Famous indian handicrafts famous outside india

India have more than 20 states and our population in almost going to be highest in this world. In our country major work force work for agriculture, then handloom and handicraft.

Each state stands for some unique art and crafts, here are few of the famous arts which are loved by users around the world.

  • Glass Arts
  • Santhal Painting
  • Kalamkari Arts
  • Kangra Arts
  • Floral Arts
  • Jagdalpore arts
  • Sanji Arts
  • Patachitra
  • Pichhwai Painting
  • Shell Art
  • Dhokra metal work
Traditional hand painted Patachitra Art
Traditional hand painted Patachitra Art

Top 7 handicraft products customers love to buy online

India is a country where we have talent, resource, raw materials than any country in the world. We have a major portion of manpower who work for handloom and handicrafts in india.

India produce very alluring beautiful products in handicrafts and from them few are really worth to decorate your home or gift someone.

Top 7 handicraft products are:


  • Patachitra
  • Dhokras
  • Applique
  • Tarakasi or Philigree
  • Palmleaf engraving
  • Terracota
  • Chandua

Top women officers in indian army

Punita Arora is the first women in india to reach the position of Lieutenant General. Indian army is a huge organization with lot of responsibility which are not easy for a woman. She proudly drape sari as her uniform even in army and show india a traditional culture being a responsible human being.

She Proved that Indian women can do all jobs which men can do, and she shown a path to all women.  if you have passion you will do whatever you can. Salute to this brave beautiful lady. Thank You for making India Proud.

Punita Arora – First Woman General in Indian Army
Punita Arora – First Woman General in Indian Army

Top Ten Hindu Gods worshipped in India

Hindu’s do worship to more than thousands of god in many forms, each place have some history behind it. Even if you ask villagers they have different gods for each village, some do ganesh, some to durga, few Kali maa and many in the list.

Most Famous Gods are:

  1. Ganesh
  2. Shiva
  3. Vishnu
  4. Maa Kali
  5. Maa Durga
  6. Rama
  7. Hanuman
  8. Krishna
  9. Laxmi Maa
  10. Saraswati
Indian Gods
Indian Gods

For different God there are  different date in the year when their puja done with a lot of celebration. Devotees wear new dhoti, sarees, kurta, pyjamas and celebrate with family. Mumbai for Ganesh puja, Kolkata for durga puja, dhenkanal famous for laxmi puja.

Life of a Indian Girl Before and After Marriage

Which Phase of Life are you now ?  You are in Before or After.

This Story is of a girl who born in India in a very reserved family and how she learned life’s lesson after marriage.

Story Continue…………………..Keep on Reading

Life of an Indian Girl
Life of an Indian Girl

Accessories Needed By Each Indian Women

Woman is a gift of god to this world without him our universe may look different or survive. In Indian we love to dress women in all occasions and there are few items which complete beauty of a woman.

 List of accessories required for a women are:

  • Chudiyan
  • Mang ka tikka
  • Finger Ring
  • Toe Ring
  • Payal
  • Kamarbandh
  • Earring
  • Bindiya/ Sindoor
  • Mangalsutra
  • Nose Ring
  • saree
  • Innerwear
Accessories for Women
Accessories for Women

6 Points women should know when money needed in your Life

All of you must be saving few bucks each month for your future and planning a good life ahead of you. but there are few spots which can make you trouble if you have not managed your money wisely and save for these situations.

There is few point of time each woman must learn because men do spend and don’t have a brain for saving money.

  • Losing Job
  • Shopping for your daughter’s wedding
  • Natural Disasters like Phalian or Earthquake
  • Bankruptcy of Business
  • Death of Spouse
  • Child’s Education

We all should beware of all of these situations and live happily because no one knows when you face a bad time.

Money needed in your Life
Money needed in your Life

10 Fashion Magazine every women in India should read

Women creates and maintain this world. She has unlimited power to take care of us from giving bath, teaching, give us quality food to maintain our family and finance.

Each of the act is powerful. You all beautiful women need to share your stories and encourage each other to create and maintain this place. Each women need to read and read to grasp knowledge which indirectly help the society empowerment.

Here are few magazines each women in india must read and learn high street fashion and draping indian sarees:

  1. Femina
  2. Elle
  3. Marie Clarie
  4. Saheli
  5. Women’s Era
  6. Verve
  7. Cosmopolitan
  8. Savvy
  9. Vogue
  10. New Women
10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines
10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle magazines

Women should Learn Self Defence to be Safe in india

Women in India are not safe in either in home or outside. Some of them tortured in home because of dowry system in India and many facing rudeness from men dominated society whether in odisha or other states.

Daily you must come across these news  and it is there all most in all news channels if something happens. Recently many cases like this hit India but still there is no change in it.  Whether it is Anjana Mishra rape case in odisha or Delhi Rape case in 2012.

Even now workplaces are not safe for women, to be safe you have to learn techniques. Always be cautious and choose your companion wisely. There are some case where husband beat wife and this is common in India. You need to stop it by yourself, do your duty and be safe.

Every Women should learn Self Defence
Every Women should learn Self Defence

Non woven fabrics

Non woven fabrics are referred to those materials that consist of long fibres bonded together by mechanical, chemical or thermal treatment. Typically a part of the technical textile industry, non woven materials are gradually finding their use in other applications.

As the term suggests, non woven materials do not require weaving or knitting and also provide a scope for using recyclable raw materials. In fact, there are several non-woven materials that can be recycled themselves. This makes them a rather eco-friendly alternative to woven artificial materials.

High competition in the textile manufacturing industry has increased the demand for non-woven fabrics. From pillows and cushions to packaging, these materials are gaining popularity by the day.

In India, non-woven materials are gaining new grounds every day as sectors such as healthcare and hospitality begin to find new uses. A textile manufacturing and exporting unit based out of West Bengal, “We have seen phenomenal response for our non-woven materials in recent years and this is thanks to the growing awareness about the environment as well as sustainable manufacturing practices. Interestingly, nonwovens have made significant headways into home textile manufacturing and most players today are looking for safer and more efficient alternatives to woven fabrics. If we take into consideration the time, machinery and cost involved in manufacturing woven materials, nonwovens help reduce some of the aspects significantly.”

Non Woven Fabric
Non Woven Fabric

One major advantage of nonwovens is that the manufacturing process decides the absorbency, resilience, liquid repellence, softness, strength and other physical characteristics. This makes the engineered fabrics open to a world of new possibilities and innovation.

If we take a closer look at how the clothing manufacturing industry is poised presently, we notice that there is a massive scope for new age materials to make a mark. This is mainly because the growing raw material costs and the shortage of skilled labour have disturbed the demand-supply balance. Today the gap between technical and non-technical textile has blurred almost completely. The accessorizing trend along with a growing awareness about environment and life cycle of clothes has a brought about a change of perspective among designers, manufacturers and retailers alike.

Synthetic fibres replicating natural ones like silk and cotton have been around for a long time. However, the new age materials needs much more than just the same texture. The current global demand is for materials that are light, resilient, chemically safe and cost effective. Nonwovens qualify as a new age material irrespective of the fact that it has been around for a long time. This is because the nonwovens are finding their use in products where woven materials traditionally dominate

The technical side

 Before we delve deeper into the manufacturing process of nonwoven materials it is important to understand the basic behind the formation of the material. In all three forms of bonding of the fibres- thermal, mechanical or with adhesive, the fibres are arranged in the form of a mesh or in the form of a sheet.

REICOFIL machinery is one of the most popular technologies used in the manufacturing of nonwoven materials. Based on the manufacturing process nonwovens can be classified into the following categories:

  • Staple nonwovens
  • Spunlaid nonwovens
  • Air-laid paper

The manufacturing processes for each these are unique and so are the properties of the material.

As discussed earlier, nonwovens allow significantly more flexibility in terms of determining the physical properties of the material. Tweaks in the manufacturing processes and sometimes different machines are used in production of these materials.

Indian scenario

In India, nonwovens continue to be looked at as a technical textile that only has application at factories. However, home textiles made from nonwoven material have been significantly popular in urban India, thereby bringing the material closer to the customer. It is a matter of time before nonwoven materials carve a niche in the commercial textile market.

Published in the Apparel Magazine (CMAI)

Satya Nadella – Microsoft CEO – An Indian

Satya Nadella

Microsoft appointed new CEO of company on February 04, 2014. But the declaration was an eye opener for all tech lover and all Indian, because he is a boy who born in Hyderabad, studied in Manipal and now Microsoft’s CEO.

CEO from India
Satya – CEO – Microsoft

Marriage in India – A Study of Culture

Marriage or Vivaah in India is a tradition or sanskar of our society through which two human being, one man and woman legally authorized to stay together and share their body and mind.

As number of Love marriages are growing in India, you need to be sure your partner help and support you all the time.

Day by day way of marriage process got a new face. Previously a family madhyasti bring marriage proposals for boys and girls but now in a high-tech society we can choose matrimonial services like jeevansaathi or web services where simply you can find thousands of match by registered in the website.

Before the actual marriage date we need to have knowledge on marriage laws, marriage vows, how to get a marriage certificate as this is mandatory now in India, from whom you need advice about marriage – you can contact a counselor with your partner, be clear that no dowries involved in your wedding.

Marriage in India
Marriage in India

People started taking more seriousness now for the wedding photography. Even they gone far enough to select famous photographers who takes huge amount ranging from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs with travel and fooding. Everyone want to look like bollywood hero and heroines in their saree or wedding dress.

Different religion have different type of marriage rituals and dressing during the ceremony.

From last few years in India we have observed mass marriage where more than hundreds of couple tie knot in the same day which save cost for them. Generally these type of ceremony organized by NGOs. Some times these help in second marriage of people.

In modern society a new trend started as bachelor’s party, which is organized by the bride or groom with their friend group to celebrate last party as a bachelor.

Shopping for a marriage is exiting and fun. Now in India a new concept started where people hire a shopping assistant or personal shopper, who help them to choose perfect clothing like saree, blouse, salwar kameez, kurta, Punjabi or suits in best and affordable price.

Before the marriage a budget and list should be finalized for all ethic wear, silk saris, jewellery and clothing for whole family. Bomkai silk sarees in India are top in list for a bride’s shopping. Choosing color of dresses is a very important for a marriage.

Hope you like the article. Please comment more about marriage which we will sure add in the article.

Best of luck to all bachelors from our team to get a suitable partner very soon.