Traditional bamboo crafts and other crafts of Assam

Assam is a state of India having a very reach culture and tradition. For more than two thousand years Assam maintained its rich tradition and its traditional crafts in a very efficient way. Some of the beautiful handicrafts of Assam are:  Cane crafts and bamboo craft, beautiful silk and cotton weaving products, bell metal crafts and brass craft, beautiful toy making and mask making, pottery work and famous terracotta work, different wood craft, high quality jewellery making, musical instruments making, etc. These are some beautiful and famous handicrafts of Assam.

According to history, Assam makes boats, traditional guns and gunpowder, colours and paints, traditional building materials, utilities from iron, etc in old days. But Assam’s skilful workers very much efficient in making very beautiful products by using very simple products like bamboo, cane, grass and etc.

Handicrafted Sindoor Container made with bamboo online
Handicrafted Sindoor Container made with bamboo online

In Assam products made by Cane and bamboo are very commonly used utilities in daily life, so the handicraft workers give more importance in producing very beautiful and useful products by using bamboo. The skilful handicraft workers try to make household utilities, weaving accessories, fishing accessories, furniture, musical instruments to building construction materials by using bamboo.

Not only by bamboo, Assam’s handicraft workers make other things like Traditional utilities and symbolic articles by suing bell metal and brass. These crafts made by Assam’s handicraft workers are very much appreciated by peoples in all over the world. People in India like these arts and beautiful pieces of hand made products but people in other countries like USA, UK, Australia, and Canada etc like these products very much. So many people transporting these Assam’s handicraft products to these countries and earning a good amount of money, this exporting of products also make beneficial to the handicraft workers by providing them more money for their work.

Now day’s online shopping technology makes very easier for people in all over the globe to find and get the handicraft products of Assam. Now people anywhere can purchase these products from any online shopping site that providers these products.

So these are some dissection about Traditional bamboo crafts and other crafts of Assam.

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