Devkund waterfalls of odisha.

Devkund means the bathtub of gods and goddesses, it is situated at a distance of 60 km from baripada. There is a beautiful temple located near to the devkund waterfalls called Ambika Temple. Devi Ambika(part of goddess durga) temple is such a temple which can attracts every visitors. It is surrounded by a great waterfalls and thick forests.


The Ambika  temple was built by royal dynasty of mayurbhanj in 1940. On Durga pujo festivals Maa Ambika celebrate for nine days with a great pomp, specially women’s offers the puja for nine days called Navaratri. On Navaratri festivals women’s wear the new traditional silk saree and offers the puja to maa with a great devotee. Peoples give the new saree to Ambika Maa at the time of dusshera festivals for the well wishes of their home. For dusshera festivals people buy various design’s of silk saree from several online shopping stores.

The most interesting scene is that in devkund waterfalls large fish was there and they come closer to eat the prasad from your hand. Visit to odisha at the time of dusshera festivals. One more interesting is that there are colorful butterflies and bird’s are moving all around.

To visit this temple you can go through by bus or train. This place is perfect for picnic spot, sight seeing etc.




Cotton Saree Shopping and Online Stores in India

Day by day women in India shifting gear and adopting western attire in daily life. But still traditional cotton sarees not lost in this huge market in our country. Most of ladies still wear sari in india who were living in small towns.

Different state and region have their own style of draping. Even the designs are unique in all indian states. Previously it was not easy get a saree and buy it from a different state. but as online shopping growing day by day. Now we can purchase cotton sarees from all places like odisha, kerala, andhra, gujarat, banaras and many locations.

Handloom cotton sarees have customers who fond of it and love to buy them, even in worst situations they do not like to buy chiffon saris in cheap prices. Handloom sari usually price higher than normal printed wears because it directly based on wages of designer and weavers in india. They are the who affects and not getting enough for their job.

We at Odisha trying hard to keep them happy and that can only possible with your support. So instead of buying lot of cheap sarees go for one best quality cotton saree which suit you and indian weather conditions.

Thank You all for keep supporting by shopping from us.

Cotton Saree Shopping
Cotton Saree Shopping

How to wear saree when pregnant?

During Pregnancy women’s body changes and need extra space to accomodate. in traditional indian family sarees are mandotory all the time. So you have to drape it and choose perfect fabrics.

Try to tie the saree looser than usual and or some women buy saris with having better fabric and make them dresses or loose night wear. See this.

Women in saree during pregnancy
Women in saree during pregnancy

Ten Gifts You can give to your girlfriend or wife

Amazing one for all lovers. Girls love and it should be regular not just one in a year. girlfriend or wife need small little ones in regular intervals. If you want to learn this trick read Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. In this modern society you have lot of options and you can buy in your budget by searching through online shopping sites.

Top Ten Gifts are:

  1. Flower
  2. Handbags
  3. Saree
  4. Dupatta
  5. Anarkali suits
  6. Watch
  7. Handmade Jewellery
  8. Painting
  9. Mobile /Tablet
  10. Perfume
Gift for Girlfriend
Gift for Girlfriend

Top women officers in indian army

Punita Arora is the first women in india to reach the position of Lieutenant General. Indian army is a huge organization with lot of responsibility which are not easy for a woman. She proudly drape sari as her uniform even in army and show india a traditional culture being a responsible human being.

She Proved that Indian women can do all jobs which men can do, and she shown a path to all women.  if you have passion you will do whatever you can. Salute to this brave beautiful lady. Thank You for making India Proud.

Punita Arora – First Woman General in Indian Army
Punita Arora – First Woman General in Indian Army

Top Ten Hindu Gods worshipped in India

Hindu’s do worship to more than thousands of god in many forms, each place have some history behind it. Even if you ask villagers they have different gods for each village, some do ganesh, some to durga, few Kali maa and many in the list.

Most Famous Gods are:

  1. Ganesh
  2. Shiva
  3. Vishnu
  4. Maa Kali
  5. Maa Durga
  6. Rama
  7. Hanuman
  8. Krishna
  9. Laxmi Maa
  10. Saraswati
Indian Gods
Indian Gods

For different God there are  different date in the year when their puja done with a lot of celebration. Devotees wear new dhoti, sarees, kurta, pyjamas and celebrate with family. Mumbai for Ganesh puja, Kolkata for durga puja, dhenkanal famous for laxmi puja.

11 Best Saree Shopping Stores available in India

Indian saris are made with love of our weaver. All sarees have its own value and uniqueness. All states of india have own style of design and style. Here are eleven shops/ Brand where you can find best quality handloom products. You can shop online or offline from physical stores.

List of Shops for cotton and silks sarees:

  • Kumaran Silks
  • The Chennai Silks
  • Laxmipati sarees
  • Sabyasachi Saree
  • Nalli Silk
  • RMKC Silks
  • Pothys Online
  • Mysore Silk
  • Upadda Sari
  • Rangoli Sarees
  • Rajguru Saris
Saree Shop
Saree Shop

Do you allow your daughter-in-law to wear Jeans at Home

We live in india, where still all of thing women can not wear fashionable clothes all places. Am i Correct?

Most of the girls in our country adopt to wear Jean and T Shirts mostly and avoid draping a saree even if it is a family gathering. But the scene changes when a girl getting married, she have to face a lot of challenges suddenly like

  • What to wear
  • When she have to reach home from office
  • Saving money
  • Making Food for family
  • Can not visit somewhere without permission of mother-in-law
  • and a long list of thing

Suppose your son, got married to a girl working for a major IT Company. Could you allow her to wear Jeans at home or preferred to see her in a Saree ?

Daughter-in-law = Daughter. Is it true in India?

Draping Saree of Jeans - Daughter in Law
Draping Saree of Jeans – Daughter in Law

10 best saree shopping stores in Delhi

Saree shopping is a first love for women living in New Delhi, India, Also handloom saris are high sold product for all political ladies living here. Apart from buying from these shops now a days you can purchase from stores online. For Shopping online there are many options for sarees.

  1. Chhabra 555 Fashions Pvt. Ltd, Shop No: 555, Katra Ashrafi, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, 011 2327 5134
  2. Saree Mahal, WZ-B/122 School Road, Shoe Market, Uttam Nagar, Shoe Market, Block B, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi
  3. Meena Bazaar, New Market, Shop No. 18, Kamla Nagar
  4. Choice Sarees, National Park, Lajpat Nagar 4
  5. Delhi Saree Shop, No.986, Bazar Chitli Qabar, Jama Masjid, Churi Walan Gali, Darya Ganj, Matia Mahal, Chandni Chowk
  6. Jaipur Saree Kendra Pvt Ltd, R-17,Hans Raj Gupta Marg, Greater Kailash-1,  Near Near Vistech Eye Centre
  7. Aggarwal Handloom Shop, Uttam Nagar, Main Rajapuri Rd, Block RZ B, Rajapuri, Matiala
  8. Handloom Shop, Nithari Rd, Karan Vihar Phase I, Karan Vihar, Sultanpuri
  9. Gobind Handlooom Shop, A-17 Achraya Niketan, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, 110091
  10. Tejaswi Handloom Store, J-9, Hari Nagar, Beriwala Bagh, Beriwala Bagh, Hari Enclave, Hari Nagar
Saree shopping stores in Delhi
Saree shopping stores in Delhi

Top List of Modern Designers in India | fashion | Clothes

Modern consumers want new designs and style each day of their life and latest designers in india helping customers to get a perfect look on each place.

Here are list of designers for modern men and women.(List taken is not final or perfect, there are many great designers in india)

  1. Poonam Bhagat
  2. Nida mahmood
  3. Mandira Bedi – Saree Designer
  4. Puja Arya
  5. Kavita Bhartia
  6. Abhishek Dutta
  7. Rahul Singh
  8. Payal Singhal
  9. Anshul
  10. Atithi Gupta
Mandira Bedi - Designer
Mandira Bedi – Designer

Top 10 things women should buy through Online Shopping in 2014

Women love spending for their need and in last decade they did it in traditional shops but as time evolving style, taste and method of shopping changed. Now all these beautiful women buying more through online shopping and this is easy for them.

There are number of products one can buy online according to age and location, from this we are listed best once women love and should shop online.

  1. Sarees
  2. Make up
  3. Bra
  4. Hygienic products
  5. Grocerry
  6. Toys for baby
  7. Purses
  8. Shoes
  9. Perfume
  10. Home Decor
Sarees always a preferable choice of women
Sarees always a preferable choice of women