Why each state government should help tribal arts and crafts for revenue?

Indian civilization is one of the oldest in the world, and hence it is no surprise that this land is known for its long traditions of intricate beliefs and cultural practices. This country has thousands of years of cultural traditions which are rooted in the religious beliefs of the people residing in this part of the world. Such beliefs and practices have invariably shaped by the arts and crafts of this region. Indian arts and crafts are not only popular within this country but also in other parts of the world. This is due to the fact that the arts and crafts of India have a unique beauty and appeal that is difficult to ignore.

As different parts of India had their very own beliefs and cultural practices, it gave rise to different types of arts and crafts in the different regions of this country. Originally, most of these crafts were overseen by guilds that determined its basic operations. Among the various forms of arts and crafts that took precedence over the years are weaving, wall paintings, folk paintings, embroidery works, terracotta items, bags, jute items, home décor items and bronze casting items. Special techniques of coloring are used to create the paintings, and items such as embroidery works are made only with careful artistic precision. Other items, such as terracotta items, sculpture works and bronze casting items need a high level of understanding of one’s craft to come up with high quality results.

Dhokra Metal Crafts of India now online
Dhokra Metal Crafts of India now online

The different parts of this country are known for the specific forms of art and craft that have evolved over time in those regions. For instance, the Mithila paintings of Bihar are particularly known for their unmatched beauty and intricate usage of colors and motifs. This ancient form of painting has a mesmerizing effect on the observer, which is why it has acquired worldwide acclaim over the years. On the other hand, Gujarat is known for such works of art and craft like pottery, wood work, painting with needles, beadwork, Bandhani technique of saree making, needlework, metal work and jewelry work. Likewise, the state of Goa has also developed its own forms of art and craft that is known for their unique identity and appeal. Works such as terracotta, pottery, brass metal works, crochet work and embroidery work, paintings, fiber crafts, jute works, coconut mask carvings and sea shell crafts are some of the items that Goa is known for.

The tribal arts and crafts of India are the items that have their origins in the ethnic beliefs and practices of the region. These items are known for their ethereal beauty and unique appeal. These items are not only popular within India but also in other parts of the world as well. It is for this reason that the various state governments of India should take special steps so as to promote these arts and crafts. The tribal arts and crafts of India are not only a potential revenue earner for India but also foster a strong sense of independence among the various ethnic groups of the country. By promoting such arts and crafts and seeing that the artisans have everything that they need to make better quality of works, the governments of the various states of India can help in eradicating the issue of poverty among the artisans which is a major obstacle for them to produce more high quality works. When the artisans and craftsmen need to spend less amount of their revenue on buying raw materials, they can focus on producing more number of finished products that can in turn help them to enjoy greater financial success.