Top 10 handcrafted wall art ideas for home and office to look modern as well as traditional

Handcrafted wall art is a great way to adorn your home or office space. So if you are wondering about ways to beautify your rooms that are a blend of both tradition and modernity, then have a look at these fascinating wall art ideas.

Framed wallpapers

Wallpapers can be used in a multitude of ways and one of the best ways to beautify your office or home is to get them framed. You do not need to use full wallpapers for this; just get the leftovers of the ones you used earlier and place them within frames of different sizes. You can experiment with frames of different sizes or maintain a signature style and size.

Canvasses with song lyrics and messages

Many people identify strongly with certain songs or specific lyrics. If you have a special song or a lyric, you can get it created in a canvas and make a nice wall art. All you need to do is cut out the letters according to the font you want and paint them in any color you like. Then simply attach them with glue in a canvas. You can also do the same with personal messages or famous quotes.

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Cool doilies

Doilies are a great way to adorn your room. They not only have a traditional appeal but also allow you to redefine them in an innovative way. You can attach them in canvasses, use paints and scrapbook papers to experiment with different wall art looks.

Abstract wall paintings

Abstract wall paintings are a rage nowadays and it is quite easy to create them. You do not have to be a master artist to create these fine wall arts, even though it always helps if you are one. Just get a canvas and some paints and create a random image that is dynamic and appealing. You do not have to ponder much about the meaning of the image as long as it looks great.

Toilet paper art

Toilet paper can be used to create stunning wall arts. You can use toilet paper to create a wide range of designs that are beautiful and unique. Simply use them to create birds, flowers or other decorative items and paste them on a canvas.

Wall art with slatted wood

Slatted wood art have already gained a classic status within the sphere of wall art. If you are ready to devote enough time to create a fine piece of work, then you can actually enjoy this project. You will need lumber, nail paint, acrylic paint and wood stains. While world maps are quite common with this form of wall art, you can choose other subject matters as well.

Paper silhouette art

This is one of the most interesting forms of wall art that you can make. You will need images of your family members and friends to cut their silhouettes in black paper. Then you need to arrange them in white backgrounds.

Romantic or best friend wall arts

This is a perennial favorite particularly among women. You can use canvas and paper to create it in a short time over the weekend. While red is a common paper color with this project, you can also experiment with other shades.

No-paint artwork

This is one of the simplest wall arts that you can create. All you have to do is use two square or rectangular white panels and a bunch of leaves that you will hang using wires. The look is ideal for modern home or office spaces.

Sponge art

This involves making nice sponge prints on a canvas wall. You can create your own messages or simply put the word “Hi” in a multitude of ways.

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