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Madhubala looks stunning in chiffon sarees

Definitely you always want’s to dress up like madhubala? I love madhubala sarees because they are fashionable and stylish. Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is one of the most popular shows in colors. The beautiful actress Dhrasti Dhami appeared in many advertisement’s , dance program and many popular program’s.

Madhubala in chiffon saree
Madhubala in chiffon saree

Madhubala sari’s are always gorgeous because they are of different fabrics like chiffon, georgette, crepe and in many silk sarees which flatters to her body. Mostly she love to wear various color like red, yellow, pink, white, green and blacks. If you want’s to look like madhubala then try to buy saris from different online shopping stores.

Durga puja sarees online shopping | Buy Silk sarees for Pujo | Shop Cotton Sarees

Buy Durga Puja Special silk sarees and cotton saree for you whole family and relatives to look traditional and beautiful. Each day in Durga maa’s puja is special and we have collection of sarees which can suit you for pandal.

Durga Puja Sarees Online
Durga Puja Sarees Online

Indian Bridal wear silk sarees now available for online shopping

Odisha traditional bridal silk sarees are favorite among brides all over India, they love to buy ikat saree, khandua pata, Sambalpuri saris for the special occasion. Previously they have to find those beautiful sarees for the wedding day by visiting Odisha but now as online shopping grows, you can shop them easily from online stores.

Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees for bridal Wear
Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees for bridal Wear

Best Sarees available in india for online shopping

Best Sarees available in india for online shopping

  • Sambalpuri sarees
  • Bhagalpuri
  • Lenhenga sarees
  • Tussar sarees
  • Kanchipuram sarees
  • Dhakai Sarees
  • Jamdani Sari
  • Patola sarees
  • Mangalgiri sariis
  • Mysore silk sarees
  • Maheswari sarees
  • Paper silk sarees
  • Chinon sari
  • Phulia sarees
  • Bangalore silk sarees
  • Ponchampolly saree
  • Paithani sarees
  • Gadwal sarees
  • Tant sarees
Bomkai Sarees Online
Bomkai Sarees Online

Kasavu Saree – A woven treasure from Kerala

Kasavu sarees are one of the best saree from state of kerala, you must have seen them in many bollywood and south movies. South cotton sarees generally beautifully designed and attract buyers like banarasi and odisha cotton sarees.

Kasavu sarees from kerala
Kasavu sarees from kerala

E- Shopping going to boost by Indian beautiful women

Indian women took the major portions of online shopping in last year and this trend continue to rise in coming years. Women in india shop more than 30 % of shopping and they are mostly inclined towards fashionable clothes, sarees, accessories, shoes, watches and perfumes. As more and more women in india now working in govt and private organization and having internet at work make them easy to shop online during breaks.

Women totally purchased more than 500 billion dollar of goodies for them in last year and this will grow more 30 to 40 percentage in 2014 as per a private marketing research company.

The worst part is traditional shops going to be affected by this huge change of marketing changes, even most the shops started setting up small e store to boost their turnover and sell.

As world going to change it self in form of technology and fast moving because of new age smart phones which make women more close to shopping online when ever they want, wherever they are. In coming three years india will triple its mobile and tablet users which boost online sale and thanks to these beautiful women to change the world for these online shopping sites in india.

Women shopping online
Women shopping online

Cotton Sarees Online Shopping in India | Best Sites In India | Odisha Shopping

India is a vast country and each place comes with some special thing to see. Same for cotton sarees each of indian state have different famous sarees which love and appreciate by beautiful women in india.

Saree is not only a home dress any more, ladies from all part now started wearing it and make it a official attire. Even some of the corporate house and hotels made saree as uniform. Because of the demand cotton sarees demand rising day by day, all of them prefer handloom saris woven by hand.

Most famous cotton sarees and silk sarees for Online Shopping in india are:

  1. Sambalpuri saree – Odisha
  2. Tant Saree – Santipur
  3. Phulkari
  4. Chanderi
  5. Putpaka sarees
  6. Pochapali
  7. Kumbokunam
  8. Kanchipuram
  9. Kota
  10. Champa
Cotton Sarees in India
Cotton Sarees in India

What is saree called in different part of India.

Saree is one female garment which can drape whole body of female and can be wear in more than 100 styles. Indian women look beautiful in sari.

Different state and places call it in some particular name, lets collect the list here:

  1. Sadhi – Odisha
  2. sari – Hindi
  3. sati – Sanskrit (which mean a strip of cloth)
  4. saree – Indian English
  5. sadi – in Prakrit
  6. Sattika – Buddhists called it
  7. Kapor – West Bengal

More will be added soon

Indian Saree
Indian Saree

11 Best Saree Shopping Stores available in India

Indian saris are made with love of our weaver. All sarees have its own value and uniqueness. All states of india have own style of design and style. Here are eleven shops/ Brand where you can find best quality handloom products. You can shop online or offline from physical stores.

List of Shops for cotton and silks sarees:

  • Kumaran Silks
  • The Chennai Silks
  • Laxmipati sarees
  • Sabyasachi Saree
  • Nalli Silk
  • RMKC Silks
  • Pothys Online
  • Mysore Silk
  • Upadda Sari
  • Rangoli Sarees
  • Rajguru Saris
Saree Shop
Saree Shop

10 best saree shopping stores in Delhi

Saree shopping is a first love for women living in New Delhi, India, Also handloom saris are high sold product for all political ladies living here. Apart from buying from these shops now a days you can purchase from stores online. For Shopping online there are many options for sarees.

  1. Chhabra 555 Fashions Pvt. Ltd, Shop No: 555, Katra Ashrafi, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, 011 2327 5134
  2. Saree Mahal, WZ-B/122 School Road, Shoe Market, Uttam Nagar, Shoe Market, Block B, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi
  3. Meena Bazaar, New Market, Shop No. 18, Kamla Nagar
  4. Choice Sarees, National Park, Lajpat Nagar 4
  5. Delhi Saree Shop, No.986, Bazar Chitli Qabar, Jama Masjid, Churi Walan Gali, Darya Ganj, Matia Mahal, Chandni Chowk
  6. Jaipur Saree Kendra Pvt Ltd, R-17,Hans Raj Gupta Marg, Greater Kailash-1,  Near Near Vistech Eye Centre
  7. Aggarwal Handloom Shop, Uttam Nagar, Main Rajapuri Rd, Block RZ B, Rajapuri, Matiala
  8. Handloom Shop, Nithari Rd, Karan Vihar Phase I, Karan Vihar, Sultanpuri
  9. Gobind Handlooom Shop, A-17 Achraya Niketan, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, 110091
  10. Tejaswi Handloom Store, J-9, Hari Nagar, Beriwala Bagh, Beriwala Bagh, Hari Enclave, Hari Nagar
Saree shopping stores in Delhi
Saree shopping stores in Delhi

Online saree shopping helps the foreign peoples.

In the entire world the Indian women always looks beautiful for their classical dressing. In India we see every lady drape traditional saree with lots of jewellery in functions. From thousands of years women’s wear different styles of clothing which looks simple with beautiful. After Adam’s age woman’s started wearing sarees to cover the body which is comfortable and feel good in all seasons.

In the Mughal Empire the women wear the gorgeous dresses with heavy jewellery which were priceless. At that time the gorgeous saree only worn by the queen and the important ladies in maharaja’s family.

Today sari is the most elegant dress for ladies not in India but in the entire world.The fashion clothing designers also love to make the handloom saree. Handloom saree are beautifully crafted and comfortable. Now every women prefer to wear the handloom ikat 6 yard cloth in every function and events.

Sambalpuri silk sarees online
Sambalpuri silk sarees online

Handloom products are crafted of various fabric like cotton, silk, Tussar and the motifs are made of natural colors. Each of the fabric is unique. Women of different parts of the country always prefer to wear saree either she is old or young. Mainly Rural India still depend on it.

Now the handloom items are found in all retail stores, shopping mall, and on fashion boutiques. Online shopping has give the great demand for the foreign peoples. Every foreign women loves to buy sarees easily and love to wear them.

Online Shopping is a good way to love and respect products available in markets all over the world. Now Most of the International shopping sites sold and ship their product to more than 150 countries.

This is best time we can keep our crafts and share them with countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and many more.