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Making of Konark Temple in Handloom Art

Assuming you visited the great sun temple of Odisha till now, if not please visit it as soon as possible. This is one of the place which should be visited by all of you. Artist made this with lot of love, dedication and hard work. Sun Temple made by 1200 workers and taken up 12 long years to complete.

Now this rare temple and art on it, going to be showcase through handloom weaving. Our Odia Pround Awardee Mr Patra and brothers started working on the design which will be a replica of the Konark Temple. Design and work for it already started before 2 years and will take more 2 years to complete it.

We will keep you updated on his work. Mr Patra want to keep it in a  museum where visitors from all over world can see it.

Konark Temple
Konark Temple

Why You should visit Vellore atleast once

Vellore is a city in the Tamilnadu state of India. There are many places to see in this town which attracts tourist and shoppers from all over the world. This place is not far from Chennai and at a distance of 145 Km from the Madras.

This city also calls Fort city of Tamilnadu, Many buses run between Chennai and Vellore which you can book easily, you can take AC, Non-AC Volvo buses to visit here. We in India count this as an oldest survived town in South India. Many famous kings rule here and brought name and fame to this place.

Nearest Place to See near it:

  • Ratnagiri
  • Golden Mahalaxmi Temple
  • Fort
  • Govt Museum
  • Science Park
  • Vainu Bappu Telescope 
  • Amirthi Forest and Zoological Park
  • Sri Jalagandeeswarar Temple

Maa Tarini Temple – Ghatagaon – Keonjhar – Odisha – India

Maa Tarini is one of the shakti pheeta and the chief preceding goddess of odisha culture.It is situated in keonjhar district and where maa tarini is situated that place is ghatagaon. Previous people beleive to shakti of natural things like to worship the river ,tree trunks and rocks .Now in rural areas people believe to the shakti of natural things. Maa tarini is always with a red face with two large eyes and a mark on the middle which indicates the tilak or nose.she is very similar to the goddess Kali of kallighat which is located in kolkata. The temple of maa is set on a sal tree,where she takes rest with full glory.

Maa Tarini Temple, Ghatgaon
Maa Tarini Temple, Ghatgaon

Millions of devotee come to visit the temple of maa tarini everyday. From previous period people believe that one coconut will fulfill their wishes. Every day the temple receives 15000 coconut from odisha or the neighbor place. Specially women come to this place by wearing beautiful cotton saree,or silk saree and give the pallu on the forehead to worship maa. On the time off dusshera it’s too crowdy place. Because the nine days maa tarini worship with a great way.
It is also a tourist place where people comes to see maa tarini and enjoy the picnic in the dense forest.It is the peace place where maa tarini is the truly embodiment of love,kindness and joy. The most important features of the worship of the mother in the temple is that there is no priest or brahmin to worship maa. On this temple puja is offred by dehuri.
If you hold a coconut in your hand and tell them to send the coconut to ghatagaon anyway the coconut will send to ghatagaon.You can reach the place by road regular bushes,or by the air and train. But in train or air you have to reach bhubaneswar then you can reach to keonjhar by bus or personal van. Maa tarini temple is just 45kms from keonjhar.