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History of Lord Jagannath Puri

Odisha state is full of temples. Every year lakhs of tourist visit us, from which Puri is the best which attract the highest number. Our Jagannath actually located as Neela madhab by a tribal king Viswavasu. King Indradyumna heard about our lord and sent a priest to find out the actual location, because Viswavasu was worshipped Neela Madhav secretly in forest . Vidyapati  spent many days but could not able to trace our lord. After that the priest made a plan and married Viswavasu’s daughter Lalita . After marriage he always keep requesting Viswavasu to see lord, which finally got success and they blindfolded him and take to the cave where Neelamadhab was present for worship.

On the way to Cave Vidyapati dropped mustard seeds on his way which unknown by the tribal king or his daughter. After few days he trace Lord by following the way of Mustard plants and told Indradyumna about his success. After that news king reach with other people to worship the Deity. But when he reach the place our deity disappeared and hidden in sand. but king promised and started fast until see him unto death at Mount Neela, Then a voice cried by god. Then king built a temple for Vishnu bhagawan and installed a Narasingha Murti which was taken there by Narada Maha rusi. King had a dream of Lord Jagannath and voice directed him to receive very soon the fragrant tree on the seashore near his kingdom and start making idols out of that tree. According to the dream king made and installed trimurti of Puri.

According to temple traditions a person should be Hindu and must wear Namam and dhoti to enter the temple at Puri! Many other religion people was not allowed from which, Indira Gandhi is one!

Things to know about Neela Chakra.

At the top of lord jagannath temple the metal wheel is known as Neela Chakra (Blue Wheel). Neela Chakra composed of eight metals like iron, zinc, copper, mercury, lead, brass, silver and gold. Neela Chakra circumference is about 36 feet and it designed in this way that there is a wheel within the wheel.The inner wheel circumference is of 26 feet.There are eight designs in the outer wheel and inner wheel.
Neela chakra is known as sudarshan chakra the most powerful weapon of lord vishnu’s.The sudarshan chakra is on the top of lord jagannath is called Neela Chakra.
There are two types of sevayants in the temple when the devotees offered a flag to temple the Garuda sevayants climb to the top of the temple which is 214 feet high.Every day the Garuda sevayants take different types of small and big flags to the top of the temple.But the flags color should be of red or yellow and in the center a sign of half moon or sun in the color of white.The length of the flag will be more than 15 feet or 25 feet . A devotee has to pay some price to the temple committee to tie the flag on the top.

Puri Temple
Puri Temple

When the sevayant climb the temple he must dress in silk because the silk is the purest thread.He wears the silk puja wear and the flags tied on the waist which tied on the top of the temple.He climb to the body of the temple and reaches to the top and reach to the pole with the help of other sevayants .After he reaches to the top of the temple where Neela Chakra is situated ,he removes the old flags from the pole and ties the new ones.
From the temple floor to the top of Neela Chakra it takes 20 minutes .The Neela Chakra is made of eight metals to protect the temples from thunder strokes and lightining.
Try to visit lord jagganath temple because he is the protective of our universe.