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Weavers of Nuapatna are basically belongs to Buddhism

Nuapatna is a rich town in Cuttack district in the Indian state of Odisha. Nuapatna is very famous for handloom weaving garments. Khandua Silk Saree and Ikat sarees are the best items of Nuapatna. Weavers of Nuapatna also produce various types of cotton sarees and handloom sarees of Nuapatna are world famous. Now handloom sarees of Nuapatna exports to all over the world through online shopping store.

Weavers of Nuapatna are very much efficient and sincere. They always try to create extraordinary work on their production. Their lifestyles are very much simple and they are all qualified as a weaver. Weavers of Nuapatna are basically belongs in Buddhism and they are connected with the weavers of Sri Lanka. They exchanged each other thoughts in their work and also visit each other countries.

Handloom weavers of Nuapatna
Handloom weavers of Nuapatna

In Nuapatna, you can see number of Buddha temple but Budha Temple of Budhajayantipur is very much famous and main holy place of Nuapatna. Every year number of foreign travellers comes to visit Nuapatna to see natural view and obviously to check handloom garments of Nuapatna.