10 Reasons Why Most of the Ladies Dress Material Suppliers are not Supplying Handloom Items Online

Online retail stores have revolutionized the apparel market. Buying dresses had never been so popular. But in the past few years, the market for both ordinary and designer dresses have boomed like never before. The trend of buying dresses online follows certain patterns. And one of the noteworthy pattern is the absence of handloom dress materials from these stores. It is true that most of the ladies dress material suppliers are not supplying handloom items online. Though no specific reasons can be attributed to this particular trend, however, there are some reasons or factors that can be said to be responsible for the same.

  1. Handloom industry is going through a very rough patch as there is not much remuneration for so much effort. Weavers put a lot of effort and investment to it, but the return is very low. So, the craftsmen are leaving the industry and looking for other avenues to make their ends meet This is why ladies dress material suppliers do not have much supply of handloom products.
  2. Gen Y prefers easy to manage fabrics over handloom products like silk and cotton.
  3. Today young women rarely wear sarees and salwar kameez. Handloom products are mainly for these outfits. With lesser demand for them, ladies dress material suppliers are not keen on keeping them in inventory either.

    Ladies Dress Materials Online Shopping
    Ladies Dress Materials Online Shopping
  4. The main area of online apparel industry is for regular wears. People prefer regular or casual wears to be of fabrics that are easy to maintain like chiffon, georgette etc. Handlooms and other similar fabrics need to be starched and ironed after every wash or even wear, which is virtually impossible for a working woman or a busy mother. In short, due to little demand, ladies dress material suppliers do not reinforce their stock of handloom products.
  5. Due to high demand in foreign market, little manufactured handloom dress materials are exported. Business owners gain a high profit but the weavers fail to get even a tiny share of it. However, this is one of the reasons that only a few online retails have dedicated section for handloom products.
  6. Whatever handloom products are left behind for Indian market are quite costly. Online shopping is done mainly by the working women, college students and home makers. None of them can afford noble items through online stores. For costly items they would prefer to go to the shops, check out the dress material themselves and then buy. Since not much of these items are sold, very few ladies dress materials suppliers have them in their stock.
  7. Due to government’s apathy, handloom industry is dying. Weavers are changing their professions and the number of artisans in the country is reducing rapidly. This makes the supply reduced for the suppliers too.
  8. Handloom products like Kanchipuram silk, Ikkat, Paithani, Baluchari and kantha stitch sarees are very popular but the purpose is served by powerloom too. And with latest improvisations, different patterns can be made too and can be sold at the market at almost half of the price. This has resulted in establishing powerloom as a better alternative lowering down the handloom products sale to ladies dress material suppliers.
  9. Fund allocation from government has gone down from 27% to 7% while powerloom has gained subsidies more than 500 times. In such circumstances, you cannot expect an industry to survive and keep the yarn running to maintain the supply.
  10. Though young upcoming designers are trying to revive the industry, but investors as well as prospective regular customers are reluctant to go for expensive options when they have readily available cheaper ones. And ladies dress material suppliers are one of them.

Demand of Sambalpuri Sarees

Sambalpuri sarees are best known for its art and clean design by weavers in sambalpur region of Odisha, which previously known as orissa. Women around the world like it very much. Sambalpuri Silk Sarees demand increases from last couple of years after revival of some issue by Govt Of India and Odisha handloom ministers.

Sambalpuri Silk Sarees
Sambalpuri Silk Sarees

Now Weavers again started talking interest on making new design of handloom sambalpuri saree and deliver it to the desired person.