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Famous Nepali Handicrafts and Their Demand in Online Market

Nepal is a very beautiful country located in south Asia, surrounded by the country India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China. This country Nepal is a beautiful county by natural places, here many hills and natural beautiful places are present those are very much liked by the people in all over the world.

People in different countries like to come here to visit its natural beauty and to spend a quality time. Also the arts and crafts of this country are very rich. Nepali handicraft workers are very skilful and they produce different varieties of useful and attractive products by using very simple things.

There are many Textile products and Non textile products are produced by the nepali handicraft workers some of those are:

Handicrafts of Nepal
Handicrafts of Nepal

Pashmina Products, Woollen Goods, Felt Products, Silk Products, Cotton Goods, Hemp Goods, Alloy Goods, Dhaka Products, Misc.Textile Products, Silver Jewellery, Metal Craft, Handmade Paper Products, Wood Craft, Glass Products, Bone & Horn Products, Crystal Products, Ceramics Products, Leather Goods, Incense, Plastic Items, Paubha (Thanka), Beads Items, Stone Craft, Bamboo Products, Miscellaneous Goods.

These are some very beautiful and popular handicraft products those are produced by Nepali handicraft workers. These handicrafts are very much popular among tourist those are coming to visit Nepal. These tourists buy these crafts and take the handicraft products with them and in their countries other people get attracted towards it and want to purchase it, in this way the demand of Nepali handicrafts increasing day by day.

Now days the Nepali handicrafts are available on online market through online shopping store. The online shopping technology makes it very easier that people easily buy their favourite handicraft product of Nepal from online shopping stores by comfortably sitting at their home.

This also helps in development of Nepal’s economic condition. So these are some things about Nepal’s handicraft products and their demand in online market.