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How to save traditional famous Indian Patachitra art from demolishing in this 21 century

For hundreds of years, India has been known for its traditions of art forms that have reflected the ideas and belief system of its cultural and folk practices. Over time, these art forms came to be featured in the realm of tradition Indian fashion items and decorative pieces. Among the many forms of art that have been practiced in India for hundreds and thousands of years, one of the forms that deserve special mention is the Patachitra art. The Patachitra is a form of traditional painting that has its roots in the culture and beliefs of Odisha. Noted for its fine detailing and intricacy, Patachitra art has a mesmerizing quality that makes each and every piece of work extremely beautiful.

The Patachitra art is known for its depiction of motifs and concepts that are derived from Hindu mythology, particularly the cult of the gods Jagannath and Vaishnava. All the colors that are used in these paintings are derived from natural sources and the paintings themselves are made in completely traditional ways that were once followed by the earliest chitrakaras. The Patachitra art is among the oldest and the most revered forms of painting or artwork that is still practiced Odisha. Its name “Patachitra” has been derived from the Sanskrit terms “pata” which means canvas, and “chitra” which means picture. Hence Patachitra art can be defined as a form of painting that is done on canvas. The application of rich colorful shades, highly creative designs and motifs, and depiction of simple themes taken from mythological sources make Patachitra art unique in its own way.

Indian Traditional Patachitra Art on Sarees
Indian Traditional Patachitra Art on Sarees

Patachitra art has been traditionally held in high esteem when it comes to the cultural and religious belief systems of Odisha. Among the various forms of art that have been practiced in Odisha for a long time, the Patachitra art is particularly revered due to its strong association with the holy temple of Puri. A gauze-like fine quality cotton cloth is used to create the paintings. It is coated with a specially prepared solution of chalk, gum and powdered tamarind seed which is then subsequently smoothened. These paintings are primarily executed in profile with elongated eyes created within a richly made floral border. In some cases, landscapes and scenes are depicted in the artwork as well, and major religious characters are juxtaposed together as well. Quite often, scenes of Puri temple and Ramayana and Mahabharata epics are featured in these paintings. Some of the most widely featured images include that of Lord Jagannath, along with his brother Balaram and sister Subhadra.

While it is true that the traditions of famous Indian Patachitra art have stood the test of time over hundreds of years, in the recent decades there has been a downward spiral with less profits being made in this area. One of the main reasons for which the traditional Patachitra art is believed to be in decline is that the artists find it difficult to make their daily ends meet and so they need to find other professions with more lucrative returns. The system of trading that has been in practice for a long time enables the middlemen to take away most of the earnings, and it is due to this reason that the younger painters are less inclined to carry on with the trade of their forefathers. While it is true that the government and many non-governmental sources are trying to revive this art, what is now needed is a way in which the middlemen can be bypassed and the artists can earn from their work directly. A good way to do so is to sell Patachitra art through online stores, and major moves are being carried out in this direction.

Indian Handicrafts and the Handicraft workers

India is a country of arts and crafts; many different varieties of arts and crafts are present in different parts of the country India.  From thousands of years people of India are manufacturing very attractive and beautiful house hold and home decoration products by using very simple things. These decorative products are called handicrafts.

In India different cultures and traditions are present at different states and districts of the country. In each place the crafts are differs from each other. According to local area menace the climate, culture of the peoples, likes and dislikes of the people, availability of products these all things affects the crafts design and style.

In India these are many communities like Hindu, Muslim and others are present and also the different states are different in language and leaving style of people. All these things affect the crafts culture of India.

Indian handloom and handicrafts workers
Handicrafts workers in India

Making or producing handicrafts product is a very complex and hardworking process. The handicraft workers only use their hands or very simple handmade tolls to create handicraft products. So this process takes very long time and hard labour to produce small amount of products.

So the handicraft weaver’s gets very less profit because they produce very less amount of products and also in very less price they need to sell them, so day by day the famous handicraft culture of India reducing, so now days the handicraft workers focusing on other types of jobs to earn more money to fulfil the requirements of their families.

But still some people are present in different villages of India those are producing handicraft products to protect and keep alive their traditional culture of handicraft manufacturing.

Now because of online shopping and increasing in awareness of people about handicrafts, the condition of Indian handicraft industry increasing day by day. The India handicraft product now exported to different countries in all over the world and the handicraft workers getting better earning and better life style.

South Indian Handicraft products and online shopping

The region South India is consist of from the area encompassing India’s states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry. These states and territories are situated at the south part of the county India.

In this region these are many natural beautiful places are present and the peoples of these regions are very artistic and produces many beautiful handicraft products by using very simple things.

The handicraft art of south India is influenced by different cultures like Muslim, British and French etc. During time many cultures are coming to this place and bring their culture and art with them. People of south India adopts those art and culture in well manner and mixed their own art with other and created very unique and beautiful handicraft products.

South Indian handicraft
South Indian handicraft

People in all over the world like the handicraft products of south India very much, every where people want to buy the south Indian handicraft products very much. So the demand of the south Indian handicraft products is very much in international market. Due to the huge demand many Indian people doing the exporting work of the handicraft products from India to many different countries.

But online shopping is such a technique that allows peoples of different countries to purchase handicraft products of south India in a very easy and better way.

On online shopping people get many varieties of products in less cost, also online shopping allows people to buy their liked products by sitting at home, they don’t need to go shop to shop and facing heavy traffic and not facing other difficulties of shopping they easily buy from online shopping stores website just by sitting at their home. So this is very helpful for people to buy a handicraft product of south India or any other product.

Importance of Handicrafts sector in India

In India the Handicrafts Sector is very important and it plays a significant role in the country’s economic condition. As in India most many people are working on handicraft field, so their families are depending on it for surviving. These are many types of traditional handicraft art forms are present in different parts of India from ancient days and still people working very hard on this field.

Handicraft sector increases India’s name in all over the world. People everywhere like the Indian handicrafts and in the field of arts and culture the position of India increases due to the handicraft industry. So from this point of view handicraft sector is very important in India.

Indian handicrafts available online
Indian handicrafts available online

Another important thing is India is a big country with huge population, so providing employment to all peoples is a very difficult task. Handicraft sector is very helpful in these situations. It provides employment to a vast segment of craft persons in different rural and semi urban places of India and also very helpful in generating substantial foreign exchange of the country, also preserving the cultural heritage of the country, so it is very important sector for the country India.

Handicraft sector also very helpful in developing the local infrastructure of Indian rural and semi-urban places, due to the handicraft products people are visiting to that place and day by day the local infrastructure develops.

Now day’s Indian handicrafts are very much popular in all over the world and it brings frozen money to the country that increases the economic status of India. Due to this Indian government also paying very much attention on handicraft sector and promoting it.

Online shopping is also plays an important role in development of handicraft industry of India by increasing availability of Indian handloom and handicraft products in all over the world.

So these are some things about importance of handicrafts sector in India.

Indian handicraft exporters and their working procedure

Online shopping stores are now days very much popular among peoples in all over the globe. And day by bay the popularity of online shopping sites are increasing due to various benefits provided by it.

Handicrafts products of India are very much famous in various countries, people in different countries like Indian handicraft products very much and always try to collect them. So many Indian people work as exporter of the Indian handicraft products, but this job is not much easier. The work procedure of a handicraft exporter is very tiring and risky process.

Working procedure of a handicraft products exporter:

At first an exporter need to collect some knowledge about handicrafts i.e. about the handicrafts popularity, about the workers who are making it, about the place where it was produced, about the demand of the handicraft product in market etc other things.

Exporter of Handcrafted Patachitra Saree
Exporter of Handcrafted Patachitra Saree

After that the exporter need analyze all data and select best products for exporting which makes them more profitable. After selecting the handicraft products those they want to export, they need to collect these products from different places from where the handicraft products are manufactured. Most of the handicraft products are produced at villages, which are situates at far distance from cities.

The Indian handicrafts products are produced by traditional procedure by some peoples of a specific community. These are many types of communities are present in India and all community have their own special types of handicraft products, those are produced by a traditional procedure by some skilled full artist.

After collecting the products from villages the exporters need to bring them to cities from where they pack these products in a attractive way and send them to different countries markets. Before sending any products to any country it is very much important to get know that which product are likes by the peoples of that country i.e. which products are in demand in that country. After that the exporters need to communicate with some local shops in those countries, who are receive the handicraft products and sell them to customers.

So from the above discussion we observe that the working procedure of a handicraft exporter are not easy, it is very difficult as well as risky also, but still Indian exporters are doing the exporting work which makes beneficial to handicraft workers, consumers who are purchasing and also to the economy of our country. So we can say that these exporters are doing a great job.

Famous Handicrafts of Odisha

Odisha is a state of arts and culture, these are many art forms are available from ancient days. Some of the handicrafts of Odisha are Appliqué work, Brass and bell metal, silver filigree and stone carving. Other forms include Lacquer, and tribal combs, handlooms and wood and traditional stone carving and many more other handicrafts.  Handicraft art is almost in every part of Odisha are available. The whole stretch of Odisha has an exquisite line of beautiful handicrafts. And each piece of that handicraft designed art tells us a story about the art and culture of Odisha. It also states the story that is similar like a documentary of whole Odisha, I.e. from the North Odisha to the Southern Part, from the easternmost region to the westernmost region.

But most famous arts of Odisha are: Dhokra art, silver art, pattachitra, Golden Grass work, art etc.

Dhokra art:  this art can be made by mere alloy of brass and bell metal. Indian artist create very good pieces of product. These are mainly made in Khurda, Puri, Dhenkanal and Ganjam districts of Odisha state. The Dhokra art generally symbolizes folk culture and requires a lot of patience. These art pieces of dhokra art are liked by peoples in all over the world.

Golden Grass work: Another piece of beautiful art is golden grass work.  The golden yellow baskets, boxes or coasters are the products of this art, Golden grass products are extremely loved amongst all the people in all over the globe. Sometimes the artisans come up with brilliant designs with this grass which makes them a ‘must have’ for the perfect ethnic look for your home.

Patachitra Saree of Raghurajpur Available Online
Patachitra Saree of Raghurajpur Available Online

Horn Works: horn work is very beautiful and important art form in Odisha. These are mainly produced in Parlakhemundi, these are exquisitely designed artifacts made up of animal horns. The inception of this art has been more than a century ago and its popularity have only grown year after year. Many utility as well as decorative things are made in this form and mostly the finished products look very beautiful.

Pattachitra Painting: Pattachitra art or pattachitra paintings are very much liked by peoples of Odisha. The stories of Hindu gods are painted on silk are known as pattachita painting. This unparalleled work of beauty is famous and is produced largely from a village called Raghurajpur,near Puri.  This Raghurajpur is an arts village. Now days people from all over the world coming to this place and this becomes a tourist place.

Palm leaf Art: This is another beautiful art of Odisha, it still practiced in some parts of Odisha. The ‘jataks’ or the destiny papers are made up of this and are preserved for generations. Many more utility products are actually etched in palm leaf and shown as a skilled man’s flawless talent! It is one of our oldest traditional arts of Odisha.

So these are some beautiful arts and handicrafts of Odisha.

“Mr. Bhaskar Mohapatra” real Pattachitra artist of Odisha

“Pattachitra art” is a very famous art in Odisha, India. Pattachitra art is basically a traditional, cloth-based scroll painting. The name “Pattachitra” is a combination of two Sanskrit words, “Patta” and “Chitra”. In the Sanskrit language, “Patta” literally means “cloth” and “Chitra” means “picture”. So combining these two words, the painting is called pattachitra.  This Pattachitra art is a traditional painting of Odisha. These paintings are based on Hindu mythology and specially inspired by Jagannath and Vaishnava culture.

In 5th century BC, the painting the ‘pattachitra’ resemble the old murals of Odisha especially religious centers of Puri, Konark and Bhubaneshwar region. The best work of pattachitra painting is found in Puri, especially in the Raghurajpur village. This village is well known for its arts and artists. Especially pattachitra art of this village is very much famous and every where people like this painting. This village produces many good artists one of them is “Mr. Bhaskar Mohapatra”( a famous pattachitra artist). Paintings made by him are very much popular in all over the world. Every where people like his pattachitra paintings.

Patachitra Sarees Online Shopping
Patachitra Sarees Online Shopping

Recently our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi prefers this pattachitra painting to give to the president of France Mr. Francois Hollande during his France tour. Before going to France tour honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi decided to give a patachitra painting to the France president and he chose Mr. Bhaskar Mohapatra’s painting.

This painting, made by Mr. Bhaskar Mohapatra for French precedent is named as ‘Tree of life’ was made on using silk pigments. Mr. Bhaskar Mohapatra state that he made this painting at a leisurely pace in about 25 days, and he also say that he keep “Nabakalebara” in mind during working on the painting.

When he was asked about his first reaction when he found out that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi chose had chosen to gift the French president the painting that he had made. This painting “Tree of life” is made of with multiple roots and branches, much like a banyan tree. This tree is a motif for benevolence.

He answer to the reporter Minati Singha that- ‘I was overwhelmed. It was be yond my wildest imagination. When I found out from a national television channel that Modi ji had chosen my painting to gift to the French president, I was both happy and proud. In fact, it was one of the happiest and proudest moments of my life.

Arts and crafts of India and Online shopping

India is a very big country having a very big population. So many diverse things are found here in different fields. So the crafts of India are also diverse. India is a country having very rich culture, history and religion. The craft of each state in India reflect the influence of different empires present in India in ancient days. Also we feel the influence of frozen cultures like British, French and Afghanistan in Indian crafts. Because there foreign people come to India and bring their art and crafts to India, and Indian skilled artist are adopted these culture and art forms and make some composite arts.  Throughout centuries, crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within rural communities.

Arts and Crafts of India available online
Arts and Crafts of India available online


Also these are many different states are present in India and each state having its own culture and religions. According to which the designs of their arts and crafts are varies. In India the major and famous arts and handicraft forms are:

  1. Gujarat arts and crafts are very much famous for its textile production methods. Gujarat and Rajasthan are the two states share similarities in culture and identity. Same types of arts and crafts are found in both states.
  2. Assam is a state present in the far eastern region of India. A state recognized for its creative use of raw materials in textiles and crafts. Very beautiful designed crafts by using very simple thing is specialty of Asami crafts.
  3. Rajasthan, recognized by its Royal heritage is a prominent and well-established craft industry. Craft remains a tradition in Rajasthan, preserved over centuries by the stronghold of the Royal Rajput family. So the influence of the royal culture is very much seen in rajastani crafts.
  4. Odisha arts and crafts are very much famous in all over the world. Especially the “Pattachitra” art and “Handloom Saree” are very much exported to outside the country from Odisha.

Online shopping is technique, which is very much helpful for the development of Indian arts and crafts. Due this online shopping is very much easier for shopping so now days more people preferring this technology and simultaneously purchasing the Indian handloom and handicraft products, so the Indian handloom and handicraft industry developing day by day.

Tarakasi art of Odisha

Odisha is a state situated in east part of India. This is a state which is well known for its various traditional arts and crafts. Some important and popular arts and crafts made by Odia skillful artist are:   Pattachitara art, Tarakasi art, Dhokra art, etc.

Tarakasi is one of the most important art form of Odisha. This tarakasi art is a type of silver Filigree work made by skilled artist of Odisha. This art mainly found in Cuttack district of Odisha. This highly skilled tarakasi art form of Odisha is more than 500 years old and is traditionally done by local artisans on the Eastern shores of Odisha. Presently, the silver filigree workers are largely from in the Cuttack district, where the art flourishes to a great extent. According to people of Odisha, the art may have come to Odisha through its trade links with Indonesia as the work man ship is similar to that done in Indonesia The filigree artist’s work with an alloy of 90% or more pure silver. It may possible that ancient odia people who traveling to Indonesia for business, they introduce this art in Odisha and the skilled artist of Odisha adopt it and add their skills on it and make it more attractive.

Famous Tarakasi art of Odisha
Famous Tarakasi art of Odisha

The process of this art is First, the lump of silver is placed into a small clay pot and the two are put into a bucket full of hot coals. The temperature is regulated through a bellow that is hand operated by a crank. Different Forms of animals, birds, flowers and even miniature handbags and other souvenirs are made in Tarakasi work. But The Konark Chakra and temple are more popular pieces. Scenes from mythological stories like Mahabharata, in particular the still from the Bhagavad Gita depicting the chariot of Arjuna driven by Lord Krishna are quite popular in all over the world. Attractive palces like Taj Mahal and others made in silver are very much appreciated by peoples.

So these are some important things about tarakasi art of Odisha.

Benefits of purchasing Handicrafts from Online Shopping Store

Now in these current days people like to purchase products from online shopping stores. So people also like to purchase handicraft from online shopping stores, a handicraft or sometimes more precisely expressed as artisanal handicraft or handmade beautiful products, is any of a wide variety of different types of impressive work, where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. These handmade products are very popular and people like these products in all over the world. So demand of these products increasing day by day.

Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees Available Online
Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees Available Online

This handicraft is a traditional sector of producing goods, and applies to a wide range of creative and design activities performed by a person and his skills in making beautiful and attractive products.  This handicraft includes work with textiles, moldable and rigid materials, paper, plant fibers, etc. Usually the term handicraft is applied to traditional techniques of creating good items (whether for personal use or as products) that are shelled to a customer. These products are very much liked by peoples, so they try to collect these products, but it is a little bit difficult because those skillful workers producing these products they can’t shell their products in market properly that causes loss for both of them i.e. for them and for customers also. In this situation Online Shopping help in many ways:-

  1. Online Shopping increase availability of these handicraft products so people get their liked product available with them easily. I.e. if some handicrafts produced in one country is available in other countries. Example as handicrafts made in Indian are available in all over the world for purchasing through online shopping.
  2. Online Shopping make shopping easy for customers they don’t need to physically go to shop to shop and purchase their product. Now customers get their product from their home by online shopping technique.
  3. Online Shopping save customers time and money.
  4. Online Shopping reduces the price of the products because here directly buyer get product from seller so pries is very authentic.

So these are some benefits of purchasing products from online shopping stores. So in these current5 days people in throughout the glob like this online shopping concept very much.

Pattachitra Saree Available for Online Shopping

Pattachitra Saree is very much famous in all over the world. Every where people like the fine art and beautiful design of these Saree. Lest know what is this pattachitra Saree. Generally meaning of Pattachitra is cloth-based scroll painting. This pattachitra painting is a traditional art of cloth based painting in India. And there are some states of Odisha where these painting are still alive and these artists those are making these painting are still doing hard labor to running this traditional art.  Basically the name pattachitra is a combination of two names one is “Patta” literally means “cloth” and “Chitra” means “picture” and combiningly these words the famous pattachitra art produced. Here in this art the Indian skilled full artist depict the stories of Hindu Gods by their paintings.

This pattachitra art or the pattachitra painting resemble the old murals of Odisha, especially religious centers like Puri, Konark and Bhubaneswar. In these regions, there are many skillful and fine artist are present who are still producing these paintings. The main reason behind the success of this art is its fine art and religions of Indian people. As Indian peoples are very much religious in nature, they like their gods and geodes. And these pattachitra art representing Hindu gods so these paintings are very much liked by Indian peoples.

Patachitra Sarees Online Shopping
Patachitra Sarees Online Shopping


The popularity of this pattachitra art attracts textile designers and manufactures towards him, and these textile manufactures started to add these painting into textile products like Saree, kurta and in other handloom products. As most of Indian women prefer to wear Saree so these pattachitra Saree are becomes very popular in very less time and people all over the world demand for these pattachitra Saree.

Now in current scenario the popularity of these products increases more day by day due to the emergence of online shopping technique. This online shopping technique very much helpful for people on their shopping, due to this the availability of products with customers increases and for shopping the customers don’t need to go anywhere they can purchase their favorite product at their home by just clicking a button.

Why foreigners always try to collect Indian handicrafts?

India is a country which is full of arts and artists. In India from ancient days people like to made different types of arts by using different types of products. By using very common things these peoples able to produce some very attractive art pieces. So people all over the world demands for these art pieces created by Indian skilled artists. These crafts made by India peoples are diverse, rich in terms of history and religion. Also Indian craft’s mans are very much hard working and producing best crafts in less cost. So foreigner people always like to collect handicrafts created by Indian people. There are many places in India where very beautiful handicrafts were produced but some places are their which are able to create a unique identity in handicraft manufacturing. Throughout centuries, crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within these rural communities.

As India is a very big country so different parts of India manufacturing different types of crafts according to their culture and traditions. States like Gujarat, Assam and in south part of India some good crafts designs are located which are very much liked by peoples of all over the world. These craft are known as Gujarati craft, Assamese craft and south Indian Craft.

Dhokra Art A Famous Handicrafts of India
Dhokra Art A Famous Handicrafts of India

Gujarat is renowned for its textile production methods. Bordering Rajasthan, the two states share similarities in culture and identity. Processes like weaving, dyeing and printing are handled by these people make their handicraft so much impressive that people madly like these handicrafts.

Like Gujarat, there is another state in the far eastern region of India is Assam. A state which is famous for its creative and efficient use of raw materials in textiles (handlooms) and crafts. Assam was one of the states whose craftwork was exhibited in the National Handicrafts and Handloom Museum in 2010, showcased to first lady, Michelle Obama. Production of silk fabrics is iconic of Assamese textiles and handicrafts. Silk and techniques are the most valued raw material of Assamese craftsmen. Because of these skills and techniques these craftsmen are able to create their position in international market.

Like Gujarat and Assam in south India also peoples making some creative and attractive crafts which are very much liked by peoples of all over the world. So for these reasons foreigners like to collect Indian handicrafts.