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2016 Men’s summer clothes fashion

This summer, it is time to look different from the earlier ones for men. Different and dapper with new summer style statements. This will be a year of men’s summer clothes fashion where they all set to wear the trendy summer wear with the prim designs that will redefine the summer clothing style.

Fashion clothing is not always for women as the trend goes. Men, too, have come out of the closet and are looking forward to join the fashion movement where they can wear clothes that are designed using the rules of summer clothing.

Experimenting with fashion clothing is something that did not exist until a few years back. The seriousness in the colours and patterns has been gradually replaced with casual wear and redesigning the existing ones with new cool designs. The idea is to create a trend of casual clothing for men which do not look shabby. Casual cotton shirts with knee length bermudas are being considered to a short yet casual hot look that can change fashion for men. The shorts should be fitted perfectly at the waist to make men look tidy and not a loose untidy look.

Men's Fashion
Summer fashion Kurta

Men’s ­­­summer clothes fashion should be simple. Since the season demands wearing clothes that keep you comfortable, the options that most men prefer to go are a vest or a T shirt paired with jeans or trousers. These simple T shirts and the vests can look ordinary otherwise but if they are paired with a trendy pair of shorts with patterned shorts and completing the look with a pair of slipper instead of shoes, it can twist the simple look with a trendy look.

To complete the summer look, one can look forward to a sockless fashion trend and wear a pair of boat shoes or the red canvas without the ever essential socks. This can alter the style statement and bring about a trend of fashionable look that is comfortable as well.

For most Indian men, wearing a kurta is about being  loyal to the culture they belong to. However, instead of the usual cotton long length kurta, fashion designers suggest picking up short kurtas that fit the body type with interesting new designs. There are kurtas with some new pocket placements, zippers in place of buttons, and available in shades of green and blue instead of the usual white. There are new variants that the fashion designers are vouching for as part of men’s summer clothes fashion. For example, the wrinkle-free cotton kurtas help to avoid crushing and look tidy, and also to be worn during occasional office events.

Gone are the days, according to fashion experts, when a loose fit Shirt and trousers would look trendy in the summers. This time, it is about shopping for clothes that complement the masculine body type and fit them like a king. If it is about tailored fitting, it will be integral to understand the body type and choose the clothes that fit them properly. Many clothing brands put up descriptors about the different body types and help men look for clothes that would be fitting them ideally.

Summer is about brighter hues and clothes that make you comfortable despite the mercury levels rising up and down. This summer, the classic fashion combinations can be given a trendy twist and men can move a step ahead from the traditional look. For instance, the white cotton shirt can be replaced with a classic polo T shirt that fits well and can be teamed up with blue denims or trousers that fit well around the waist.

This will be a summer of bold style statements for men and not the ones about crisp ironed shirts and grey and black trousers.

Why Home Decor Handicrafts Online Stores running successfully in India?

Indian art and crafts have a huge market in India and abroad. From wall hangings of regional art forms to sculpture, home décor handicrafts has its niche. They are admired all over the world. When tourists come to India from different parts of the world, they take back these knick-knacks of home furnishing. This is how handicrafts got exposure in the bigger world. These items were exported too. And why not when India has such rich stock of handicrafts in all its four corners. Carpets of Kashmir, phoolkari of Punjab, Dhokra metal craft of Madhya Pradesh, brocade work of Benaras, silk sarees and brass utensils of south Indian states or black metal jewellery of Rajasthan are famous in India as well as abroad for their exquisite craftsmanship. But things have massively changed with home décor handicrafts online stores. This way, sitting in Chennai, you can place order for cushions with Rajasthani mirror and applique work or get Pattachitra of Orissa in Gujarat. Truly, the geographical distance has vanished with these online stores.

The basic fact is India is blessed with coexistence of varied cultures and traditions. Every state has some unique art and craft form. When we visit to a different state, we get to know about them. But thanks to the internet, we know more about our country than ever before. So, connoisseur of art is keen on getting more samples of these crafts without visiting these places. Online home décor handicrafts stores have made it possible. Today you don’t need to go all the way to Calcutta for Kalighat painting or Gujarat for Kutch embroidery. You save money, save time, save harassment of travelling especially when you are not a traveller from heart. Not just that. Even if it is in your same town, available in some regional fair or emporium, you sweat about its transportation. But life is lot more easier now. So, you punch some keys for online home décor handicrafts stores and your furnishing item is delivered at your door steps. All you pay for is that product and nothing else.

artists of india
handicrafts of india

This is one of the key reasons of ultimate success of these online home décor handicrafts stores. No home décor is complete without one of the hundreds famous crafts for which India is famous for. Cushion covers, wall hangings, puppet, blue pottery, terracotta, lacquered furniture, beadwork upholstery and the list can go on and on. Also, you can know a lot about the history, significance and other details of these crafts. When you choose a certified site, you can rest assured about the quality, authenticity and the price of the product you bought.

When looking for online home décor handicrafts stores, preferably go for government certified sites. Some of these sites work directly with the artists to improve their living conditions and revive the art which though has a huge market but the profit is usurped by the middle men between art and connoisseur. In lack of proper livelihood, many artists have left this profession and opted for something which would ensure food and education for the entire family. Government certified websites work with them eliminating the middlemen so that artists can earn their share of profit. It is but humane to do business with them who are making your home beautiful to look after their family, not to build mansions by multiplying profits. So next time you think of buying furnishing items from online home décor handicrafts store, make your choice carefully. It is not only for your own personal benefit but for the sake of those who in turn of beautify your house, look up to you for their survival.

10 Best Places to Visit in the United Kingdom

Compiled of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is long time favorite European visitors target for many because of its stunning countryside, historic cities, excellent museums and excellent theaters.

The best 10 places you need to visit in the UK are:

  • Cambridge
  • Lake District
  • Snowdonia
  • Chester
  • Cornwall
  • York
  • Edinburgh
  • Stonehenge
  • Scottish Highlands
  • London


Young Indian women research sarees thoroughly before online shopping

Now women dominated indian online market as customer and this is continuously increasing each moment.

Women in their 20s and early 30s often thoroughly research products before making purchases by gathering information from the Web, social media, online reviews, friends, family and their parents, a new survey shows.

More than 80 percent of women this age, called Millennials, say they put a great deal of thought into what they buy to make sure it’s the best choice, according to the survey of 1,100 women who were born between 1979 and 1993.

When it comes to clothing, shoes and personal care items and high-tech purchases such as a computer, cellphone or tablet, the Millennial women rely more on input from their peers than their parents, says Tracey Hope-Ross, senior vice president of consumer insights and research for Mom Central Consulting, a social media firm which conducted the survey.

They turn to their parents for advice on big decisions: 66 percent ask their parents’ opinion when purchasing a home or car and one in three look to their parents for advice when choosing a life partner, she says.

“The buying process is a longer one for Millennial women than it is for Baby Boomers or Gen Xers,” Hope-Ross says. These young women “gather a lot of information from disparate sources. They talk to their parents. They talk to their friends online and offline. They look at brand websites for a lot of their factual information, and they rely on comments on social media. They take these many sources of information, decide what product is best for them, and then finally make a decision.”

Choose and Buy
Choose and Buy

Other survey findings:

93 percent of Millennial women have purchased a product after hearing about it from a family member or friend.
71 percent spend more time browsing for products online than they do in stores.
48 percent use social media to learn about new trends in fashion, food, art and music.
93 percent either always or sometimes read online reviews before buying a product.
78 percent say they’re more likely to purchase a product if it receives a positive review on a retail website.
Nearly 70 percent are unfazed by celebrity spokespeople.

Unrelated to shopping, but another fascinating finding from the survey: Almost 90 percent of Millennial women talk to their parents once a week or more, and 50 percent speak with them daily.

Source: shreveporttimes

E- Shopping going to boost by Indian beautiful women

Indian women took the major portions of online shopping in last year and this trend continue to rise in coming years. Women in india shop more than 30 % of shopping and they are mostly inclined towards fashionable clothes, sarees, accessories, shoes, watches and perfumes. As more and more women in india now working in govt and private organization and having internet at work make them easy to shop online during breaks.

Women totally purchased more than 500 billion dollar of goodies for them in last year and this will grow more 30 to 40 percentage in 2014 as per a private marketing research company.

The worst part is traditional shops going to be affected by this huge change of marketing changes, even most the shops started setting up small e store to boost their turnover and sell.

As world going to change it self in form of technology and fast moving because of new age smart phones which make women more close to shopping online when ever they want, wherever they are. In coming three years india will triple its mobile and tablet users which boost online sale and thanks to these beautiful women to change the world for these online shopping sites in india.

Women shopping online
Women shopping online

Cotton Sarees Online Shopping in India | Best Sites In India | Odisha Shopping

India is a vast country and each place comes with some special thing to see. Same for cotton sarees each of indian state have different famous sarees which love and appreciate by beautiful women in india.

Saree is not only a home dress any more, ladies from all part now started wearing it and make it a official attire. Even some of the corporate house and hotels made saree as uniform. Because of the demand cotton sarees demand rising day by day, all of them prefer handloom saris woven by hand.

Most famous cotton sarees and silk sarees for Online Shopping in india are:

  1. Sambalpuri saree – Odisha
  2. Tant Saree – Santipur
  3. Phulkari
  4. Chanderi
  5. Putpaka sarees
  6. Pochapali
  7. Kumbokunam
  8. Kanchipuram
  9. Kota
  10. Champa
Cotton Sarees in India
Cotton Sarees in India

Cotton Saree Shopping and Online Stores in India

Day by day women in India shifting gear and adopting western attire in daily life. But still traditional cotton sarees not lost in this huge market in our country. Most of ladies still wear sari in india who were living in small towns.

Different state and region have their own style of draping. Even the designs are unique in all indian states. Previously it was not easy get a saree and buy it from a different state. but as online shopping growing day by day. Now we can purchase cotton sarees from all places like odisha, kerala, andhra, gujarat, banaras and many locations.

Handloom cotton sarees have customers who fond of it and love to buy them, even in worst situations they do not like to buy chiffon saris in cheap prices. Handloom sari usually price higher than normal printed wears because it directly based on wages of designer and weavers in india. They are the who affects and not getting enough for their job.

We at Odisha trying hard to keep them happy and that can only possible with your support. So instead of buying lot of cheap sarees go for one best quality cotton saree which suit you and indian weather conditions.

Thank You all for keep supporting by shopping from us.

Cotton Saree Shopping
Cotton Saree Shopping

How to wear saree when pregnant?

During Pregnancy women’s body changes and need extra space to accomodate. in traditional indian family sarees are mandotory all the time. So you have to drape it and choose perfect fabrics.

Try to tie the saree looser than usual and or some women buy saris with having better fabric and make them dresses or loose night wear. See this.

Women in saree during pregnancy
Women in saree during pregnancy

11 Best Saree Shopping Stores available in India

Indian saris are made with love of our weaver. All sarees have its own value and uniqueness. All states of india have own style of design and style. Here are eleven shops/ Brand where you can find best quality handloom products. You can shop online or offline from physical stores.

List of Shops for cotton and silks sarees:

  • Kumaran Silks
  • The Chennai Silks
  • Laxmipati sarees
  • Sabyasachi Saree
  • Nalli Silk
  • RMKC Silks
  • Pothys Online
  • Mysore Silk
  • Upadda Sari
  • Rangoli Sarees
  • Rajguru Saris
Saree Shop
Saree Shop

What you can shop while expecting your baby through Online Shopping

Expecting parent need to learn a lot of things before your baby’s arrival, but there is one area which you both enjoy a lot and online shopping is the best place to buy them

List of Items you can buy:

  • Infant Car Seat
  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Diaper
  • Bathing Products
  • First Aid for Baby
  • Furnishing to decorate the area where he/ she will sleep
Expecting parent
Expecting parent