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The importance of Khadi in India

“Khadi” is not just a textile product in India, it is much more important for Indian people. This Khadi plays very important role in getting independence in India. Khadi is a whole movement started by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi at that time. The main air behind the production of the Khadi was to make India self-reliant on cloth production and be free from the high priced goods and clothes which the British were selling to Indian people. This idea of Mahatma Gandhi workers and causes very huge lose to British.

Khadi is also known as “khaddar”. In Bangladesh these are a very old history of Khadi or khaddar are present. Initially India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are only one country. First Pakistan was separated from India in 1947 and latter some years Bangladesh was separated from Pakistan, but these are many similar things are present in all countries. Khaddar is a well example of it. In all three countries may be it India, Bangladesh or Pakistan people like to wear khadi or khaddar in most of the times.

Traditional garment material Khadi
Traditional garment material Khadi

Khadi or Khaddar basically made with pure cotton so these products are very much comfortable for wearing. This is another important reason behind the popularity of khadi. Because of the simple design and comfortable nature Khadi or khaddar becomes very famous in all over the world and people like to wear the khaddar cloths very much.

Now days in India most of the politician wearing these khadi or khaddar cloths and it becomes the symbol of politician in India. Most of the politicians and their supporters in India like to wear khadi or khaddar cloths most of the times.

The khadi or khaddar cloths are now days available in huge amount in many online shopping stores. The online shopping stores provide many varieties of khadi or khaddar cloths in their online shopping site for consumers in all over the world.

So these are some gossips about the importance of kadhi or khaddar cloths in India.