What are the common problems faced by the Indian saree exporters in USA?

The saree is a garment that shares an intimate relation with the history and cultural evolution of India. Women in India have loved dressing themselves up in saree since the earliest days of this ancient culture. The saree is known to be graceful, elegant and ethereal and combines all the beautiful aspects that any woman would love to enhance about her own self while being dressed in them. Hence it can also be said that if there is one way in which India has contributed to the world of fashion, then that would be with the invention of the saree. Over the years, the saree has evolved greatly in its style and content and as the world enters into a new age of globalization, there is great demand for the Indian saree from various international territories as well.

Sarees are created by using fine threads of silk and cotton in all parts of India. Depending on the nature and practices of the various regions of the country, numerous different styles of the saree have evolved over the years. These sarees are not only unique in their structure and style, but they also vary in the way they should be draped. This has automatically increased the options for women in this country when they want dress themselves up in sarees. The artisans in India take great efforts to ensure that each and every piece of saree is unique, beautiful and amazing in its own way. Generally hand woven techniques are used to ensure a high level of quality with the sarees. Although in some places of India machine made sarees are currently being introduced, the hand woven sarees still continue to enjoy greater popularity as they are aesthetically superior.

In today’s world where the artisans need more money when they need to buy raw materials for the sarees, it is of utmost importance that they get the best returns for their efforts from suppliers and exporters who play an important role in bringing these sarees to the market. Whether in India or abroad, it is important that exporters play an engaging role so that greater profits might be earned from saree business. India is a major exporter of sarees to various countries in the world, such as USA, UK, Germany, France and Canada. With the advent of the internet and implementation of new trading techniques in the recent times, it has been possible for the Indian exporters and merchants to earn greater profits from foreign lands. However, there are still certain key grounds that need further attention so that the trading prospects of sarees may improve in future.

For instance, USA is one of India’s most profitable markets. However, there are still a lot of high taxes that are levied on exporters of Indian sarees USA who do good business. This ultimately hampers the saree business in return as they cannot present the artisans with a greater cut for profit. Secondly, it is always a better idea to develop saree production centers in USA for the growing market there that are manned by people from India. This will automatically help in bringing down the production costs and increase profits. However, very little progress has been made in this front so far. The exporters also need to compete with various other countries as well as they try to sell their products in the American market.

In the recent times, the prospects for the Indian saree trade have improved with the advent of online shopping. More buyers are now choosing to buy their sarees from online stores than ever before. This has certainly expanded the customer base of saree stores all over the country.

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