West Bengal has a range of high quality silk sarees to offer, including the Baluchari, Kantha, Tangail and Batik variants.

India is the second largest producer and exporter of silk materials in the world. The types of silk that are produced here include Mulberry, Tasar, Eri and Muga. Out of these types, the Mulberry is the one that is most produced. The production of silk has increased over the last ten years, with a major portion of them being made into silk sarees. In fact, silk sarees from India has many takers in the international markets, including that of the European sector. Another important market for Indian silk sarees is USA. While periodical slumps have been noticed in the sales figures, the sales figures have improved significantly in the recent years. This makes silk sarees an important revenue earner for the Indian economy, as the orders for Indian silk sarees are on a steady rise in the recent years.

Indian Silk Sarees Available for Online Shopping
Indian Silk Sarees Available for Online Shopping

Silk and It's Worldwide Utility

Silk is one of the most valuable contributions of the nature. This has an incredibly very old history. This was utilized as early as 1725 BC., which is presumed to have been noticed by a Chinese princess and supported by the empress. It was pretty for a lengthy time the developing processes were unfamiliar to all till about 2500 to 3000 years BC. Japan is the main silk manufacturing and exporting country. No other material is as spongy as silk is and as such its fall on the body is also similar striking and sensual. It has different utilizes, from to Sarees to floor coverings, furnishings and stitching. The isothermal possessions of silk are the cause to keep hot in the winter and cool in summer. Its swarms of other features are the cause for its much require. Its power and excellence allow involved and elusive stitching and also to be utilized in operational theatres for sews. Silk is motionless admiration in Japan and is put into use by all. China exported silk to other countries at this time and there after it had been enlarged to other areas who have also studies the ability of developed silk for business intentions. Silk carpet creating was not a Chinese custom but it was born of wool weaving of nomadic tribes. The Kimno is the most significant Japanese clothes efforts with gap, broadly cut lose trousers. The colours utilized were given obscure scenery.

India also silk producing country and Indian Silk is world famous. In India silk is using mainly to produce silk sarees, other ladies garments, bed sheets, carpets and men garments. Indian Silk Sarees are world famous. Now anyone and from anywhere can buy Indian silk sarees through Online Shopping Store.

Worldwide Utility of Silk
Worldwide Utility of Silk


Indian Handloom Products in Kuwait

Kuwait, formally the State of Kuwait, is an Arab nation in Western Asia. Located in the northern border of Eastern Arabia at the lean of the Persian Gulf, it divides edges with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. As of 2013, Kuwait has a resident of 4 million citizens.

Kuwait has a petroleum-based market, petroleum and fertilizers are the major export goods. The Kuwaiti dinar is the maximum-valued exchange unit in the world. Kuwaiti ethnicity has been manipulated by the ethnicities of Arabia, Persia, India and Britain.

Indian Handloom and Handicraft products are very famous in Kuwait. Indian Silk Sarees are the main exportes item in Kuwait. Also other Indian handloom and handicraft products like Indian Cotton Sarees, Patachitra Sarees, Ladies Dress Materials, Handloom Cotton Shirts, Glass Paintings are also very famous in Kuwait.

Now people can buy Indian handloom and Handicraft products through online shopping store.

Indian Silk Sarees in Kuwait
Indian Silk Sarees in Kuwait

Indian Handloom Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Indian silk sarees are world famous and the quality of silk is also better than some other countries silk. Everywhere in the world Indian silk sarees are always welcome due to quality and also for it’s weaving styles. You can buy Indian silk sarees from anywhere in the world through online shopping store. There are number of Indian online shopping store are available. With good services. Following are the famous silk sarees of India:

  • Sambalpuri silk saree
  • Bomkai silk saree
  • Khandua silk saree
  • Nuapatna silk saree
  • Ikat silk saree
  • Sonepuri silk saree
  • Berhampuri silk saree
  • Patachitra Saree etc.
Famous Indian Silk Sarees
Famous Indian Silk Sarees

Durga Puja and Bengali

From the ancient age, Bengalies are directly related with Durga puja or Durgotsov. We all know that Bengalis have some parameters, with these parameters you can easily find the person Bengali or not. The parameters are:

1. A Bengali like fish (every where they try to find fish for their meal)

2. They are basically very polite and not want to enter other’s matter.

3. The Bengalies like ‘Alu posto and kolai dal’ in their meal.

4. Bengali always like occasions such as Durga puja, Laxmi puja, Kali puja etc. (that’s why some people tell about Bengali that, they 13 occasions in 12 months, in the Bengali language ‘baro mase tero parbon’).

Every year all the Bengalis celebrate season’s first puja called Durga puja. They buy new dresses and after wearing these they visit puja pandals to see the Goddess. For this reason in the market, you can find a number of shops, malls and also some online shopping store offer with their ranges of Durga puja collections. Bengalis are very much enthusiastic about the occasions. You can find a number of pujas celebrate by the Bengalis throughout the year.

Bengalis Celebrate Durga Puja
Bengalis Celebrate Durga Puja


Paithani Silk Saree – Online Saree Shopping

In India you can find latest designs of silk sarees, one of which is paithani silk saree. The name came from the Paithan town in Aurangabad Maharashtra state where they are woven by hand.

Paithani is symbolized by boundaries of a sloping square design, and a pallu with a peacock design. Simple as well as marked designs are present. Along with other varieties, solo coloured and multi-coloured designs are also famous. The kaleidoscopic product is completed by using one colour for weaving lengthwise and another for weaving widthwise.

Indian Silk Saree online shopping
Indian Silk Saree online shopping