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Why young girls are too much inspired to wear handloom sarees presently?

Traditionally India always had a rich heritage of handloom sarees that are created in different parts of the country. Handloom experts in India mainly work on cotton and silk threads to create clothing items. When they use these threads to create sarees, they imprint different types of designs on them that make the sarees unique in appearance. The sarees that are made in India take on the unique person of the area in which they are developed. So if a particular saree is designed in Odisha, it includes designs and motifs that are a part of the regional culture of Odisha. The local motifs and embellishments that are added to the handloom sarees add to their beauty and make them highly desirable for women all across the country.

For hundreds of years, the saree has been the most commonly worn garment for women in India. Whether a woman is looking for a comfortable piece of clothing that she can wear everyday during the hot summer days or an attire that is just perfect for different types of festivities, women in India preferred to wear handloom sarees over anything else. The saree has played a very important role in the social cultural evolution of India over centuries. It is therefore no doubt that artisans in India make use of special methods and techniques to make each and every saree beautiful and gorgeous. Over the years new trends have grown in terms of designing and creating sarees that preserve the old beauty of the sarees and yet at the same time create designs that make the wearers stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Young Girl's Saree Love
Young Girl’s Saree Love

Over the last few decades or so, it seems like the popularity of classic handloom sarees have waned for the women in India. Many women prefer to wear western clothing nowadays and invest in them instead of a saree with a traditional style and design. In many cases, t-shirts and other western apparels are priced at cheaper rates which make them more readily affordable. Moreover, plenty of women have to work in offices for long hours these days. In such situations, they consider western wear to be more practical in workplaces where they have to move briskly. It is a true fact that sarees do not provide women with such flexibility to move around easily. On the other hand, western outfits make it easier for the women of today to look great without too much embellishments or accessories.

Such facts may make it seem that the popularity of handloom sarees is a thing of the past and that most women who prefer to wear them today are those who are above 40 or 50 years of age. However, this is far from the truth as we can see plenty of young girls nowadays who prefer to wear beautifully designed handloom sarees. In fact, most young girls consider it to be a matter of their pride to have at least a few beautifully designed handloom sarees in their wardrobe. In any wedding or religious event, one can see numerous young girls flaunting their sarees and looking great. The truth is that since today’s young girls do not find too much scope to wear classic handloom sarees in their day to day lives, they truly cherish each and every moment when they get the chance to do so. The widespread demand for handloom sarees for young girls has also been noticed by the leading saree designers of the country that particularly make beautiful sarees for this specific group of consumers. These saree brands design truly beautiful sarees for young girls that they can wear in numerous different ways.

Indian Silk Sarees Online Shopping in this Wedding Season

In every Indian wedding ceremony silk sarees are the main thing. Because, every Indian bride love to wear gorgeous silk sarees in their wedding day. So, we can say wedding in India without silk saree’s it not possible. In India we can find various relious people and there cultures and ethnicities are different. But in the matter of silk saree in wedding they have all same views. In India you can find different types of silk sarees, like sambalpuri silk sarees, bomkai silk sarees, khandua silk sarees, berhampuri silk sarees, nuapatna silk sarees, ikat silk sarees, patachitra paing on silk sarees and many more.

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Silk Saree in Indian Wedding
Silk Saree in Indian Wedding

Indian Handloom Products Online Shopping

India is vary much reach in handloom industry. Specially for handloom sarees, kurta, kurti,dhoti, shirts baby wears etc. States like Odisha and West Bengal are the pioneer of handloom products in India. Now you can buy online those handloom products. There are number of websites for online shopping. Weavers also got identity for the web presence. And they also get proper value for their work. Online shopping helps both buyers and sellers. Because, for this sellers got proper price for the products and buyers also get desired products with their budget. And, the big thing is the weavers they also measure for their creative efficiency. So, handloom products online shopping helps us all the way. Thanks to internet and  also e-Commerce system.

Ethnic embroidery work tussar silk saree of Bengal
Ethnic embroidery work tussar silk saree of Bengal

Santipur – The well known place for Handloom Sarees

Santipur is a city and situated in Nadia district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Santipur Municipality located in the heart of the city. This little municipality has been declared a city currently. The castle part of this city, also known as Daak-Gharh is idea to have been built by Raja Krishnachandra of Nadia.

Santipur is well-known for handloom sarees from olden times. After the divider of India, several weavers came from Dhaka of Bangladesh and established to live here in Phulia area, which is a Panchayat part of Santipur.

Santipur has give birth several gems from time to time. A few of them are Pandit Laxmikant Maitra, Kabi Karunanidhan Bandopadhyaya, Mithun Chakraborty, Kabi Krittibas Ojha, Bijoy Krishna Goswami.

Handwoven Resham Jamdani Sarees
Handwoven Resham Jamdani Sarees

Name of Best Handloom Sarees from Odisha and meaning

IKAT Saree:

The Special word “ikat” means in universal “to bind.” This is a very old age way of drafting designs in fabric by resist-dye threads and it should be before the fabric is woven by weavers. In India, villagers now take filling thread and tie small bits of plastic onto the threads to weave it. Tightly tied portion of thread, when put into the dye, it resist the color and create a design, which you can see once the plastic ties are removed.

Dongria Saree:

This Handwoven Saree from Odisha called as Dongria Saree. This usually used by tribal groups as shawls, this Saree has been woven by a weaver group based in Nuapatna, Tigiria which is 80 KM Cuttack. These weavers are living in a green natural surroundings, and take color combinations for these Saree from nature of India and output comes as a marvelous Saree which will definitely keep your eyes open.

Dongria Sarees made by tribals of Odisha
Dongria Sarees made by Tribals of Odisha


Vichitrapuri Saree

Vichitrapuri sarees come from Odisha, India but they are generally richly woven and used as wedding ceremony sarees. They utilize the same ikat technique as Sambalpuri sarees, but frequently are woven with a combine of gold and cotton threads to include to their appeal.