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Devkunda Waterfalls is a perfect tourism place

It is a beautiful temple which is located  near Devakunda. Devi Ambika(Goddess Durga) Temple is a temple which can motivate every devotees and tourism. It is coverd by great waterfalls and den forest. This temple is built in 1940 by Royal Dynasty of Mayurbhanj.  In Devakunda Large fishes comes closer and eats food offered by the devotees or tourism.On this place because fishing is prohibited because this place is considered as the Goddess’ durga place. 


Top 7 handicraft products customers love to buy online

India is a country where we have talent, resource, raw materials than any country in the world. We have a major portion of manpower who work for handloom and handicrafts in india.

India produce very alluring beautiful products in handicrafts and from them few are really worth to decorate your home or gift someone.

Top 7 handicraft products are:


  • Patachitra
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  • Palmleaf engraving
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  • Chandua

Devkund waterfalls of odisha.

Devkund means the bathtub of gods and goddesses, it is situated at a distance of 60 km from baripada. There is a beautiful temple located near to the devkund waterfalls called Ambika Temple. Devi Ambika(part of goddess durga) temple is such a temple which can attracts every visitors. It is surrounded by a great waterfalls and thick forests.


The Ambika  temple was built by royal dynasty of mayurbhanj in 1940. On Durga pujo festivals Maa Ambika celebrate for nine days with a great pomp, specially women’s offers the puja for nine days called Navaratri. On Navaratri festivals women’s wear the new traditional silk saree and offers the puja to maa with a great devotee. Peoples give the new saree to Ambika Maa at the time of dusshera festivals for the well wishes of their home. For dusshera festivals people buy various design’s of silk saree from several online shopping stores.

The most interesting scene is that in devkund waterfalls large fish was there and they come closer to eat the prasad from your hand. Visit to odisha at the time of dusshera festivals. One more interesting is that there are colorful butterflies and bird’s are moving all around.

To visit this temple you can go through by bus or train. This place is perfect for picnic spot, sight seeing etc.




Veshas of Lord Jagannath in puri temple.

Every people knows odisha is famous for puri temple and konark temple. In puri temple the costumes of lord jagannath symbolize various culture and religious in the shrine. Everyday morning to night the deities wear the silk fabric or cotton fabric on the ratnavedi. There are twenty five  veshas of lord jagannath.


Lord jagannath wears the yellow silk saree called patabastra(khandua silk) saree. Lord Balabhadra wears the green silk fabric called Nilapatabastra. Goddess Shubhadra wears the red silk saree called redpatabastra. The diffrent types of veshas are

– Raja Rajeswar vesha

– Ada khia vesha

– Laxmi Narayan vesha

– Bankachuda vesha

– Laxmi Nrusingh vesha

– Radha Damodar vesha

– Chandanlagi vesha

– Badasinghar vesha

– Krishna Balaram vesha

– Abhisekh vesha

– Chacheri vesha

– Bali baman vesha

– Shradha vesha

– Kaliya Dalana vesha

– Suna vesha

– Pralambasura Badha vesha

– Nagarjuna vesha

– Sada vesha

– Raghunath vesha

– Rukmini Haran vesha

– Navayoban vesha

– Chitalagi Amabasya vesha

– Banabhoji vesha

– Harihara vesha

– Gaja Udhharan vesha

In every vesha the dieties wear the traditional silk saree costumes. You can get these types of silk sarees from handloom online shopping. Try the khandua silk sarees of odisha.

Odisha Saree famous in Indian Television

In Indian Television the famous soap opera ” saraswatichandra” is currently shown in Star Plus and in DD National. This is the story based on Gujurati Novel. In this Gujurati family the kumud mother’s wear the handloom cotton sarees of odisha and looks so beauty with a perfect Indian women. Now in the modern days the Actress loves to wear handloom sarees.

Odisha Saree and Indian Television
Odisha Saree and Indian Television


If you want these types of cotton sarees then try to buy from several online shopping stores. These types of cotton sarees gives you too much comfort in summer.


Padmasini Temple of Padampur | Odisha Tourism |Travel | Places to See

At a distance of 70 Kms. from Jharsuguda, there is Hirakud reservoir on the left side of village Bhikampali.  Just at the point where the river Mahanadi leaves the than Madhya predesh and enters Orissa to pour in to the Hirakud reservoir, there was once a town called as “Padampur”.  The famous Sanskrit dramatist “Bhabahbhoti” was believed to be born here. Moreover, it is said that “Bajrajan’ Tantra marg of Buddhism took origin here.

Goddess Padmasini is the reigning deity of this town. The temple of “Padmashini’ was constructed in 7th century A.D. by a Chalukya king of South.  However the original temple had met decay and was believed to be reconstructed by the Chouhan king of Sambalpur in 16th century.  A look at the “Jagmohan’ of original temple reveals striking resemblance with architecture of the Chalukya era.

Padampur Odisha
Padampur Odisha

Even the stone statue of goddess Padmasini bears striking similarities with the style of the Chalukya period.  In the whole Orissa Padmasini Temple is a unique example of Chalukya art and architecture.  In 1956 Padampur town was submerged in Hirakud reservoir, but the deity has been shifted to a new temple at nearby ‘Pujaripali’.

Who had constructed the temple in the 7th century puzzles many historian & researchers often.

Tulasi Khetra – Kendrapada – Odisha |Tourism | Travel | Shopping

Kendrapada is one of the five holy Kshetras of Odisha. It houses the temple of Lord Baladeva Jeu in the heart of this Kshetra. The same rites and rituals of Lord Jagannath at Puri are generally followed here which makes Kendrapara equally attractive. It is only 95 Km away from the state capital Bhubaneswar. Literature like Brahama. Tantra written by Vedavyas and Padma Puran speak the glory of this place…

Baladev Jew Temple is situated in Ichhapur (Tulasi Khetra)
Baladev Jew Temple is situated in Ichhapur (Tulasi Khetra)

Balaram Temple, Dhenkanal, Odisha

Dhenkanal known as a religious plac beacuse of lord Shiva at Kapilash, Joranda for mahima Gadi, saptasajya and many small matha and temples. We have another place to visit which is located in Dhenkanal town. Balaram Temple(Mandira) our lord of city. People of odisha believe this as the home of Balaram and during rathayatra even ratha first pulled here then at Puri.

In Your next visit sure visit here.

Nearest places to visit: Rajmahal, IIMC and Science Centre

Balaram Temple
Balaram Temple

Saptasajya – Dhenkanal – A Place to visit in Odisha

Saptasajya is a place which named after 7 munni rusi. The area surrouned with greenery and temples, which is a place you can spend a whole day with your family and friends. While going to top of hill, you will come across few beautiful gaderns and ashrams.

Finding way to Saptasajya is not a hard task, from the high way take the road towards sankarpur or famous village for Dhokras crafts Sadeibereni, you will find it exactly after 8 kms. Enjoy.

Saptasajya, Dhenkanal, Odisha
Saptasajya, Dhenkanal, Odisha