Indian Handloom Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Indian silk sarees are world famous and the quality of silk is also better than some other countries silk. Everywhere in the world Indian silk sarees are always welcome due to quality and also for it’s weaving styles. You can buy Indian silk sarees from anywhere in the world through online shopping store. There are number of Indian online shopping store are available. With good services. Following are the famous silk sarees of India:

  • Sambalpuri silk saree
  • Bomkai silk saree
  • Khandua silk saree
  • Nuapatna silk saree
  • Ikat silk saree
  • Sonepuri silk saree
  • Berhampuri silk saree
  • Patachitra Saree etc.
Famous Indian Silk Sarees
Famous Indian Silk Sarees

Wear traditional khandua silk saree on janmastami festival.

In India janmastami festival celebrate in great pomp, on this special day  women’s wear the traditional khandua silk sarees and men’s wear the kurta on this festival. People wear the new dresses from the starting festival to the mid night on that day.  The main view is Dahi Handi festival in which the man wears the white kurta or yellow kurta .The temple pujari wears the cotton dhoti on that day.

Khandua Silk saree
Khandua Silk saree


On janmastami festival lord jagannath, lord Balabhadra, Godess Shubhadra wears traditional silk sarees. temple border design sarees also give a unique look on the festival day. Try to buy the handloom silk sarees from several online stores. Only online shopping helps to buy the traditional silk sarees from several stores.

Veshas of Lord Jagannath in puri temple.

Every people knows odisha is famous for puri temple and konark temple. In puri temple the costumes of lord jagannath symbolize various culture and religious in the shrine. Everyday morning to night the deities wear the silk fabric or cotton fabric on the ratnavedi. There are twenty five  veshas of lord jagannath.


Lord jagannath wears the yellow silk saree called patabastra(khandua silk) saree. Lord Balabhadra wears the green silk fabric called Nilapatabastra. Goddess Shubhadra wears the red silk saree called redpatabastra. The diffrent types of veshas are

– Raja Rajeswar vesha

– Ada khia vesha

– Laxmi Narayan vesha

– Bankachuda vesha

– Laxmi Nrusingh vesha

– Radha Damodar vesha

– Chandanlagi vesha

– Badasinghar vesha

– Krishna Balaram vesha

– Abhisekh vesha

– Chacheri vesha

– Bali baman vesha

– Shradha vesha

– Kaliya Dalana vesha

– Suna vesha

– Pralambasura Badha vesha

– Nagarjuna vesha

– Sada vesha

– Raghunath vesha

– Rukmini Haran vesha

– Navayoban vesha

– Chitalagi Amabasya vesha

– Banabhoji vesha

– Harihara vesha

– Gaja Udhharan vesha

In every vesha the dieties wear the traditional silk saree costumes. You can get these types of silk sarees from handloom online shopping. Try the khandua silk sarees of odisha.