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Top 10 saree shopping websites in india

India is a country which consists of different religion, dressing style, food habits and even they leave in different type of home in all states. All states have unique culture and traditions which passed to us through different generations.  We all love our old values still not able to attached to our roots and not able to stay at home with this rapidly growing urbanization all over world. Most of us live out side of our home either in india or abroad because of job or business.

All of us are atleast unite as indian and we are proud to be indian, during our stay far from native, we miss many local tastes and clothing. But our goodluck there is now a new trend and we all accepted it which known as “Online Shopping”. It helps us a lot to be in touch of home land and families.

Online Shopping in india growing much faster than we have expected. Women love shopping than other family members, this buying style bring happiness to them, they can buy anything from anywhere without asking any body. For Example one of the lady customer who is a newly married girl, send sarees to her mothers house instead of in-laws home who may stop her to buy them, instead what she does, she bring those sarees back to in-laws house by telling her own mother gave these this time as gift. This brings happiness to both sides (Maa b khus, beta b khus and sasuji b khus)

Clothing Sites
Women shopping on Indian websites

For those beautiful ladies who want to use this facility for her love for sarees, we have curated list of sites who are top in india for saree shopping.


  1. Amazon.in – www.amazon.in
  2. Ebay.in – ebay.in
  3. Craftsvilla.com – craftsvilla.com
  4. Jabong.com – jabong.com
  5. Mirraw.com – mirraw.com
  6. voonik.com – voonik.com
  7. Shopclue.com – shopclue.com
  8. ustavfashions..in- ustavfashions.com
  9. Homeshop18.com – homeshop18.com
  10. Flipkart.com – flipkart.com

Handloom Cotton Saree Shopping Now Easy and Affordable

Good news for all Odisha handloom cotton sarees lovers living all over the planet. Now you can shop through our online shopping site. Other than cotton sarees, now you can buy silk sarees, shirts, home decors, gift item and many more.

cotton saree shopping now easy from anywhere
cotton saree shopping now easy from anywhere

Online supermarket for Handloom clothing and handicrafts in india | Online Shopping

In 90’s if we want to buy something, we need to visit some famous shopp in nearby town, even if that is not possible people usually travel district head quarter or capital of state to get it if very very necessary. Even we remember some of our neighbors travel to raipur, raygarh, nagpur even to buy specific items which at that moment not available in small towns.

Now with the help of technology we can buy whatever we want sitting at home or anywhere we have a internet connection. Most younger generation buy their need through mobile devices.

Online Shopping best site for handloom and handicrafts
Online Shopping best site for handloom and handicrafts

We with the help of IT helping all handloom and handicrafts products of india to sell and deliver to desired customers any where in india or abroad.

Our customer are very specific and they like us very much. Once any customer drape and handloom sarees, she can not able to stop wearing it because of its design and comfort.

Most of the handicrafts products are showcase in home and offices around the globe buy purchasing online, We have some specific clients who love to decorate their house and garden with these rare handicraft products.

Our online supermarket trying to help customer find their love and with lowest ever price.


Tangail Sarees in India

Tangail Saree is a famed handloom item of West Bengal. It is woven mainly in Santipur, Bagampur, Farasdanga and Dhaniakhali.

Jamdani‘ and ‘Tangail‘ are two established sarees in the field of tradition. while 40% weavers are from outer the West Bengal mostly from North Bengal’s District. Bengal silk sarees are famous throughout the globe. Internet users also looking Bengal silk sarees for their online saree shopping.

Famous Tangail Sarees of Bengal
Famous Tangail Sarees of Bengal

Cotton Saree Shopping and Online Stores in India

Day by day women in India shifting gear and adopting western attire in daily life. But still traditional cotton sarees not lost in this huge market in our country. Most of ladies still wear sari in india who were living in small towns.

Different state and region have their own style of draping. Even the designs are unique in all indian states. Previously it was not easy get a saree and buy it from a different state. but as online shopping growing day by day. Now we can purchase cotton sarees from all places like odisha, kerala, andhra, gujarat, banaras and many locations.

Handloom cotton sarees have customers who fond of it and love to buy them, even in worst situations they do not like to buy chiffon saris in cheap prices. Handloom sari usually price higher than normal printed wears because it directly based on wages of designer and weavers in india. They are the who affects and not getting enough for their job.

We at Odisha trying hard to keep them happy and that can only possible with your support. So instead of buying lot of cheap sarees go for one best quality cotton saree which suit you and indian weather conditions.

Thank You all for keep supporting by shopping from us.

Cotton Saree Shopping
Cotton Saree Shopping

Online Shopping and Traditional Shopping

We are now another step ahead in shopping experiences in India. Our County is a traditional county and follow ethical way of doing their job, but now as the time progressing, our views on everything keep changing. Same for shopping experiences we follow with in this period.

As the internet spread wings, now People started using internet for all the purpose of their life, whether booking ticket for a honeymoon, or booking a dinner party at city’s famous hotel, booking toy for child, ordering a pizza or booking a doctor’s appointment many more.


Same for Online Shopping in India, now people started believing on internet and started ordering everything online, recently in a Online Festival Organized by Google in India, few people even purchased costly cars and apartments online. So the good point is mind set of indian consumer changing and now we have online store for dresses, sarees, handloom products, baby food, lingrie, foods, tickets etc in India.

New year Celebration – A New Beginning

New year is celebrate all over the world with different cultural and religious way. New year means the beginning of the year with a lot of happiness.
1st January in calendar celebrated as new year. In this occasion people celebrate by calling their family and relative. They party together by wishing each other when watch hit 12.00 AM.
For some people new year is each day until next year from Jan 01 to Dec 31. What is your opinion on it. Some Devotee start the New Year visiting Temples.
In most if the western counties new year enjoyed on the night of 31st December. In India new year celebrated in different dates as per local tradition along with Jan 1st.
Gudi padwa is celebrated as new year in Maharashtra, in Bengali’s celebrate it on poila baisakh, in odisha this occasion always falls on bishuba sankranti, marwari some how celebrate it more on Diwali.

Celebration of New Beginning
Celebration of New Beginning

In every occasion specially all ladies want to look gorgeous, trendy and sexy to attract their partner or husband. Shops start filling new stick for sarees, dress, shirt, jewellery, salwar kameez and other fashion products. All store expect a higher sell during new year. Women start shopping silk sarees or fashion saris to look attractive.
We all live new year celebration by gathering in one place with our friend and relatives. In metros booking for parties starts from beginning of December, where major hotels, pub and bars organise parties for new year. You can book it from some online providers.
In old fashioned or traditional way still a large number of people in India celebrate it by gathering in one place or by going to a picnic party to natural beauties like beach, mountains, river, waterfall, santunary or zoo.
Odisha is full if natural beautiful locations for these type of celebration. Orissa has  places like Puri, Similipal in Mayurbhanj, Nandankanan zoo, botanical garden, Saptasajya near Dhenkanal is one good option for picnic, saptasajya is famous because you can see seven mountains in a row, like that we have khandadhar waterfall, chilika lake, ansupa lake, Daringibadi the Kashmir of Odisha where you can see snowfall in and about new year.

Shopping for Your Wife – A Best Day for All Husbands

Shopping is a fun activity for people, but sometime it make pathetic situation when you shopping with a women/ wife whom you can not refuse. We think Online shopping is a good news for all husbands because you do not have to hold your baby in the crowded shop while your wife busy looking as sarees or salwar kameez or punjabi set or suits for her..Congrats

Women Love Shopping whether her husband is a road pati or crorer pati. We have research on many women who purchase a new saree or salwar always for a new occassion. Occasion may be a marriage party or Birthday celebration or Pandal Hoping in Durga Puja. Even few women told us that they buy dresses and silk sarees for each day if going out in weekend. For Example if Someone going on a vacation for seven days to a Puri, She will not go until her husband buy sari or suits for each day she will stay there.

Husband In Action During Shopping
Husband In Action During Shopping

If you mark husbands in any shopping Mall while his wife busy looking for a bomkai saree or ikat saree, he is holding the children or running behind his child to make sure he/she not break anything from the Store. Women love shopping and they love you if shop whole day with them holding your baby. Husband might ask God, why he made him a married man.

Majority of husband we interviewed told he don’t like to go out for shopping with her wife.

Yesterday at a shop one lady looking for a cotton saree, for which a seller show at least 100’s of sarees to her, while her husband standing out of the store because if his wife don’t take it the store owner may finally through her out of the store. In Some cases she select the saree, took the saree and went to the billing counter but suddenly she changed her mind because she want a different piece with another color. Best of luck all husbands.

During any occasion every women want new salwar kameez or chudidar or sari, whether she has or not trunk full of sarees. IF any husband dare to ask the question “You have so many dresses and sarees, why do not you wear one of them?” Wife reply is a huge one “What other people visit in the party think of your status” Mrs Maharana you wear same saree in Samar’s Marriage.

This is a untold story because all know that Husband dominate their wife, but by going through this story, we believe your mindset already in a new shape.

Online shopping is a great help for all existing and aspiring husbands, because you can at least sit or stand at your home. You can help her to choose best cotton sarees or dresses or gifts. You can gift her small gifts from the Online Stores in India in regular intervals, so that she will not call you for shopping during weekend, which may miss your cricket match, or get together with friends or chatting with

Old Girl Friend who looks prettier than your wife because she is not your wife.

All the Best Husbands. One day will sure come for you, when you will Buy and she hold her baby again for Nine Months..Just For a Post..but True Review.Happy Shopping