Reasons why modern women prefer buying unstitched churidar suits online

Buying clothes today do not require a modern woman to step out of home or workplace. A mobile app or a website that sells clothes online has made the task easier for each of these women who believe in the power of digital world and saving time. For women who wear churidar or salwar kameez regularly are now preferring to buy unstitched churidar suits online owing to the many benefits that it provides.

When it comes to counting the benefits of buying unstitched churidar suits online, the list can be big. The first and main advantage of an unstitched churidar suit is that they are purchased before they are stitched. This gives any woman or the designer and the tailor to think of innovative ways of stitching the material and as per the comfort of the wearer. The kurta can be made of the certain length with the churidar being a perfect fit to the user. Many a times, it has been noticed that the churidar does not fit the user properly. However, this problem becomes negligible when a tailor stitches the set as per the measurements. The scarf or the dupatta can be customised if different additional materials are stitched on it.

The unstitched churidar suits can be utilised for making both salwar kameez suits as well as churidar sets. The flexibility of using the unstitched materials helps in making tailor fit dress using other materials as well. The material of the churidar can be replaced with other materials to create a mix and match set. If the suit is being designed by a professional designer, she or he can recommend using different materials to add value to the existing unstitched churidar suit or use the existing materials to create different sets of suits that can be used separately.

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It is true that once a particular design or neckline is in fashion, almost everyone wears the same design or the ready to wear sets are available in the same design. However, it is important to understand whether the same suits everyone or not. This can be solved if the unstitched set is designed based on an improvisation of the popular designs. Neckline designs such as square, collar neck, boat, halter, cowl and keyhole designs can be used after it is improvised or altered based on the overall design and material of the churidar set. The same can be applied for the sleeves. The sleeves can vary in length (half or full), puffed or strap sleeves. The three quartered sleeves looks good on almost every hand type and can be designed to different manners to enhance the overall design of the kameez. For the working women, the corporate look with a collar neck and slim fit can be stitched with three quartered sleeves. For the students and the younger women, they can choose a casual fit, short length and half or puffed sleeves.

Usually, the unstitched churidar suits are available in combination sets. However, materials can be changed based on the design and the preferences of the user. A variety of materials such as cotton, chanderi, satin, Bhagalpuri or silk along with faux georgette, chiffon, brasso and crepe are available. Since the material of the unstitched churidar set is important, it becomes easier for women to choose from the materials that they are comfortable wearing.

For modern women who wear salwar kameez or churidar regularly, the preferences of buying an unstitched churidar suits online is high. The advantage is that these women are offered a plethora of designs in different materials in different colours. The online retailers put up the best available options with the other options in the suggestions section. These websites also offer options of accessories that can be worn with the churidar set.

Always Stay Updated with Online Fashion Shopping

The best way to stay updated with the latest fashion trends is by online fashion shopping. Not all stores keep the outfits that are of latest fashion but when you shop online, you will get to know what is in and what is out. Ever since, online shopping has become popular in India, the fashion market has developed in leaps and bounds. And in less than a decade, the number of fashion websites are increasing. When credit and debit cards were the only payment options, women, especially the housewives were sceptic about online shopping. But with net banking and cash on delivery options, women at home have become pro of online shopping giving this industry a major boost.

Whether you want to know about the latest fabric of the season or pattern of the salwar suits, visit any fashion website. Sort the items as per featured in the site and you will get the latest fashion suits or any dress material. Online fashion shopping was never so easy. These websites are the best way out to stay up to date with latest trends. Best part is that you can also get these outfits for really reasonable price which is not possible if you go shopping in malls and markets.

When we say online fashion shopping, we are restricted to dress materials and clothings only. Fashion means accessories, shoes or cosmetics as well. If you are sporting an Anarkali suit without proper jewelleries, shoes and make up, your look will not be a complete one. It is these websites that can help you know how to make your look complete. Usually Anarkali suits are premium dress wears they go well with heavy earrings and neckline becomes the necklace. Traditional make up goes well with this look. The limit which should not be crossed to get over board with dressing should be known very well.

Fashion Shopping

You can also take help of fashion magazines to know about the trends but to access these fashionable clothing you will have to go online. Online fashion shopping is so simple and easy. Visit a reliable website, go to the section you want to know about, select an item, and make the payment. It is even easier than you think of. And when you want to stay tune with the current fashion trends, browse through the latest added ones. You will know what is hit this season and what can help you grab all the eyeballs in any party or get together. It does not have to be something flashy or expensive. Online fashion shopping can be soothing for the pocket too. And this is where online stores differentiate themselves from all other modes of shopping as well as among themselves. You have to keep your eyes open to know when the sales are on so that you can buy fashionable apparel with a dirt cheap price tag. What could be more fulfilling for some fashionista like you other than having dresses of latest fashion and prices of yesteryears?

Everyone wants to enjoy the limelight but it is enjoyable only when the attention is for right reasons. Fashion faux pas is a very common where you find yourself on wrong side of the fashion. This is why it is very important to have idea of the trending fashion. With online fashion shopping, there can be no mistakes as most of the websites do not keep out of fashion dresses, and you end up having something fashionable or something of eternal fashion that never goes wrong. So, even if you don’t intend to buy anything, don’t hesitate in browsing through the outfits, as if window shopping. This will help you stay updated with the latest trends.

Six Places You Must Visit in India to Find Best Handloom Fabrics and Products

Hand loom Fabrics and Product are made all major parts of India. We can find in Orissa, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka etc. Each State has its uniqueness in fabric and designs.

Places and Famous Silks

  • Orissa Khandua Pata, Nuapatna– Khandua is famous design of Odisha’s weavers. Weaver groups of Maniabandha and Nuapatna of Cuttack conventionally unite this kind of pata designs. All through the rule of Gajapati Maharaj Handloom Sarees are prepared and transported to Jagannath Temple, PURI. Paramananda Patanaik, the king Nilakantha Deva was presented khandua sari made of one piece of khandua silk called caukandika. Khandua is usually red or orange in paint. The red color is arranged obviously from the shorea Robusta. The handloom design motif has an lucky elephant that represents Buddha enclosed by sprawling vine with peacocks in it, a large many petaled flower, a unique Odishian animal called Nabagunjara, a deula kumbha. The elephant in Khandua ikat from Nuapatna, Tigiria frequently vary from elephant motives in ikat from Sambalpuri saree as well as ikat from other parts of Odisha. Best handloom fabrics in Khandua has plain boundaries in opposite to margins with motifs in case of the other ikat of Odisha.
Indian Handloom Products
Indian Handloom Products
  • Madhya Pradesh is famous for Chanderi –Chanderi Sareeis one of the best-known handloom Saree designs in India, It is mainly famous for its sarees prepared in the company of silk and cotton. Chanderi is located in the Ashok nagar, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Varanasi – It is famous and known as Banarasi Sarees through out India.
  • Mysore – Mysore is the residence of the well-known Indian womanly wear, the Mysore silk saree. Mysore Silk is a brand for the silk sarees created by Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation. The unique characteristic of this saree is the tradition of mixing pure silk and 100% pure gold zari (a golden colored thread containing 65% of silver and 0.65% of gold).
  • Sonepur Pata, Odisha – Sonepur fabric villages are approximately around the temple town Sonepur. They have the various silk, tassar weaving work and the products.
  • Assam Silk –Muga silk is the creation of the silkworm Antheraea assamensis endemic to Assam. The larvae of these moths feed on som (Machilus bombycina) and sualu (Litsaea polyantha) leaves. The silk formed is identified for its slick fine quality and robustness. Due to its low porosity the Muga yarn cannot be bleached or dyed and its natural golden color is retained. This silk can be hand-washed with its lustre rising after every clean. Very frequently the silk outlive its proprietor.

Italian Fashion and Fasshion Brands

Italy is one of the foremost countries in fashion design, beside others such as France, USA, Great Britain, Germany and Japan. Fashion has constantly been an essential part of the country’s cultural life and civilization, and Italians are famous for their awareness of clothing-up well.

Italian design became famous during the 11th–16th centuries, when creative improvement in Italy was at its acme. In 2009, according to the Global Language Monitor, Milan, Italy’s centre of design, was positioned the top fashion capital of the world, and Rome was positioned 4th, and, although both cities fell down places in succeeding rankings, in 2011, Florence entered as the 31st world fashion capital. Milan is usually think to be one of the “big four” world fashion capitals, along with New York City, Paris, and London; rarely, the “big five” also contains Rome.

Examples of main Italian fashion houses centred on both menswear and womenswear, but also accessories, are: Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Roberto Cavalli, Brunello Cucinelli, Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2, Etro, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, La Perla, Loro Piana, Marni, Missoni, Moncler, Moschino, Prada, Ermanno Scervino, Trussardi, Valentino, Versace and Tod’s  to name a few.

Italian Fashion
Italian Fashion

Ladies Dress Materials for Salwar Online Shopping

Every woman in Asia love to wear Salwar kameez. It’s a two piece ladies wear. It’s easy to wear anytime anywhere and with this women can cover all body parts. Also it is ideal for those women who are driving two wheelers or four wheelers. Also they can use this dress in their workplaces like offices, schools and colleges etc. 

It’s the only ladies wear that anyone at any age group of ladies can wear this.  You can make your salwar after buying salwar suit pieces or any type of ladies dress materials. Now you can buy your desired ladies dress materials through Online Shopping Store also.

Ladies Dress Materials Online Shopping
Ladies Dress Materials Online Shopping