South Indian saree draping styles to look slim on a sari

The saree is one of the most beautiful garments that a woman can wear, and they are particularly revered in India of which it is an inseparable part. Women in India love to deck themselves up in well chosen, ethereal sarees that compliment their beauty and personality in a great way. Different regions of India are known to produce sarees that carry the distinct imprint of the region to which they owe their origins. The sarees that are produced in South India are extremely popular due to their colorful brocades and embellishments. Some of the most well known examples of south Indian saree include Kanjeevaram sarees, Konrad sarees, Pashmina silk sarees, Mysore crepe sarees, kota silk sarees, puttapakshi sarees and pochampalli sarees.

Nevertheless, a beautiful south Indian saree alone cannot make a woman look gorgeous. A lot depends on how the saree is draped and worn. Many women want to look slim while wearing a saree but do not know how to create that effect. If a saree is draped in the right manner, it can not only make a woman look good but also make her feel graceful, elegant, sensuous and stylish. An important tip for any woman who is looking to buy a saree would be to choose a product that is in tune to the height, weight and skin tone of the wearer for which it is bought. The fabric of which the saree is made of should reflect the wearer’s attitude and compliment her in more ways than one.

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Here are some of the basic tips in which a south Indian saree should be draped by a woman to look slim and beautiful.

  • Take hold of one side of a saree’s upper edge with the left hand around the waist and take it on the back side; leave the pallu side free on the other end.
  • Gently tuck the upper border of the inner part of the saree on the petticoat in a way that the saree falls on the floor level.
  • Now drape saree around your front by keeping it on the same height.
  • Next, tuck the saree’s little top edge into the petticoat by maintaining it on same height.
  • Create a fold of a few straight plates taking from right side and then tuck them into the petticoat in a way that the bottom part of the saree touches the floor level.
  • Finally, bring around the saree’s other end using your both hands and keep the pallu on the left side shoulder thereby allowing it to fall over your back.

Overweight women are often very unsure of what saree they should wear in order to create a slimmer impression. A lot depends on the saree that is chosen and the way it is finally draped. If a woman chooses the right saree fabric and then drape in the best manner, then she can look and feel far slimmer than her actual body size and weight. It is always best to stick to light fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, crepe and Italian silk as they stay close to the body and creates a body hugging look. Moreover, these materials never fail to give a slimmer look to a woman and give a nice fall. On the other hand, an overweight woman should always stay away from stiff materials such as cotton and organza as they typically add more volume to the body. If a woman still wants to go for handloom cotton sarees, then it is best to stick to light cotton materials or fabrics that are a blend of multiple materials.

Top 5 saris for your wardrobe

Sari is a very popular unstitched female garment in India and in some other south Asian countries. Indian women very much like to wear saris, so these are many varieties of saris are available in different parts of India.

But these are some saris those you much want to keep in your wardrobe, those are:  Pattachitra sari, Sambalpuri sari, Sonepuri Sari, south Indian sari and west Bengal handloom sari.

The above saris are very popular because of its fine design and good quality, also the weavers do very hard work to make these saris very beautiful. So these five saris are very much popular among Indian women and among women of other countries also.

Handcrafted Patachitra Saree available online
Handcrafted Patachitra Saree Available Online

Pattachitra saris are basically produced in Puri district (land of Lord Jagannath). Here in the village named as Raghurajpur the famous pattachitra saris are produced by the very skilful weavers of Odisha. In these saris the images of Lord Jagannath, Lord Vishnu are mostly painted so Hindu community people like these saris very much.

Sambalpuri saris are another very popular kind of sari of the state Odisha. These saris are mainly produced in the Sambalpur district by the traditional way of weaving. These saris are made in silk and cotton fabrics, as the saris are very beautiful and the sambalpuri pata saris are very much beautiful and traditional motifs and attractive design and colour attract all women towards it.

Another best quality sari that you must want to keep in your wardrobe is Banarasi sari. This is a sari made in Varanasi or Banaras. These saris are very beautiful and attractive. Gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery work of this sari makes it very special and all women like this very much.

South Indian saris are also very popular these are many types of silk and cotton saris re available in south Indian region. Kanchipuram sari, mundum neriyathum, Molakalmuru Sari, Pochampally Sari, Gadwal sari are the most famous saris of south Indian region you must keep a best design south Indian sari in your wardrobe.

West Bengal handloom sarees are the most famous and popular types of saris those are very famous among the Indian women. Baha sari, tant sari and other types of silk and cotton saris are produced in west Bengal are very beautiful and women in all over the India like to wear and want to keep in their wardrobe.

So these are five very beautiful and famous types of saris those you must want to keep in your wardrobe.