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Why Indian politicians like to wear Indian traditional garments?

Traditional Indian garments have a great fan following even in today’s world when many people love to adorn themselves in western outfits. One of the main reasons for this is that the traditional Indian clothes are made of very light fabrics that feel good next to skin and keep the wearer comfortable in the tropical climate of our country. Moreover, numerous styles have of traditional Indian clothing has evolved over the years, which give people a wide range of options when it comes to wearing these clothes. Both men and women in India love to wear these clothes as they have an endearing appeal.

The history of traditional Indian clothing goes a long back but those that are worn in the modern times have only evolved during the British era. Even today, most of the politicians love wearing these traditional Indian clothes when it comes to their day to day lives. The mainstay of these traditional clothes has always been khadi. The khadi is a fabric that has been widely used in India for a long time to make a versatile piece of clothing that is warm during the winter months and cold during the summer months.

During the British era, the manufacturing of khadi was used by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as a sign of protest against the oppressive rule of the British forces. The British rulers used to obtain cotton from India at cheaper prices and then made clothes out of them from clothing mills in Britain. These clothes were brought back to our country and were sold at quite high prices. This enraged many people of that era and MK Gandhi started the khadi movement to promote self reliance in India and its villages. It also helped to boycott the foreign goods made by the British and was a chief element of Swadeshi Movement.

Traditional Nehru Style Jacket Online
Traditional Nehru Style Jacket Online

Over the years, the Khadi cloth and the garments made from them helped in developing a strong sense of nationality. Leading politicians of India preferred to wear clothes that were made out of these fabrics as it imbibed a strong sense of patriotism and self sufficiency. Most of the traditional Indian garments that were made out of this fabric came in colors such as white, cream, beige and other pastel shades. The color of white was particularly chosen as an unofficial hallmark for clothes that were worn by politicians in India. This is due to the fact that the color of white is universally accepted as the sign of purity. So when politicians used to wear white clothes that are made out of this fabric, they exuded an aura of purity, selflessness, sacrifice and goodness.

Apart from white, the traditional Indian clothes came in a number of other shades as well which were often worn with the white clothing items. These combinations came to be known as the standard for Indian politicians for all of these years. Over the time, new designs of clothes were added to the stack of existing ones which enhanced the dressing options of the politicians. While the popularity of khadi declined to some extent among the general population over the years, in the recent times there has been a strong surge of demand for these clothes even for non-politicians, thanks to some of the leading fashion designers and apparel houses of today.

With more number of brands coming forward to popularise the trend of traditional Indian clothing, one can say that their demand is only going to increase in the future. Traditional clothing in India also provides with an alternative for the general western clothing as they not only look great but also provide with much comfort.

Lehenga Style Sari are more liked by girls in current scenario

Lehenga Style Saris are very popular among girls in current scenario. Most of the young girls like to wear Lehenga Style Sari during marriage functions, parties and in other traditional functions or festivals. Best quality and beautiful designed saris are now available in huge quantity.

Lehenga Style Saris are very popular because these saris are very easy to wear and very beautifully designed. As in India most of the women wear saris during their day to day life, so many varieties of saris and different styles of draping are available in different places of India. Wearing a sari is a very difficult and time taking work.

Sonam Kapoor with a  Lehenga
Sonam Kapoor with a Lehenga

As Lehenga Style Saris are very easy to wear so these are very much liked by the girls those have very less time to spend on preparation for a party or function because Lehenga style sari is a form of ready-made sari that arose from the need of an artistic yet easy to wear party attire that very much helpful for the women and girls.

So girls more like Lehenga style saris rather than traditional saris and demand of these saris are very huge in Indian market. Different garment stores providing very beautiful designed Lehenga style saris with varieties of colours.

In Lehenga style saris various types of embroidery patterns are employed according Bagh, Chikan, Kashida, Kasuti, Kantha, Sozni, Shisha, Zardozi, etc. Those are gives girls a very attractive look and girls very much like that, young girls always like to look attractive and Lehenga style saris help them on it. So Lehenga style saris become very popular among the girls.

So girls want to buy different types of Lehenga style saris from different shops and also from online shopping stores. As online shopping stores makes available different varieties of Lehenga style saris so girls very much prefer to buy Lehenga style saris from online shopping stores.

Kota Sari for This Summer

Kota Sari is also known as Kota doria is one type of famous sari or garments. This sari or garments made at Kota, a place of Rajasthan and also in Muhammadabad Gohna, Mau in Uttar Pradesh. Also people nearby this area produce these kota saris. These kota Saris are made by pure cotton and silk. The theme of these saris is square like patterns known as khats. The khats design saris are very much liked by women in India and also in outer countries like USA, UK and others. The chequered weave designs of these kota saris are very much popular in all over the globe. These kota saris are very fine weaves saris and weigh of these saris are very less, so women prefer to wear these saris rather than others. Basically Kota saris are made by pure cotton and pure silk; we can assume these saris are very high quality saris. Because of the quality the kota saris create an unique identification for them.

Famous Kota Sarees
Famous Kota Sarees

The name of the sari is “kota sari” is because of the place where it was made. Actually kota sris are made at the city ‘Kota’ in Rajasthan state, in India. So people called these saris kota sari. These kota saris are very simple to worn, so most of the weavers weave these saris at home and supply to other cities for selling in markets. These saris are very appreciated as bridal saris.

These Kota Doria or kota saris are woven on a traditional pit loom, these are woven in such a way that it produces square checks pattern on the fabric. This gives a very attractive look to these saris. These checks are locally known as khats. So people say the theme of the sari is “khats”. They smear onion juice and rice paste with a lot of care into the yarn making the yarn so strong that no additional finishing is needed for these saris, so producing these saris are works of very skilful peoples or weavers.

So these are some things about famous kota sari of India.

Traditional dressing styles of European women

Dress or cloths are one of basic need for human beings. All human beings like to wear dress according to their tradition and culture. There are many different continents in our planet and in every continent having many countries with in it. Appearance of Peoples in different country is different according to their tradition and culture of their country. Different countries like India, China, London, Paris, America, Africa etc countries having their own culture and traditions and on the basics of that their cloths or dressing style are different.

In India men like to wear kurta, paijama types of traditional dresses and women like to wear different types of sarees and salwar kameez etc types of dress. Like India in other Asian countries having their own culture and traditions and according to that they love wear their traditional dresses.

Serbian Folk Dress: One of the Famous European Women's Dress
Serbian Folk Dress: One of the Famous European Women’s Dress

Like Asia in Europe also people like their dresses very much but dressing style of European peoples are quite different than Asian dressing styles. European countries like Paris, London, Italy and France etc are very reach countries and the peoples of these countries are very much conscious about their dressing style. These peoples always like wear good quality classic and stylish cloths. According to their culture and tradition they like to wear their traditional cloths also they like to wear good designs dresses of other countries. As example European people mostly in France and London these people very much like to wear Indian cloths. The Indian traditional dress like kurta, paijama, kamiz, and ladies dress like salwar suit, different types of saree etc are very much liked by the peoples of these European countries.

Now in these current days online shopping is very much helpful for the peoples who like to wear fashionable and stylish dress. Now people buy different designs and stylish traditional dresses in their home through online shopping sites. There are many online shopping sites providing these services. And the best thing is you can choose your liked dress and order that from your home you don’t need to go to the shop and purchase that from shop.

So now we can say that European peoples like to wear their traditional dress and also like to wear good stylish dress of other countries.