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Why hand painting art is always a hot home decor item?

India has always had a rich culture of art and craft that has developed over centuries. Like other parts of the world, India has developed its very own identity when it comes to its artistic traditions. This not only had a profound impact on the people of this country but also allowed Indian artists to create a significant influence in world art. Indian artists are known for creating some of the most beautiful and scenic paintings that can add serenity and beauty to any home or commercial environment. Due to this reason, the professional hand painters are always in high demand in this part of the world.

Although photography has developed as a major form of art ever since the 1970s, hand paintings still have a significant influence in Indian art scene and are considered as a primary form of creation. The hand painters of India depict different kinds of themes and motifs in their creations which make them exciting to look at. The play of colors, unique sketching styles, and thematic elements that are usually observed in the hand paintings make them a breathtaking site on their own. It is no wonder that there is such a demand for hand painting art which is used in different ways by the people of India.

Hand painted patachitra wall hangings for home decoration
Hand painted patachitra wall hangings for home decoration

While there are plenty of hand painters that come from rural backgrounds, there are also professional artists in different parts of the country who have made careers out of their painting skills. This naturally creates a lot of variety when it comes to these artistic creations. Artists who come mostly from rural backgrounds often depict different kinds of folk themes and mythological ideas in their paintings. Scenes from day to day life also serve as an inspiration for their paintings. The types of colors that are used in these paintings are often taken from nature, such as the red from the reddish soils and the greens of the rural areas.

Contrasting to this, the professional painters who have developed their careers consciously work on creating their very own artistic identity that makes them different from the other artists. Many of these artists also take inspiration from different types of artistic movements that have occurred over the centuries, such as Cubism, Surrealism, and Impressionism. While the painters in India do not take direct pointers from these artistic movements, they do interpret these diverse artistic styles to create unique forms of art that stand out on their own. India has a bevy of gifted painters, and plenty of young men and women prefer to take up painting as their careers instead of the traditional jobs.

For any consumer who is looking to get beautiful hand painted artwork for their home or office, these painters regularly provide a broad range of work that can serve as unique décor pieces. Unlike the art of photography, many people consider hand painted arts as more personal and unique. They prefer to have hand painted artwork in their homes and offices. Unlike photographic art which is widely thematic and may or may not blends well with distinct ambiances, hand painted art are far more versatile and therefore they have a greater scope of looking great on almost any kind of surroundings. Moreover, hand painted artwork also has a calming and soothing effect on the minds of a person who views it. It can also work as a great inspiration to an individual who has a sense of inner creativity of his or her own. This makes hand painted artwork truly endearing.

Famous Raghurajpur Village of Puri

Puri is a very famous place in Odisha, it is the place of Lord Jagannath. So people in all over the India love this place and give more importance to this place as a very religious location.  “RAGHURAJPUR” is a village situated in Puri.

To reach Raghurajpur village one has to get down at Chandanpur, which is 10K.M from Puri and 50 K.M from Bhubaneswar on NH-203, connecting Puri and Bhubaneswar. From Chandanpur, you can take cycle-rickshaw or walk on 1.8 K.M zigzag scenic village road to reach the beautiful Raghurajpur village. At Janakadeipur, there is a small Railway station. (Janakadeipur is also known as Chandanpur).

Patachitra Saree of Raghurajpur Available Online
Patachitra Saree of Raghurajpur Available Online

One may also hire a taxi either from Puri or From Bhubaneswar to reach the Raghurajpur village easily. This village is quite different from other village of the state. The coconut, Palm-shaded village is The village has a community of very good artisans who product different varieties of handicrafts items such as Pattachitra Paintings,  Stone carvings, Paper made toys and masks, Palm leaf engravings, Wood carvings, Wooden toys, Cow-dung toys and Tasser Paintings etc. which are very famous in all over the world.

You can feel here the best tradition of Odisha paintings and some of the finest pieces of art work of this Raghurajpur village. Gotipua dance, (the earlier form of Odishi dance).

This village gives many worthy sons to Odisha.  Late Padmabibhusan Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra, the doyen of Odishi dance was born in this village and had his early trainings in Gotipua tradition here. The tradition of teaching and performing the dance was again further enriched by Late Padmashree Guru Maguni Das in his Gurukula.

New Gotipua Gurukula is continuing the practice performing art of this village which is another attraction. So the Department of Tourism, Govt. of India has declared “Raghurajpur” is a Heritage Village. Now Raghurajpur village becomes a famous tourist destination of the State Odisha.

So these are some gossips about famous Raghurajpur village.

Patachitra Kurti Available for Online Shopping

Patachitra art is a well-known handicraft in India. It’s originated in Raghurajpur, of the Indian state Odisha. Number of Patachitra painters stays at Odisha and they continuously working their jobs, on the fabrics and some other materials. Painters are used all the natural colours in their paintings. Specially, they are working on various types of garments and textiles. Patachitra painted sarees, dupatta, kurti are always in demand. Now Odisha Saree Store exports Patachitra painted sarees and kurtis in all over the world. Patachitra Kurtis are nice to see and trendy too. Anyone can buy Patachitra kurti through Online Shopping Store.

Patachitra Kurti Exports
Patachitra Kurti Exports

The Famous Indian Handicraft Patachitra Paintings

Patachitra is a common word for usual, fabric-based scroll painting, based in the eastern Indian province of Odisha. In the Sanskrit words, ‘Pata’ accurately indicates ‘cloth’ and ‘Chitra’ denotes ‘image’.

Patachitra is a conventional painting of Odisha, India.These paintings are based on Hindu myths and especially instigated by Jagannath and Vaishnava faction. All colours utilized in the Paintings are normal and paintings are finished completely old conventional way by Chitrakaras that is Odia Painter.  Patachitra method of painting is one of the oldest and most admired art forms of Odisha. The name Patachitra has developed from the Sanskrit terms pata, denoting canvas, and chitra, meaning image. Patachitra is thus a painting prepared on canvas, and is marked by wealthy colourful purpose, inspired motifs and designs, and representation of plain themes, mainly mythological in portrayal. The conventions of patachitra paintings are more than thousand years old.

Now Patachitra paintings on fabrics are available online shopping store. People can collection this Indian handicraft item through online shopping portals.

Patachitra Ramayan Story Painting
Patachitra Ramayan Story Painting