Handloom Nightwear for Ladies at Online Shopping

Handloom cotton garments always gives you comfort and 100% satisfaction of your shopping. Now Odisha Saree Store’s special additions is ladies cotton nightwear. It’s a handloom product and made with pure cotton yarn. Handloom cotton nightwear available with great designs and colorful variations. Take a look:

Cotton Handloom Ladies Nightwear
Cotton Handloom Ladies Nightwear

Handloom Cotton Shirts Online Shopping

Handloom cotton shirts of Sambalpur are very famous. It’s fabricated with pure cotton that’s why after wearing it men can feel a big comfort and because it is half sleeves for this easy to wear. Sambalpur situated in Odisha, and number of weavers always trying to create unique designs of handloom cotton shirt. Now people can find this type of shirts also in online shopping store.

Handloom Cotton Shirt
Handloom Cotton Shirt

The rapidly evolving online shopping industry

A unique dilemma that has emerged due to the rise of online shopping is deciding whether to shop online or offline during the festive season. While there are obvious advantages of shopping online, most of us feel inevitably lazy this season and end up deciding on who to gift and what at the very last moment. This eleventh hour scurrying to shop does add to the flavour of the festive season but if your wallet is the one getting empty, it is time you reconsider this whole scenario.

Ecommerce players have understood that you need to plan your shopping better. They have realised through state of the art analytics how you are shopping or checking out products online. Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, sets the benchmark when it comes to planned shopping. Their ‘Wishlist’ facility is a unique feature, though we are sure a number of sites will soon be launching something similar, which allows users to list the products that they might want to purchase later. This list is accessible to the user’s friends helping them understand what he/she wants to buy. With the urge to share more and more things through apps, emails, social media and an exponentially increasing number of platforms, this facility taps into two of the most basic instincts of the modern shopper- consumerism and acknowledgement.

Online Shopping in India

While Amazon revolutionises online shopping with new facilities, players across the industry are improvising and innovating in new ways to draw in consumers. We are witnessing a new wave of social media advertising that no longer focuses on the brand or the product and takes a whole new community level approach. The typical matrices such as unique visitor count and bounce rates are no longer as relevant as before and more and more companies are calculating the stickiness of their pages, the engagement levels and even monitoring navigation habits within the site to understand what appeals the most. Translating this into sales for the company is no longer the biggest priority as it is almost taken for granted that the brand that consumers can connect to is the brand that consumers are most likely to purchase from.

At Odisha Saree Store, we are at a nascent stage of building consumer loyalty and are constantly evolving as a brand in a niche market. Our in-depth research and competitor analysis enables us to deliver products that not just satisfy our customers but achieve the higher goal of facilitating business for the underprivileged handloom owners, craftsmen and weavers in the remote corners of the country. We strive to create campaigns that spread awareness and inspire buyers rather than pushing our sales figures up. We understand this is the most sustainable business strategy.